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Demons of the fog One must learn I : The wise can defeat the great

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Inguss POV

I was eating next to Vardus, peacefully tasting the sweetness of all the plates before me but not filling myself because of my soon to come training.

Once finished, I heard the very same scream coming from Hordward being woken.

Ingus: " hm, does she necessarily have to brutalize him?"

Vardus: (*ignoring the question and eating his sandwich*)" you better focus on what you will have to endure...I mean on what you are going to learn"(*awkwardly smiling*)

Ingus: " she doesn seem like someone to mess with"

Vardus: " clearly not "

Ingus: " I am done"(*getting up after ending his breakfast*)

Vardus: " same...lets head to the training room "

Ingus: " yes"

Vardus then took me to the training room. We waited for Sara and Hordward.

Vardus: " just to know...why did you choose to train? More importantly, how in all heavens did you manage to fight so well against Sara? " (*intrigued*)

Ingus: " I read the book about the Darkness, what that thing did, was horrible, i want it to end and I will try even if I have to die trying"

Vardus: " such devotion at your age, its admirable but dumb"

Ingus: " what?!"(*Confused*)

Vardus: " listen to me, you are a human, right?"

Ingus: " hm yeah Im pretty sure I am "

Vardus: " and you do realize, training to upgrade your physical strength against something that is far beyond mortal beings strengths is completely useless?"

Ingus: " probably all you are saying is true, but who knows maybe I ca..."(*interrupted*)

Vardus: " look Ingus, I don have any intention to stop you from doing what you want, I am just worried okay? From what I know humans aren really strong to begin with, so..."

Ingus: " Vardus...I understand. I know that, but I need to try"

Vardus: " (*sighing in defeat*) okay, do as you please. Just don get yourself killed, okay?"

Ingus: " I am tougher than I look"(*smiling with eyes closed*)

Vardus: " oh heavens, I heard that a lot from..."

Hordward bursted in the training room with a sleepy face.

Vardus: " (*internally screaming*) him..."(*facepalmed*)

Hordward: " hey...looks like we have a special guest ...Vardus, are you finally going to fight against me?" (*grinning, completely awake now*)

Vardus: " ("why me heavens?why?!")(*sighing*) nope, and I don intend to defeat you now..."(*crossing his arms*)

Ingus: " hi Hord"

Hordward: " hey Ingus, wanna fight me?"(*enthusiastic*)

Sara: (*coming from behind Hordward*) "maybe later, both of you have different training programs. Hord, you will train your magical stamina by creating as much illusions as possible and fight against me at the same time, for each of your summons who disappears, I will strike you harder. And Ingus, you have a real potential in close combat but you lack strength for unknown reason...so you will have to strengthen your body first, you will begin with 4 laps of the field then 20 pushups and ..."

Ingus: " pushups?"(*confused by the word*)

Sara: "...wait, you don know that?! I guess there is a lot to do then...Vardus, good to see you here, you will be my assistant for the day, you will fight Hordward" (*with Hordward grinning at Vardus who had a bored face on*)

Vardus: " fine"(*annoyed*)

Sara: " and I will take care of this rookie"

Ingus: " of what?"

Sara: "...anyway, lets begin...oh and Vardus, no need to hold back"

Vardus: " it won be necessary "

Hordward: " bring it on"

Sara took Ingus away from the field, leaving Hordward and Vardus who took off his upper clothe.


Hordward was going to fight Vardus.

Hordward: " looks like we can settle the score"

Vardus:(*looking away with hands crossed behind his head*)"..."

Hordward: (*getting annoyed*)" you won be this confident for long"(*closing his eyes*)

Soon, Hordwards green aura began to spread from his body. Hordward began to let out some steam from his mouth. He opened his eyes who were now emerald green and spread his arms.

Hordward: " witness my glory "

And with that, 30 Hordwards clone appeared from thin air surrounding Vardus.

Vardus: (*still bored*)" I see you are able to make more illusions, but I must tell you that nothing is still equal to nothing even if spawn 30 times." (* using one hand to take a pen from his pocket, the other hand still behind his head*)

Hordward: " I will show you a taste of

othing " (*ordering his clones to run in all directions at the same time to confuse Vardus*)

Hordward then joined his tiny army and began running in circle around Vardus. Then got himself behind him and dashed silently at an incredible speed, as he was mere inches from Varduss head ready to knock him off, Vardus disappeared almost instantly.

Hordward landed and turned to see Vardus in midair just above him with a pen who transformed into a stick the size of a sword.

Hordward rapidly jumped back to avoid the attack which he successfully dodged. Hordward then got out of the clones circle and ordered them to catch him.

All the clones dashed towards Vardus who didn move. Vardus then put his stick on the ground and said " Repel" his eyes turning blue.

With that all the clones disappeared.

Hordward: " what the?!"(*confused*)

Vardus then grabbed his weapon and dashed towards the still confused Hordward and took him down.

Vardus: " looks like I won"

Hordward then said from behind, you sure of that, as Vardus turned to see the real Hordward, the one he was pinning down grabbed him and locked his arm and legs.

Hordward then create with his illusions magic, a medium sized dragon. And said "Surrender or fry" vardus then began to laugh.

Hordward: " is that so funny to lose?"(*knowing he won*)

Vardus: " oh my ...(" so he already mastered the level 4 of his magic huh? I am so proud of him...and it hurts to think so")"

In an instant, Vardus annihilated the clone who was holding him and got up giving his back to Hordward. Hordward then ordered the dragon to attack.

Vardus turned and said " Freedom " then black patterns began to spread on his body and face.

He was looking like a tribal warrior with patterns on his face looking like he was wearing a helmet revealing only his eyes and a bit of their surrounding, and the lateral sides of his muzzle. His eyes were pure blue. Vardus then said in a frightening tone "surrender"

Hordward: " what the?! Dragon, Defend"

The dragon then placed himself between Vardus and Hordward.

Varduss patterns began to glow with a blue light. He was godlike.

The dragon spitted fire to Vardus, who rose his left arm and with his palm deflected the fire.


He walked within the attack, once stopped he jumped to the dragons neck and crushed it with bare hands. The dragon disappeared and Vardus walked to Hordward who said " okay, you won" but Vardus didn stop walking, he kept stepping forth.

Hordward was panicking and stumbled, falling on his butt.

Hordward: (*confused and scared*)" Vardus, you won...stop..."

Varduss eyes were completely shining blue, his facial expression was neutral. Once mere inches from Hordward, he crooked to get at his level, then throw a punch at Hordward who closes his eyes. But stopped before the impact and opened his hand.

Hordward opened his eyes and saw Vardus lending a hand.

Vardus: " you are really prodigious Hord, to make me use my Exoa, respect" (*helping his brother*)


Vardus: " nope, I was willing to frighten you a bit, but you were not crying not even begging. So I stopped my act"

Hordward: " your act?! You killed my dragon with your bare hands! Hows that supposed to be possible in the first place?!"

Vardus: " I am impressed you can make a level 4 illusion...fortunately for me I am stronger than level 5 illusion so I can outstand your illusionss skills, which by the way were a bit deadly "

Hordward: " of course not, I commanded them to neutralize you, not to kill you. Damn, even the fire was not a lethal attack, I can make that dragon use his attack for the moment anyway"

Vardus: " I noticed, the fire was a level 1 illusion, it would have burned me either way"

Hordward: " wait, you mean you didn know and you acted as if nothing would have happened"

Vardus: " well, I knew you were going tired already, and making a level 4 illusion to use a special attack was out of your possibilities even if you were able to do so."

Hordward: " lucky smartass, but you are indeed strong...how did you become stronger than me?"

Vardus: " don take me wrong, in terms of fighting style and physical attack, you are far stronger than me. But I just have better chance of winning using Stamina. Your illusions take a lot of energy while I didn use magic in the first moments of our fight. And using my Exoa was draining me rapidly, I could have fought only for 45 seconds in that mode. So if you didn freak out and tried to run and create small illusions to slow me down, you would have won."

Hordward: "...I will train harder, you might be smarter but I will find a way to win in terms of strategy"

Vardus: " you better, or I will become not only the smartest but the strongest of the princes"

Hordward and Vardus laughed together.

Meanwhile Ingus was watching the fight, even stopped to ask Sara to intervene to which Sara said she won because she knew there was nothing dangerous to be alarmed of.

As Hordward and Vardus were reaching Sara, Ingus was doing his laps around the field and didn seem to have to catch his breath.

Sara: "...interesting "

Ingus was done with his laps, as he got to Sara, she congratulated him and was about to teach him how to do pushups when suddenly the door of the room got opened...

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