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Chapter 10 Red Fruit Punishment

This comfy bed was extremely relaxing, not like his hard and uncomfortable bed.

He sensed that as quickly as he laid on this golden enormous bed, his strength seemed to be sapped away.

Yuzhen was half-conscious when he felt a weight of a thousand jins pressing down him, and the pressure was so intense that he couldn’t breathe.

His reaction was slow.

He definitely felt that his body was incapable of keeping up with his thoughts.

He was aware that something was on his body and that his torso was cold, yet he still did not bother to open his eyelids.

“Who is it Don’t disturb your father’s sleep!” Yuzhen waved his hand, but his hands were unexpectedly grasped and raised over his head instead.

This movement was quite familiar, and save for one person, no one else would dare to do such thing to him.

“Who are you talking to Don’t plead for leniency later because you’ve treated this King so disrespectfully.”

A man’s voice was heard vaguely near his ear, blowing warm, humid, and hot breath, causing him to shiver and promptly open his eyes!

“Why is it you” Yuzhen had been sleeping for a while and when he noticed the person across from him with a beautiful smile and no animosity.

He quickly resisted his drooping eyelids and scratched his temple lazily.

“I seem to have slept on your bed.

You won’t mind, right.”

At this point, the man’s quiet voice murmured softly, “No.” “However, you must pay the price for resting in this King’s bed.”

Yuzhen scratched his naked chest.

He always slept topless.

When he found nothing unusual, he rolled over and went back to sleep.

The Emperor of Yan despised anyone who disregarded decorum and disobeyed his authority.

When he saw Yuzhen ignoring him, he turned him over, but not with displeasure.

Liu Yuzhen’s attractive silhouette appeared before him .

He couldn’t tell how many times he toyed with that face, feeling compelled to smash it in disdain each time he begged.

However this time, what he saw through his eyes was a serene and graceful face that grew more beautiful the longer he stared.

It is impossible to exhibit a completely different personality so naturally, no matter how much a person pretends.

“Yuzhen!” Emperor Yan exhaled cautiously in his ear and asked, “Yuzhen, be this King’s man, okay”

“Don’t cause a fuss, what are you up to We’re running out of time, and I’ll still be doing tasks later.”

Yuzhen was rambling inadvertently, but the listener was compelled to listen.

“A mission” Emperor Yan’s brow furrowed.

He became cautious of this sentence.

Who would come to his palace and still have to do a mission  Unless…it’s an assassin!

Taking advantage of Liu Yuzhen’s drowsiness, he leaned in closer, summoned some inner strength, and inquired in a seductive voice never heard before, “You have a task to do Whatever task is more important than sleep”

Emperor Yan’s voice flooded his thoughts like a wonderful tune, resonating and stimulating his memories.


The A2203 team, dubbed “Falcon,” was given the mission of annihilating the reactionaries on “Death Island.”

He recalled being assigned as an undercover to breach the enemy forces encampment, and afterwards…

Liu Yuzhen’s world was suddenly full of gunshots and blood.

The loud wail filled the entire sky.

The fragrance of death pervaded the blood-stained golden beach.

A round sun sinking in the west shines ruthlessly on the slaughtered land.

How could he stand watching his brethren get slaughtered one by one again Could he really escape from this horrendous memory that he believed he had forgotten for far too long

“Don’t ask!” Liu Yuzhen exclaimed in despair, covering his ears and sitting up.

His reaction was more than his body could bear.

Then there was a loud thud——

Emperor Yan’s eyes opened in surprise as he was kicked to the ground.

His murderous aura shot up quickly.

“How dare you go against me, Liu Yuzhen” The notion of turning Yuzhen his own man had long been abandoned.

He just wanted to kill this person now.

Yuzhen was entirely awake at this point, and the horrible scene in his head disappeared.

He forced himself to return to this peculiar ancient setting, forcing out his usual skeptical expression.

In his eyes, an enraged Emperor Yan was glaring at him.

He was somewhat impressed by what had just happened, but he still pretended to be ignorant, “Ah Emperor Yan, why are you seated on the ground”

“Liu, Yu, Zhen!” Emperor Yan gritted his teeth, as if chewing his bones, and a horrible feeling swept through Yuzhen’s body.

He didn’t mean to offend King Yan, but he just had to ask a random question and let himself suffer.


He did it to himself, but he still had to get out of bed obediently to avoid making him even angrier.

He couldn’t think of anything else to do but this.

“Do you want to escape Is this what you intend to do after kicking this King” Then he saw Emperor Yan pounce on him and ruthlessly crush him.

The shoulders being squeezed were frail and not at all like his own.

Liu Yuzhen couldn’t resist it, and defending himself was difficult.

Who let him  say “do a task” in a daze.  Fortunately, Emperor Yan did not seize his pigtail and labeled him a horrible person.

“I didn’t mean it.

That’s because you touched my bottom line for messing with me!”

(t/n pigtails-a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others;   vulnerable point)

“You have a bottom line” Emperor Yan asked, his stern features revealing a menacing smile.

“Then let this King demonstrate to you what happens when this King’s bottom line is breached!”

Even with the colorful words coming from his tongue, Emperor Yan was more than keen to fulfill the task at hand.

He wanted to swallow the person who was always struggling and resisting in his arms in one bite.

Nothing was more essential than “eating” him, with his snow-white skin and seductive face.

Emperor Yan yanked off Yuzhen’s exposed garments, and the entire person was pressed firmly under him. 

Yuzhen’s tiredness and sleepiness immediately went away because of shock, he trembled all over and resisted vigorously just as Emperor Yan’s long silky soft hair swept across his back, “Pervert! Are you for real! Don’t tell me you’re serious!”

“Of course I’m serious,” Emperor Yan said mercilessly.

Yuzhen felt those impolite hands roaming indiscriminately on his body, declaring dictatorial control.

Yuzhen couldn’t break free from this person’s constraints regardless of how hard he tried.

The warm, moist tongue glided along the back of the neck, followed by a forceful sucking, hands caressing his sensitive chest incessantly, as if to devour him clean.

“Stop, stop…” Liu Yuzhen was a special agent, and he shouldn’t be vulnerable to attacks!

But why was he often dominated by this Emperor Yan and unable to resist This is completely unacceptable! Shameful! He had to admit, though, that Yan Tenghua’s appearance was really more handsome and charming than his own, and every time he sees him, he recalls his faithfulness to the captain.

He will not protest whatever the captain asks of him, but that does not mean he will permit himself to be molested!

Yuzhen put up a strong fight.

He was furious that a man was going to do his virgin self, but the other merely gazed at him with fascination.

“Wait for me, wait for me to regain my strength.

I…will also screw you! I…will also violate you!”

Yuzhen yelled obscenities incoherently.

He also got the sensation that his ***, which had not recovered from the injury, was being poked by a hard object, and that there was a hint of discomfort similar to an electric shock.

“Oh By you” Emperor Yan actually listened to his blabber and happily challenged Liu Yuzhen’s bottom line.

Yuzhen wanted to continue scolding, but his chin was pinched, and a thin cold lips kissed him and immediately blocked all his words.

The overbearing kiss of the Emperor Yan was as irresistible as an order issued by the superior.

“Yuzhen, this King wanted to treat you well, but now you are just asking to be punished.” His smile became more and more sinister.


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