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Chapter 86: A Fight

My actions at the annual party pushed my popularity further.

The enmity between me and Jing Yan was forever sealed in stone.

Jing Ni and her mother, Bai Rui though had to bear the brunt of the punishment.

They were horribly bullied and were chased out from the house.

Thankfully Jing Ni still had Jing Tian, her 7th uncle.

Jing Tian opened up his villa for Jing Ni and her mother until they could find a more permanent residence.

Because this happened around the new year, I didnt know much details.

But even an outsider like myself had heard about it, that showed how serious the situation was.

Jing Ni didnt answer any of my call and it made me so worried.

When I heard Jing Ni and her mother had moved to Jing Tians place, I grew wings and flew over there.

However, Su Qian stopped me.

She said with difficulty, “Miss, you have to inform Master Si first.”

Thanks to Jing Tians open confession at the party, my little uncle had grounded me.

So ever since the party, I had not seen Jing Tian.

Because it was near the spring festival, Jing Tian was summoned back to the Jing Family.

He was very busy.

We only managed to exchange a few words on wechat.

I missed him dearly.

But my little uncle was firm with his decision this time.

He watched me closely.

Even if I grew wings, he would build a giant cage to trap me.

I sighed and groaned to Su Qian.

“Its pointless, hell not let me go.

Su Qian, tell me what is wrong with him, why must he stop me from meeting Jing Tian” I punched the cushion to vent my anger.

I didnt expect a reply from Su Qian.

Su Qian and Su Shen never spoke more then 3 words a day.

But to my surprise, Su Qian answered, “Because miss, youre underage.”

I froze.

Su Shen glanced at Su Qian.

I glanced at the both of them.

Su Qian told Su Shen, “I think its better if we tell her the truth.” Su Shen thought about it and nodded.

“What are you two talking about” I asked in confusion.

After getting Su Shens agreement, Su Qian continued, “Actually after the annual party, Master Si went to find Master Qi.

They got into a fight.”

“What” I exclaimed.

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“To be fair, it was not really a fight.

Master Si hit Master Qi but Master Qi never once hit back.” Su Qian said carefully.

The ember in my heart flickered.

“Master Si demanded to know if Master Qis sweetheart is you, miss.

Master Qi admitted.”

My heart warmed.

“So Master Si punched Master Qi, calling him all sorts of name, but the biggest issue is that miss, youre still underage.”

“And then, what did Master Qi say” I asked anxiously.

Su Qian had so many pauses in her words, it made me so nervous.

“Master Qi still didnt counter.

He only said that he would wait for miss to get older.” My heart ached and angered.

I was angry at my little uncle and felt sorry for Jing Tian.

“Master Si said that even if miss grew older and turned 18, he wouldnt allow it.

You are too young and Master Qi is too old.

“Master Qi said that he will wait for you to turn 22 and to graduate from university.

He will wait until youre sure that you really do love him before hed agree to be with you.

But no matter your final decision, he will only love you, for life.” Su Qian recited the words like an answering machine but even so my tears started to fall.

I asked Su Qian, “He really said that” Su Qian nodded.

Su Shen added, “After that, Master Si sat down to drink with Master Qi.

Master Si forced Master Qi to make many vows towards you.

Miss, I really think Master Qi loves you.

Master Si is stopping you only because you are still too young.”

I buried my face in the pillow and nodded my head vigorously.

After all, Jing Tian had done the similar thing in my previous life.

He always stayed by my side silently, waiting for me to be ready.

He had waited for 2 lifetimes already, In the previous life, he got a Nanxing who was mentally and physically tainted, but this life, I promised him to give him the best version of Nanxing!

I put down the cushion and jumped down from the couch.

I wiped away my tears and asked them happily, “Wheres my little uncle I want to see him!”

The Su Sisters were startled.

The second before I was crying on the couch, but now I was smiling brightly.

They were surprised by this transformation.


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