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Chapter 13 Asking for trouble

“Surnamed Xiao, how dare you hurt me! I want to tell the Emperor and let him smash your body into ten thousand pieces!!”

As soon as Liu Yuzhen came back, he heard someone making a noise inside the room.

He was about to go in but he was pulled back by Yuelan.

Yuelan begged along with her worried expression, “Prime Minister don’t go in first, it’s not appropriate for Young Master Ning Xiang to see you.”

“Why” This is strange.

He didn’t ask Xiao Zipei to take care of the person who was disturbing his sleep.

What was he doing so actively This is against the command of the boss.

You cannot act without an order, do you understand!

“Young Master Ning Xiang is Master Xu’s second son, moreover, he is a talkative person.

If he knows your identity, it will be tantamount to the announcement of the imprisonment of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Liu.

Yuelan succumbed to the Emperor of Yan only when she saw that the Prime Minister was also unwilling to disclose his identity.

Wouldn’t it be a failure if you showed up at this time”

Yuzhen had only paused for a second when he heard a loud roar and the rough sound of a long sword being removed from its sheath.

“Xiao Pei!” he yelled, a dreadful feeling in his heart, but Yuelan drew him behind the red lacquer column.

Yuelan shook her head and said, “The Prime Minister will only cause trouble for General Xiao.

He wouldn’t have entrusted me to take you out if he would really blame you.”

“Who is this person invading my territory” Yuzhen fiercely took a bite of the meat bun he was still holding in his hand, his previously frightened and gloomy countenance now sharp.

“Xiao Pei is my brother, and if that guy tries to hurt him, I won’t let him leave the room unscatched!”

Yuelan glanced at him with a shocked face, as if he had been wronged.

She decided to not refute.

Yuzhen sat on the horizontal bar under the red pillar, swallowed the buns in one bite, rubbed the oil stains on his fingers on his clothes, and then habitually stretched the bones and loosened the tendons on his fingers.

Emperor Yan’s palace had three chambers.

The one he stayed in was the innermost and the most luxurious.

The surroundings were densely packed with purple-red flowers.

They were magnificent, beautiful, and coquettish, emitting bursts of exquisite aroma.

It sparkled like a flame in the dying sun, which was really spectacular.

Yuzhen supported his cheek with his hand on his bent knee.

His faint gaze gradually passed through the sea of vermilion palace walls.

The inner palace was long.

He didn’t know where the end of this Imperial Palace was.

At this moment, messy footsteps sounded from the bedroom, heading in his direction with a staggering step.


Even this Young Master dares to make a move.

I think he is tired of living! What the hell.”

Yuzhen was a person who couldn’t stay still, and it was quite unpleasant to be disturbed by this series of noises, so he turned towards the person with a pair of sullen eyes.

“Prime Minister, don’t.” Yuelan probably saw the motive behind his evil expression, and hurriedly reminded him, “Let’s go quickly.”

After all, Yuzhen didn’t even understand the Imperial Palace’s laws or what kind of punishment would be meted out for creating trouble in the Emperor’s chamber.

Of course, he now expects that jerk to return and be tormented by him later.

However, the blood on Ning Xiang’s hand swiftly shattered his sanity!

“He really hurt Xiao Pei!” Yuzhen said angrily.

He flashed out from behind the red pillar and strode forward.

Want him to just watch his brother being bullied Dream on!

His figure flickered so fast that Young Master Ning Xiang didn’t have a clear view of the person in front of him.

Suddenly, a big hand pushed his head fiercely, “Bang”, there was a loud noise, and Young Master Ning Xiang’s head was embedded on the carved window frame!

Fortunately, the majority of the window frames were made of paper and could be destroyed with a light bump.

However, even though it wasn’t particularly thick, Young Master Ning Xiang  still fainted  and his head was bleeding.

The guards stationed outside the palace were all Emperor Yan’s personal guards.

They swore to safeguard Prime Minister Liu’s identity till death.

Someone came up right away and took Young Master Ning Xiang away, but they did not dare hold Liu Yuzhen accountable.

Xiao Zipei, on the other hand, bolted from the room.

“How can you do this to Young Master Ning Xiang” exclaimed Xiao Zipei.

Liu Yuzhen glanced at the injury on Xiao Zipei’s shoulder, and raised his eyebrows, “Someone of this standing can also toss you He’s really worthy of being a rich second generation.”

Xiao Zipei’s face was like frozen ice, clutching the not serious injury on his shoulder, and said indifferently.

“You don’t need to worry about Xiao’s affairs.

As long as you don’t do some tedious things, Zipei doesn’t have to be bothered by him.” He lowered his voice.

It was not because he was afraid of being heard by Young Master Ning Xiang, but as if he was covering up the anger in his voice.

Yuzhen just ignored it and stretched his waist.

“Anyway, a state-owned kingdom has family rules , and the old saying seems to be like this.

It’s his fault for breaking into the Emperor’s room.

What can he do to me Don’t worry, I won’t kill him.”

(t/n state-owned country has family rules-The state has the laws of the state , and the family has the rules of the family “, as the saying goes, it means that no matter the scope is large or small, it must have its own regulations in order to be followed)

Zipei didn’t talk to him, his beautiful and handsome face was always solemn.

Yuzhen got used to it after seeing it a lot.

He usually seldom wastes time on other people’s expressions.

“Prime Minister, does your injury still hurt” Yuelan followed Yuzhen closely and entered the chamber together.

As soon as he mentioned the injury, Liu Yuzhen’s veins throbbed violently, as the **** thing replayed in his mind again.

He forced tenderness and touched Yuelan’s head.

“Good girl, listen to me and find Emperor Yan.

Come on, I have to thank him for this injury.”

Yuelan didn’t notice the terrible light that flickered in Yuzhen’s eyes while Yuzhen rubbed her small head.

“Yes, Yuelan will leave right away.”

“Tsk… now you go first! I’m going to take medicine.” Yu Zhen rubbed his waist, which was so sore that he could hardly straighten up.

It was even worse than after running around with a few kilograms of iron plate.

As he walked to the bed, he spat, “Yan Tenghua! See if I don’t crush you later.”

Picking up the small bottle of wound medicine that **** had prepared, Liu Yuzhen gritted his teeth as he smeared it on the wound.

Pain was something he was used to, but now it was only fueling his rage

Yuelan had not returned even after he was done applying the medicine.

Liu Yuzhen was bored, smelling the scent in the room, tired of waiting, and lethargy hit once more.

Not sure how long it took, but he still hadn’t fallen asleep, so he put his legs on the bed and reclined on the bedpost when he saw Yuelan burst through the doorway suddenly.

“Prime Minister! General Xiao, General Xiao, he was summoned by Emperor Yan.”

“Oh He didn’t come looking for me, but why did he call for Xiao Pei” Yuzhen stood up abruptly, “I want to go too!”

“That’s not what I meant.

Yuelan heard that Emperor Yan was in Ning Xiang’s Anning Pavilion, and summoned General Xiao at this time.

I feared that he would be blamed for Ning Xiang’s injury!” Yuelan pushed Yuzhen in panic, “Lie down quickly, don’t let Emperor Yan know the truth about this matter.”

Liu Yuzhen was puzzled at first, but soon realized what she was referring to.

Young Ning Xiang’s injury appeared to be pinned on Xiao Zipei.

He had no idea the Imperial Palace would be so unreasonable when he beat someone.

It’s not a big deal to explain that it was Young Master Ning Xiang who broke into the chamber.

What’s the matter with him “Why didn’t he let him know that it was I who did it Why was he being difficult and had to bear it! Let go!”

Yuelan was so frightened that she quickly let go.

She’d never seen the Prime Minister lose his cool before.

The Prime Minister had recently become extremely aggressive.

“But, Prime Minister, you can’t leave the room right now.

How are you going to get to the Anning Pavilion”

“…” Yu Zhen averted his eyes and thought for a moment before saying, “Then how did you get out!”

“The slaves are palace maids, and Emperor Yan did not appear to forbid Yuelan from coming or departing, so the guards did not detain Yuelan.”

“Then Yuelan, apply some makeup on me! Find me a set of palace maid’s garments,” Yuzhen remarked after a brief pause.

“What” Yuelan was taken aback, staring at Liu Yuzhen as if he were making a joke.

“How could the Prime Minister degrade himself and dress like a palace maid”

Liu Yuzhen turned around and walked to the dresser, grabbed the gold inlaid horn comb, looked around and saw a bronze mirror.

He couldn’t help but lean forward to take a closer look.

Prime Minister Liu doesn’t look much like the past him.

The skin was like watery porcelain, the delicate face even looked like a facelift that was done in Korea.

Where does it resemble his old face who rolls on the battlefield all day.

“Move! Don’t make me repeat my orders.”


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