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Chapter 89: The Avengers

Jing Ni sighed.

“Nanxing, why are they so wicked Cant they just mind their own business Human hearts are so complicated.”

I patted her shoulder.

“Luckily, we still have each other.”

Jing Ni smiled.

“Yes, we also have seventh uncle.

7th uncle has saved me and mother this time, I will work hard to repay him in the future.

And you have your little uncle!”

I smiled as well.

“I told my little uncle that Ni Ni is my best friend so he has to treat you like how he treats me, my little uncle is your little uncle!”

Our mood lightened as we chatted and laughed.

I stayed up late but Jing Tian didnt return.

I sneaked into Jing Tians bedroom and crawled into his bed.

I made funny faces and took pictures, I sent them to Jing Tian.

I wanted to bring him some laughs if possible.

Time flew as the exam approached.

Jing Ni and I focused on our studies and tuned out the outside world.

The Jing Family didnt come to disturb us because Jing Tian was there to shield us.

Bai Rui, Auntie Kong and my little uncles housekeeper, Sister Li got along well.

The 3 of them devoted themselves to cooking good food for Jing Ni and me.

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From outside, the two villas looked completely unrelated.

They sat facing away from each other.

If one was to move from one house to the other using the front doors, one would have to walk for a long time.

However, there was a hidden door that connected the two backyards.

Therefore, Jing Ni and I sneaked over to each others places every day without problem.

Bai Rui became more cheerful accompanied by Mother Kong and Sister Li.

When she was at the Jing Family, Bai Rui was all alone.

Now that she had made some friends, her smile appeared more often.

Jing Tian and my little uncle were so busy we didnt even see them.

I maintained contact with Jing Tian on wechat.

Every day, I would send him my test papers.

He would help me summarize and revise them in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

On the way to school, I would listen to his revision.

I would always sent him greetings in the form of I love you, 3 times a day.

Sometimes, I would add a kissing emoji, other times, a funny selfie.

Jing Tian never replied and I didnt need him to.

My days were full and happy.

My grades skyrocketed.

My class teacher treated me so well.

I was her treasure.

In my previous life, I had no friends because I was bad at school.

With Nanyang as the lead, everyone boycotted me.

In this life, I still had no friends because my results were too good and they thought I was arrogant.

I didnt care about what they thought.

These people were nothing to me.

In my past life, none of them lent me any aid when I was down, in fact, they only stepped on me.

So why waste time to curry favors with them

I had Jing Ni, that was enough.

Lee Yang had to return to the capital due to family issue.

Before he left, he begged Master Wei Wu to get him to meet Jing Ni.

Master Wei Wu came through for him.

I didnt ask Jing Ni what they talked about but I did notice Jing Ni have started to work harder than before.

I also heard that Nanyang, Jing Yan, Ye Qian and Gu Yan have become good friends.

Birds of a feather do flock together.

Nanyang and Ye Qian finally met, I wished them a long friendship.

However, something somewhere went wrong because things didnt play out the way I expected.

After school on Friday, I received a visit from this group of second generation young ladies.

My little uncle was still not home.

To be honest, I didnt know what he was busy with.

My gang of four was temporarily taken over by Ardent Flame.

I would occasionally receive SOS messages from them.

It looks like after the incident with my kidnapping, Jing Tian had asked Gao Da to personally train them.

Therefore, I was the only one home.

Sister Li kept the house in such good order that I had nothing to do.

Sister Lis only worry was that I was too reclusive.

Apart from Jing Ni, I didnt have any friend.

She encouraged to broaden my social circles, to bring home more friends.


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