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Chapter 98: Speculation

It wasnt until dawn that my little uncles body temperature finally stabilized.

I let out a long sigh of relief and knelt down by the bed.

I turned to my phone and saw there was still no reply from Jing Tian.

I checked the time and decided to call Jing Ni.

I asked her to help me check if Jing Tian had returned home.

Jing Ni told me he hasnt.

My heart sank.

Su Shen and Su Qian were guarding outside the door.

When I pushed the door open, I could feel the tension in the air.

I calmed myself and summoned Su Shen and Su Qian into the room.

I glanced at my sleeping uncle and told me, “Tell me what happened, I dont want to guess anymore.”

Su Shen and Su Qian shared a look and they both shook their head.

“Young Miss, we will guard you and Master Si well.

Brother Jing will handle the rest.” I was silent.

Su Qian added, “Young Miss, this is normal.

Master Qi and Gao Da are helping Gao Jing.

Theyll be fine, dont worry.”

That only made me worry even more.

“Tell me what happened!”

The two of them fell silent again.

I nodded.

“This has to do with me again, right”

Su Shen quickly denied it.

“Miss, its not that.

With the Dragons Gate and Ardent Flame working together, everything will be fine.”

I closed my eyes and recalled what Jing Tian and my little uncle told me when we talked about the 7 brothers.

My little uncle had been scolding me over my action on the darknet.

That was the way he managed to find me but he still didnt approve of it.

I tried to distance myself and view this from a different perspective.

My exposure on the darknet had led to several consequences.

One, several of the 7 brothers had arrived at M City.

Jing Tian said they were here because of me.

Two, 4 people ambushed me at the Nan Familys old mansion.

Three, a group of people kidnapped me and Jing Ni.

My little uncle said he would handle them but I never really asked him what he had done with them.

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Now in comparison, what Li Yuan, Nanyang, Jing Yan and the others did looked so juvenile.

Jing Tian and my little uncle had helped me block all the real danger.

I thought of the gunfight at Zi Yuan.

The only reason I could attend school safely was due to my little uncle and Jing Tian.

Jing Tian also said that the legend was, the man who could obtain me would obtain the underworld.

Moreover, I was the only heir of my mothers enormous wealth.

I was the reason people were fighting!

I opened my eyes to look at Su Qian and Su Shen, “It is because of me, right” I rushed forward to grab Su Qian, tears trickling down my face.

“My little uncle was injured because he wanted to protect me.

Su Qian, isnt that right”

Su Qian panicked, “Miss, no, its not like that.” Su Shen quickly comforted me.

“Miss, please dont cry.

Its not because of you.

They were coming for Dragons Gate.”

“Su Shen, who are they What do they want from me Who do they want me to marry” I asked.

Su Shen almost said something but she stopped herself.

I paced around the room.

Then it hit me, since it all started on the darknet, then I could trace everything on the darknet too.

Due to the exam, I had not been on the internet for a long time already.

I rushed out from the room to find my laptop.

Su Shen and Su Qian were shocked.

“Miss, where are you going”

I ran back to my bedroom and grabbed my laptop to log onto the internet.

Su Qian slammed my laptop shut and tossed it Su Qian.

I looked at her blankly, “Su Qian…” She sighed, “Miss, please dont do this yourself.”

“Su Qian, then tell me the truth, please.” I pleaded.

I felt like I was floating away.

Su Qian pulled on my hands.

“Miss, we need to go back to Master Sis room.

We need to watch over him.” I followed her but my mind was elsewhere.

I knew that this was my fault.

My hands were cold and clammy.


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