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Chapter 93: The 7 Brothers

The table was filled with my favorite dished but I only had eyes on Jing Tian.

My little uncles expression darkened, I immediately threw out a topic before he exploded, “Little uncle, I think Ye Qian has fallen in love with you.”

My little uncle glared at me, “Why are you so nosy”

I blinked innocently, “Nosy Im only concerned about you.

After all, I do hope that Ill have an aunt soon.”

“Well, if you want, I can marry that Ye Qian to be your aunt, would you like that” My little uncle huffed.

I quickly shook my head.

“No, no, no.

Little uncle, dont be crazy, you deserve much better.

That Ye Qian is not good enough.”

My little uncle looked at me and sighed, “Perhaps I do need to find a wife to help me educate you.”

I smiled ingratiatingly.

“So, little uncle, you do know that Ye Qian likes you”

“Do you think Im stupid” My little uncle shot back.

“Why are you mad Nanxing is only concerned about you.” Jing Tian commented.

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“Im educating my niece, what does that have to do with you” My little uncle scoffed.

“Tong Le, watch it!” Jing Tian warned.

My little uncle said angrily, “Jing Qi, since I return, I havent even heard you address me as your Brother Si before, and now, you dare to address me by my name”

Jing Tian shrugged and continued to munch indifferently.

I quickly jumped in to mediate.

If this continued, there would be another fight.

“Didnt you tell me that the ranking means nothing So little uncle, why do you insist on having Jing Tian call you Brother Si In fact, why dont you tell me more about the 7 brothers, after all, in the future, Ill take my place as Big Sister Xing!”

My little uncle was amused.

“Girlie, arent you getting ahead of yourself Youll have to wait at least youre at your mothers status before people would call you Sister Xing.” To be honest, I wasnt that interested in the underworld business but I was interested in details regarding my mother.

I asked, “Shi Feng said that his father likes my mother, is that true” My little uncles expression changed.

Jing Tian chimed in, “I heard that Shi Feng has returned to Beijing.”

My little uncles expression was grave.

“Im afraid this is something well have to face eventually.”

Jing Tian replied indifferently, “I suppose youre right.”

I looked left and right before asking, “Stop talking in riddles.

If you dont want to tell me, then Ill have to do the research myself!”

Jing Tian glanced at me.

“What do you want to know”

I thought for a while.

“I want to know everything.”

Jing Tian looked at me, but his words were directed at my little uncle.

“I think its better for her to know a little so that shell know the line.

It was because of her blind courage that she has exposed herself on the darknet, we mustnt let that happen again.”

My little uncle didnt say anything.

The 7 brothers were not really brothers and Jing Tian lied to me last time, their ranking wasnt based on age.

Instead it was based on the sequence they had made a name for themselves in the underworld.

For example, Master Tong Si, Tong Le was younger, than Master Wei Wu, Wei Peng and Master Lin Liu, Lin Nian.

The first master, Shi Li entered the underworld in his 20s.

He made a huge splash immediately.

He challenged the biggest gang in the country back then and carved out a bloody road.

He leveled the gang and integrated the resources into his family business, he was the first to use both underworld and police resources in his business.

The Shi Family mainly focused their business in the entertainment industry.

40 percent of nightclubs in the country were under the control of the Shi Family.

Master Gu Er, Gu Cheng, inherited the family business.

Gu Family had already had business dealings with the underworld in Southeast Asia.

Through Gu Cheng, some of his family business had been turned into legitimate businesses.

Master Cao San, Cao Kun, was a terror in the underworld because the Cao Family was in the assassination business.

They had the top assassins on the world.

Master Cao San was a solitary and mysterious person.

He rarely appeared in front of others.

Master Tong Si, Tong Le was famous when he was young.

He consolidated the remaining forces of his eldest brother, Tong Huis gang and then inherited businesses left behind by his second brother and big sister.

This was not easy for an 18 year old who had not even graduated from university but Tong Le did it.

The Tong family had a hand in international smuggling deals.

Master Wei Wu, Wei Peng and Master Lin Liu, Lin Nian were childhood friends.

They were so close that if one of them was a girl, they would be married.

The businesses of these two families were intertwined together.

Wei Peng managed the external affairs while Lin Nian focused on the internal affairs.

Lin Nian rarely appeared in public because it was said that he was a sickly man.

Not many people had seen him.

Master Jing Qi, Jing Tian was the last.

Jing Tian didnt elaborate.

My little uncle wanted to say something but then stopped himself.


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