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Demons of the fog It's a new day, get up!

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Kings POV

("Huh, I can rest a little now")As I was heading to my room, I met someone while passing across the battle room.

King: " hm, hey Sara what are doing this late?" (*Looking at a young female brown bear pretty toned, training*)

Sara: (*stopping her training*)

" huh...oh your majesty, I am just training, you know I have my first assignation tomorrow...*"(*while bowing*)

King: " oh I see that, but it is because you have it tomorrow that you should rest, right?"

Sara: (*getting up*)" you are right your majesty, Ill take some rest. I will be on my way then. Goodnight your majesty"

King: " Goodnight young general, oh and don forget tomorrow morning..."

Sara: " sure your majesty, its training day for him"

The young general Sara left the place after a quick bow.

Sure thing, this night was a long one. All our heroes now are resting peacefully, tomorrow will be the beginning of the new life of Ingus.

As the night was fading, the sun began to rise. The birds singing on the trees and the smooth warmth of the sun, were gently waking up Ingus for a new day to begin.

Inguss POV

(*Birds singing*). Hordwards snoring fading away. I was getting up and began to stretch a little. ("Aww...I can wait to go visit the town"). I turned back and saw Hord still sleeping. ("He really is not gonna wake up now...").

As I was thinking, I heard my stomach growling. Then I heard the door opening and saw Vardus staying there looking at me like he was going to have a heart attack. I walked towards him and heard him say.

Vardus: " wait,...how can you..."(*interrupted by Ingus*)

Ingus: " don know, I just did it last night" (*with his stomach still growling*)

Vardus: (*chuckles*)" o-okay thats nice, well, shall we go to eat some breakfast?"

Ingus: "yeah but Hord is..."(*looking amused at Hordward*)

Vardus: " still sleeping like a log, so this time he chose to sleep with you...(*sigh*)...anyway if we wait for him to wake up on his own, we are going to die from starvation. Besides someone will wake him soon" (*laughing a little*)

Ingus: " hm, okay, lets go then "

Vardus and Ingus left the room and headed to the lunch room. The room was big, walls were made of wood as long as the floor.

In the center, a long table covered with a white tablecloth on which many plates covered by sliver bells were disposed kingly.

All of that dressed in a high prestigious way. There was another door, leading to the kitchen.

Vardus and Ingus sat next to each other on the chairs around the table and began to remove the bells.

Many good plates were revealed. Natural juices, Milk, fruits, bread, cheese, ham and jam. Inguss eyes were wide opened.

Ingus: (*looking at the food, not knowing where to begin*)" woah...it looks so good"

Vardus: " haha, it is , you can eat as much as you want"

Ingus: " wait how many people do eat at this table ?"

Vardus: " 4, but with you now its 5" (*while taking some bread and butter making sandwiches with ham*)

Ingus: " father, Hord, you and me, who is the last person?"

As ingus finished to state his question, vardus and him heard a loud howl of pain.

Ingus: " huh, Vardus wasn that..."

Vardus: (*even not bothering*)" Hordward?, yes it is..." (*while taking a bite of his bread*)

Ingus: " shouldn we care ?"

Vardus: "nope, it is just Sara who just woke him up for his daily training "(*eating happily with as smirk*)

Ingus: " wait, what?! Sara?daily training? Who is that? What do you mean?(*looking confused at Vardus*)

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