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Chapter 87: Commitment

When I rushed to my uncles company, he was in a meeting.

I greeted him through the glass window and went to his office to wait for him.

I took out my chemistry paper, before I could finish it, he had already finished the meeting.

Several senior executives followed out behind him.

I waved at them and continued with my homework.

My uncle said proudly, “Look at how hardworking my Nanxing is.

After she finishes her exam, Ill bring her to join the company as an intern.

This way, shell be more familiar with the working of the company.”

One of the seniors said, “CEO Tong, actually we can recruit students at Miss Nanxings age now and offer them scholarship to attend university.

That way well be able to have fresh new talents earlier than everyone else.”

My uncles eyes lit up.

“Ol Ding, thats not a bad idea.

Go and come up with a more detailed plan for it and coordinate with the HR Department.

Have it implemented as soon as possible.

They are going to take the college exam soon, we need to hurry.”

When they went on to discussing the plans details, I was done with my chemistry paper.

I dragged my chair to sit behind my uncle.

I listened to their discussion.

The meeting soon ended.

“Uncle, Ive missed you!” I opened my arms and pounced at him.

My little uncle accurately raised two folders to block me.

I hugged the folders in frustration and glared at him.

“Why did you stop me”

My uncle sighed, “Youre not a little girl anymore, act your age please.”

I glared at me, “But you said I would always be a child in your eyes.” I puffed my cheeks in frustration.

He finally burst out laughing.

I sidled towards him.

“Little uncle, Jing Ni is finally back.

I want to go visit her and her mother.

Last time when we visited the Jing Family, auntie Bai Rui was very good to me.”

My little uncle rolled his eyes.

“Liar, you only want to go see Jing Tian!”

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I crouched down and blinked innocently at him.

“Little uncle, I already know everything.

I know you are only looking out for me, but I know what Im doing.”

My little uncle huffed.

“What are you talking about”

I looked at him and became more serious.

“Little uncle, when you came back to M City, there are rumors everywhere that Ill be marrying Jing Ning and Jing Ning always treated me like his fiance, but I dont like Jing Ning, I like Jing Tian! Uncle, Im serious.”

My little uncle snorted.

“So that means you should go chase him around until he has nowhere to hide Girl, hes only 5 years younger than me and that means hes too old for you!”

I shook my head.

“Hes not old at all.

My little uncle is not even old, so many ladies are lining up at the company door wanting to marry you every day so how can you be old”

Flattery always works.

My little uncle broke into a small smile, then he sighed, “Nanxing, youre still young.

You might not like him after you grow up, plus, he might not even like you after you grow up, so I have to disagree!”

I raised my hand to swear, “Little uncle, I can promise you that Jing Tian will never like anyone else! I trust him!”

My little uncle let out a long sigh.

“Silly girl, how could you ever know that The human heart is ever changing.” He patted my head lightly.

“O well, at least youre interested in Ol Qi than some other random ruffian.

I believe in his character but, Nanxing, remember that youre still young.

Your only task now is to enter university.

As for relationships, well talk about it after you enter university.

Understood” My little uncles voice was stern.

I nodded vigorously with a smile, like a chick pecking at rice.

“Also, youre a girl.

You should act more reserved and know your limits.

Do not do things like… Actually, forget it, I should talk to Ol Qi about this and not you.” My little uncle averted his gaze out of embarrassment.

I giggled. My little uncle is too cute.

I need to find him a girlfriend or he has to play the roles for both my father and mother.

I stood up and walked to hug him from behind.

“Little uncle, I know about your worry.

I will treat this seriously and I believe Jing Tian will be patient too.

I will be happy so that mother and father will be happy for me too!”


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