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Before Nan Yang could say anything, her best friend, Tian Ting clapped her hands and cheered, “Thats a good idea! We can be tutored together with Nan Xing.

We can keep an eye on her and make things easier for 7th uncle!” Tian Ting looked like a cat with her heavy false lashes.

She had to act all innocent despite her heavy make-up, it was quite a feat.

Jing Ning clapped his hands too.

“I also think the idea is not bad.

7th uncle, why dont you take on all of them Im sure the girls are easier to teach than Nan Xing, since theyre so much cleverer than she is.

Furthermore, Li Tian and Tian Ting are in the same grade as Nan Xing.

They can help you to monitor Nan Xing.

Its the perfect arrangement!”


Jing Ning was always like this when it came to girls.

He couldnt reject them and was often praised for his understanding nature and warm heart.

That was what I loved the most about him in my past life! But I should have seen that it would be his downfall as well.

I turned to Jing Tian.

His brows were locked together and he asked, “Do I look like Im here to entertain these girls fancy”

I lowered my head and bit on my lips to stop myself from laughing.

Jing Ning was startled, unable to react.

Jing Tian turned to me.

“Youre a wild child No one has been able to control you”


I saw Nan Yang glaring at me from the corner of my eyes so I gritted my teeth and sighed, “Yes.”

Jing Tian chuckled coldly and looked wickedly at me, “Wonderful, I need the most recalcitrant student for my practice.

Tell your parents that tomorrow youll be moving to my villa and youre not coming home until the university entrance exam is over! Playing games Not when Im still alive!” He turned to storm down the stairs.

Before he left, he said, “Dont forget to bring all of your test papers!”

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Everyone was rooted to the spot, including me!

Jing Ning called after Jing Tian in anxiousness, “7th uncle, youre going to kill Nan Xing! She… she wont be able to do this.

Shes too weak-willed for your training!”

Jing Tian turned around to glare at him.

Jing Ning was immediately fixed to the spot and he watched helplessly as Jing Tian went down the stairs.

The rest only turned around to look at me when Jing Tian had disappeared from their sight.

I lowered my head instantly.

Jing Ning couldnt help but sigh.

“Nan Xing, how did you end up offending my familys Demon Lord Under his tutelage, do you really think youll be alive for the university entrance exam With your ability, youd be crying for help before the first day even ends.”

I didnt raise my head, I kept my happiness to myself.

Li Tian asked curiously, “Brother Jing, why would you call 7th uncle the Demon Lord He… is too handsome to have a title like that.” Her voice petered away due to shyness.

“Thats right.

He might be aloof but hes so handsome.

His classes might be hard, but Im willing to endure through them.” Tian Tings eyes were filled with stars.

Nan Yang smiled gently, “Girls, just listen to yourselves.

Stop your mooning.

Im sure Brother Jing Ning has his reasons to say the things he did.”

Jing Ning nodded.

“As expected, Nan Yang is always the smartest one.

When my cousin and I took the university entrance exam, it was 7th uncle who tutored us.

At the time, he had just graduated from research school.

My grandfather had to persuade him for so long before he agreed to tutor us.

I still shiver thinking back to that year.

My cousin and my third year of high school was like hell! Other than the school homework, we needed to finish the papers set by 7th uncle.

If we were unable to finish, the cane would be waiting for us! 7th uncle didnt hold back.

The whipping was all real, no matter whom came to plead our cases, he didnt care.”

Jing Ning shook his head.

“At my home, 7th uncle is at the top of the food chain.

Even my grandfather wouldnt refute his words, besides, its useless even if he does.

My 7th uncle can use 1 argument to turn my grandfather to his side.

When 7th uncle whipped us, grandfather said, spare the rod and spoil the child; no matter the punishment, grandfather would stand with 7th uncle, saying that its for our own good.

Since grandfather already said that, even my father and other uncles didnt dare to say anything else.

That year was truly hell on Earth for me and my cousin!”

“Brother Jing Ning, then how could you have the heart to push us to take the class with Nan Xing” Li Tian pouted.

“I was thinking perhaps with more girls in the class, 7th uncle probably wont be so ruthless.

Plus, you girls will be able to help me look after Nan Xing.” Jing Ning scratched his head.

Li Tian and Tian Ting grumbled instantly.

They surrounded Jing Ning and smacked him playfully.

“Brother Jing Ning, youre awful, how can you treat us like this!” “Thats right, Brother Jing Ning, you were going to use us as meat shields for Nan Xing! How could you”

Nan Yangs face darkened and she uttered coldly, “Girls, enough! Brother Jing Ning was only doing what he believed was the best for you.

Plus, 7th uncle didnt agree to take on either of you, did he”

Her gaze then turned to me.

She paused before saying, “Nan Xing, you heard what Brother Jing Ning had to say.

Its not that I dont want to help you but you know the kind of temperaments 7th uncle has.

In the future….

Never mind, just watch your words and dont make the Nan Family lose face!”


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