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Chapter 99: Protection

My little uncles breathing and temperature returned to normal.

I used a towel to dab away his sweat and then used a cotton swab to moisten his chapped lips.

Su Qian looked at me and said softly, “The daughter of the Tong family is always born into attention.

But that means they are also the targets of many people.

They will either end up a puppet or a trailblazer.

Sister Huan is the latter.

Sister Huan brought the Tong Family to new heights and of course, she had the help from her siblings too.”

I listened quietly.

Su Qian gave a wry smile.

“Young Miss, Sister Huan placed all of her hopes on you.

Thats why when you were born, Sister Huan started a foundation for you.

But the content of the foundation is not money but the debts that have been owed to her by the different families, clans and gangs.

“In other words, miss, when you are of legal age, you can request favors from the most powerful forces both in the underworld and otherwise.

It is how the legend of the one owning miss will own the world started.

This is Sister Huans love for you, miss, and it is priceless.

“But this has been turned into an unexpected burden.

After the accident claimed Sister Huans life, miss, you naturally became the object of many peoples competition.

It was why Master Si used so much money to bribe Nan Feng to wipe away all of your traces.

He hoped that you would grow up as a normal person, in a way, that is his way of looking after you.”

Su Qian stopped.

I got it now.

“So when I revealed myself on the internet, basically I have announced to the world that Tong Huans daughter is right here.”

Su Qian sighed, “Yes, thats why in a short amount of time, many forces have gathered at M City.”

I was shocked.

“But, how come I didnt realize that”

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“Thats because Master Qi has been protecting you.

And then he was joined by Master Si.” Su Qian said.

“So the peace that Im enjoying is thanks to Jing Tian and my little uncle They have paid heavily to create this safe haven for me.

This means that the attack on the Nan Familys old mansion as well as the kidnapping on me and Jing Ni, they were more than mere coincidence” I asked Su Qian.

Su Qian nodded her head slightly.

“Yes, but those two groups had been taken care of by Master Qi and Master Si.

They intended to use that as a warning to the others but it backfired.

It only proved to the other forces that the legend about miss is true and more people became hungrier for it.

Too many people were hidden in the dark and we have no idea who are on our side so Master Si planned to use the annual party to clarify the situation.”

So the annual party was more than it appeared but at the time, I only had my focus on petty things.

Things had become completely different from my last life.

The moment I hopped onto the darknet, everything had changed.

My little uncle said I was his only blood kin in the world so he would protect me with his life.

He was my custodian.

He could have used me to rule the world but he chose to shield me from the world.

He respected me and allowed me to live my own life because he was my little uncle!

I took his hand and said softly, “Uncle, thank you for anything.

I promise to listen to your words and not cause you anymore trouble.” My tears fell on my uncles hand.

My cell phone rang.

It was Jing Ni.

I calmed myself down and picked up the call.

“Ni Ni”

Ni Nis voice sounded like she was crying.

“Nanxing, Nanxing.”

“Ni Ni, whats wrong” All the hair on my body stood on end.

“Nanxing, seventh uncle is injured.

You, you…” Jing Ni couldnt continue and she sobbed.

I stood up and grabbed Su Qian.

“Help me look after my uncle, I need to go next door.”

Su Qian pulled me back.

“What happened”

I turned to glance at my uncle.

“Jing Ni just call and said that Jing Tian is injured.

Su Qian, Ill just move through the backdoor to check on him.

Ill be fine.”

Su Qian and Su Shen shared a look.

“Master Qi is injured But we havent heard anything of the sort from Brother Jing.”


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