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Departure (1)

At dawn the next day, the rain stopped.

Soon, the soft white morning light rose up, and it was reflected upon the waters left by the rain last night.

When the cool wind blew, water droplets on the leaves fell down like small broken beads, making people feel comfortable.

This seemed to announce the beginning of autumn, as well as sweeping away of the summer heat.

Tang Zhen went out early in the morning.

As the First Military Academy in the Empire, Kaios Military Academy had dozens of recruitment quotas for the Silver Dipper Star Expeditionary Army every year, and its assessment practice was on the graduation day.

Jiang Jianming stood by the window and watched Tang Zhen walk away, feeling a little worried.

The Tang family in the Imperial Capital was an aristocratic family, and the old man of the Tang family was a fierce general who fought alongside the founding emperor.

Now, he has retired with honor.

The head of the family, Major General Tang, had three sons and two daughters, but unfortunately…the general’s family encountered much bad luck.

The eldest son, second son and daughter who went to Silver Big Dipper died in the Far Star.

Tang Zhen was the youngest son of the Tang family.

He was gifted with a good personality and integrity.

Major General Tang had been through the pain of losing his children and he really didn’t want to send this child to Silver Big Dipper.

The old headmaster of the Kaios Military Academy also felt sorry for the Tang family, which led to Tang Zhen being transferred to the Sixth Logistics College where disabled students mostly stayed.

It’s just that Young Master Tang had always been very dissatisfied with this, and had made trouble with his family several times, and now even Major General Tang couldn’t control him either.

Jiang Jianming shook his head secretly and sighed.

He originally thought that if he could fool Tang Zhen, he could hide it from him, but it seemed that this was not possible.

Beep beep

His wrist phone rang and it made Jiang Jianming come back to his senses.

He took off the headset from the side of its main body, put it on, and clicked on it.

On the projection, a handsome figure in gray aristocratic formal attire appeared, and a steady neutral voice came, “Jiang, long time no see, are you leaving today”

Jiang Jianming relaxed and sat on the bed.


I’ll wait for Mr.

Chen to return to the military headquarters before leaving.”

“The thing you asked for has been sent.” The speaker on the other side was not too chatty, and seemed to be accustomed to such a concise and authoritative way of doing things.

“The coffee shop in front of the Aslan Library, 9:00 am.

Secret code –‘a glass of tequila’”.

Jiang Ming nodded his head slightly and said solemnly, “Thank you, Audrey.

Say hello to Diana for me.”

The person on the other side of the screen was silent for a while and then whispered, “I won’t discourage you, but… please take care.

If there is anything that I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.”

As soon as these words fell, the projection was cut off, and the LCD screen of the wrist device went black.

However, Jiang Jianming remained sitted on the bed for a long time.

Afterwards, he changed his cadet’s blue officer’s uniform, wore an ordinary white shirt and black trousers, went to the Aslan National Library, and returned all the books he had borrowed.

The little girl at the front desk had known him for a long time, and she joked that she had recently entered a batch of new books that he was interested in. Would you like to see it Jiang Jianming also smiled and declined.

He simply answered that he was going to leave the Capital Star after graduation, and it may take some time before he comes back.

Then he went to the cafe.

When the door opened, the wind chimes rang.

The fat boss smiled and asked him what he would like to drink, he said, “A glass of tequila.”

The boss immediately stared at those small eyes and lowered his voice.

“Oh–oh oh, you are Master Lance’s friend!” He rubbed his fat hands, led Jiang Jianming to the backstage and carefully took out a small black handbag and handed it to the young man.

After Jiang Jianming unzipped the bag, there were several boxes of bullets suitable for his handgun, and at the bottom was a chip box with two black chips lying inside.

The fat boss next to him said mysteriously, “Ah, the micro folding mecha special artillery, developed a few months ago, and is still hot until now.

Brother, this thing is not simple.

We need to find a powerful mecha master to install it for you….”

Since he was a military academy student who had taken a lot of lessons in the Second College, Jiang Jianming believed that it was no problem installing the mecha himself.

So he politely declined the attentive fat boss, and instead ordered a cup of coffee and a piece of caramel toast, and sat in the hall until noon.

He chose a seat by the window and squinted at the street outside, which was covered with gray and white floor tiles, as all kinds of passers-by kept coming and going. 

Occasionally, a magnetic suspension floating bus would pass by, and when it arrived at the station, a sharp “ding” sound was heard.

Small colorful flags fluttering in the wind were hung between the buildings.

They were newly hung half a month ago because the Empress of the Empire’s 90th birthday was in the upcoming winter.

Recently, there was a rumor circulating in Aslan that on the day of His Majesty’s birthday, the Empire will officially announce to the public a new candidate for the crown prince position.

Jiang Jianming looked at the passers-by, and he knew that he would soon bid farewell to the Imperial Capital Star City named Aslan.

This was the place where he lived for five years, where he went to school, met many classmates and teachers, and got acquainted with his friends and lover.

Tomorrow, however, all this will be left behind… To be honest, although he had prepared as much as possible, he had no intention of coming back alive.

The Far Interstellar Battlefield should be a place that cannot guarantee someone coming back alive.

At noon, Jiang Jianming received a message from Tang Zhen, who was recorded as the only candidate who had entered into the Silver Big Dipper from the Sixth College without a doubt and told him to take a step forward in high spirits.

After turning off his wrist device, Jiang Jianming left the cafe and wandered aimlessly on several nearby streets.

He didn’t buy anything either – mainly because he didn’t have the money to buy it.

He just wandered around, occasionally stopping at one of the window displays and remembering walking here with His Royal Highness Ryann.


Jiang Jianming lowered his eyelashes, and when his fingers touched the glass window, his chest suddenly throbbed with a dull ache.

For a moment, it seemed that another slender and warm hand pierced through the time, silently spanning three years of years and dust, and landed on the back of his hand.


The young prince with white golden curly hair would slightly tilt his head and hold his hand, his dark jade-colored pupils would stare deeply into his eyes.

 “Do you like it”

The Capital Star three years ago was as prosperous as it was now, with pale white clouds flowing in the sky, and the long wind blowing from the entrance of the library to West Galaxy Street.

Yet that military academy student three years ago was not as pale and thin as he was now.

Jiang Jianming reluctantly pulled Ryann away from the shop window.

“Little Highness…don’t buy anything for me again.”

The Crown Prince seemed a little displeased, and said coldly.

“But yesterday I talked to the young master of the Hubeck family, and he said that normal people wouldn’t take their betrothed to watch a war video.” 

Jiang Jianming choked, and clutched his chest while waving his hands again and again, “Cough… It’s okay, Little highness, I… I’m willing.”

The Crown Prince blinked quickly.

“He also said that normal people wouldn’t give their lovers firearms and mechas.” Jiang Jianming hurriedly said.

“…I like it!”

Crown Prince: “Won’t discuss the draft revision of the Eighth Imperial Race Protection Law.” Jiang Jianming insisted.

“I’m interested.”

Crown Prince: “He said that a lover should be spoiled, take him on dates, go shopping, give gifts, make him happy, support him, make him feel safe, give him some surprises from time to time, and always—.”

Jiang Jianming finally couldn’t help laughing.

The surrounding people were noisy, West Galaxy Street was a symbol of fashion and youth, filled with laughter of young people from morning to night.

He felt that it was too out of place for His Royal Highness to stand here so solemnly.

“Ryann, don’t do this,” he stretched out his hand and lightly poke the place between the eyebrows of the person in front of him, “His Royal Highness’s noble brain, please don’t use it to carry such things.”

“ —give him hugs and kisses.” Ryann insisted on finishing his interrupted words.

Jiang Jianming was slightly startled.

Ryann’s left hand lightly pressed on his shoulder and he was pushed into the empty alley with a gentle force.

The shining sun then disappeared and they were engulfed in the shadow of the shop next to them. 

Jiang Jianming: “You…”

When he saw the prince’s gaze, he stopped talking.

“Jiang, can I….” Ryann leaned down slowly with his back to the light, his eyes burning with scorching fire, and said hoarsely, “…kiss you.

The moment he felt his lips touch the corner of his lightly, the memories faded like the wind and clouds.

The store door was suddenly opened, and a heavily-makeup female clerk stuck her head out and shouted at him, “Guest, would you like to come in and see what you want”

Jiang Jianming returned to his senses, only then did he realize that he had been standing in front of the store for too long.

He quickly shook his head apologetically, and turned to leave.

He heard the female clerk muttering in a low voice behind him.

The girl obviously saw poverty in his clothes.

“Hmph, coming to West Galaxy Street, not afraid of shame.”

Jiang Jianming was not angry either and continued on his way.

Until the sun was pushed away by the dusk rose-colored clouds, he walked to the Central Square, chose a bench and sat down.

He sat there quietly until the sun completely went down, watching the surrounding as darkness fell, and the stars appeared above his head.

Probably because it had just rained, the silver galaxy was very clear, and it appeared bright from time to time.

After watching for a long time, he had a vague illusion.

As Jiang Jianming was looking up, he gradually became sleepy.

The nebula in the sky also turned into a hazy mass, which seemed to transform into Ryann’s figure.

As the night deepened, he fell asleep under the starlight.

In the early morning of the next day, Jiang Jianming woke up in a daze on the bench.

He was actually covered with a blanket, probably some kind patrolling policeman had put it on him last night.

Jiang Jianming was stunned for a while, grabbed the blanket and folded it.

He stood up, and suddenly a refreshing morning breeze blew across his cheeks.

He turned around and was dazzled by the light, causing him to raise his hand to block his eyes.

This was the most prosperous area of ​​Capital Star, where old people in crutches were walking by, and laughing children chasing after each other.

There were also five or six white pigeons strolling in the center of the square, and a clear fountain that reflected the sunlight creating a lovely little rainbow.


Suddenly, a little boy ran up to Jiang Jianming.

He was wearing a hat and had healthy freckles on his round face.

The little boy grinned and stuffed a pamphlet into Jiang Jianming’s hand.

 “Big Brother, are you an Amorphous race”

Jiang Jianming was a little surprised, when he saw the little boy said with a serious face.

“We are the Amorphous Race Protection Association – brother, you know  It is now commonly known as disabled people..Our association has been committed to fighting for equal rights for the Amorphous Race….”

Jiang Jianjian was very clear.

The boy in front of him had a proud look on his face.

First, he quickly talked about a series of hardships and equal rights for the disabled people, and then popularized the current situation of the disabled people living in the empire.

Finally, he said, “Now our association is promoting the “Removal of Disabled Name Movement” –the name of disabled human beings is the dregs left over from the dark tyranny of the old empire.

We hope that on the occasion of His Majesty’s 90th birthday, we can push the empire to revise the law again, using “Amorphous people” instead of “disabled human beings”, which was very discriminatory.”

“Brother, you are also of an amorphous race, we are compatriots – for the equal rights of the amorphous people, we have to fight!” The little boy said, and shoved something into Jiang Jianming’s hand enthusiastically.

The latter looked down and saw that it was a candy with added tranquilizer.

Jiang Jianming smiled, although he knew that he would soon have nothing to do with all this.

He waved the booklet and said, “Thank you, I’ll surely read this.”

He lifted the combat bag on his back, raised his legs and walked across the Central Square as the white doves flew behind him and through the small colored flags flying between buildings.

This was a stable and grand era.

This was the early morning of the 63rd year of the New Imperial Calendar.

And Jiang Jianming walked towards the direction of the Universal Station.

Translator’s Note

Sometimes Jiang called Ryann “Little Highness”, it’s because Ryann is younger than Jiang.

(got this from the author)


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