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Chapter 19 It’s really troublesome to go out

Concubine Mingge’s voice abruptly resonated again just as Liu Yuzhen whirled around to leave.

“Prince Liu This concubine has seen Prince Liu before, but this is the important place in the harem, how can the Prince approach at will.” Although Minge was a concubine, her status in the palace was quite high, and she was noble and respectful in her every move.

Her voice showed no evidence of submission to the man.

Liu Yuzhen was stunned for a moment.

Why is it Prince Liu again! Can he stop suddenly popping out wherever he is at.

Does he really want the Liu Kingdom to be destroyed that much Although Liu Kingdom had nothing to do with him, Emperor Yan thought otherwise and was very adamant on not letting him see Prince Liu.

In line with the principle of not wanting to attract trouble, Liu Yuzhen quickly retreated back to the wall and hid.

“Liu Ling doesn’t intend to offend anyone!” The man’s voice was as magnetic as the sound of nature, and it was so pleasant to hear.

His voice sounded very familiar to Liu Yuzhen. 

After speaking, a group of imperial guards with weapons approach from a distance.

Their steps sounded quite heavy.

“Liu Ling is looking for something very important.

His intuition tells him that it is here.

Please don’t blame Liu Ling, Imperial Concubine Mingge.”

“Ah! Is that a rabbit in your hand” Ming Ge was surprised yet was very delighted.

Any girl would like such a cute little animal, especially a fluffy rabbit.

Liu Yuzhen cried in his heart.

How did his Bao’er end up in Liu Ling’s hands How could he get it back He does not  believe that anyone else in the palace raised rabbits.

While worrying, Yuzhen suddenly froze.

What if Bao’er was deliberately released by Liu Ling just to locate him.

It may not have been an accident when Yuelan found it.

He kept his head down and thought.

In fact, he doesn’t really know if it was Bao’er Liu Ling was holding, he just automatically assumed that it was.

What if it was just some random rabbit Nonetheless, Liu Yuzhen still felt a little uneasy.

He wondered if his occupational disease caused him to overthink things Or… something really bad was going on in Emperor Yan’s harem.

“If Imperial Concubine Mingge likes it, this treasure will be given to her.”

“Its name is Bao’er What an interesting name!” Mingge took the rabbit and eased her tone back to normal.

“This concubine thanked Prince Liu.

It is still not appropriate to stay here.

This concubine advises Prince Liu to go back quickly.”

Yuzhen, who was listening behind the wall, was shocked.

It was really that rabbit!

“Yes, Liu Ling will do as the Imperial Concubine says.”

The guards following behind Liu Ling, urged him to go back to his chamber.

On the other hand, Concubine Mingge hugged the rabbit and couldn’t hide her happiness.

Accompanied by the maids and guards, she also turned around and left.

Liu Yuzhen walked out of the door, perplexed.

He wanted to catch a glimpse of  Liu Ling’s back but he wasn’t able to.

Liu Ling had turned a corner and disappeared, which somehow made him feel disappointed.

He was curious.

He wondered what a person with a gentle voice looked like.

Forget it.

He’s not really that interested. 

“Please go back inside the inner hall immediately, Prime Minister Liu.”  A guard standing by the door reminded him.

Liu Yuzhen swept a glance at the guards and suddenly smiled.

It was obvious from their expressions that these fellows were scared out of their minds by the fact that he had almost met Liu Ling just now.

If they weren’t cautious and afraid of offending him, they would have driven him inside a long time ago.

As a result, Liu Yuzhen suddenly thought of doing something mischievous.

He slapped one of them on the forehead and exclaimed, “Is this how you guard His Majesty’s palace Stand up straight!”


“What is it Speak louder! Emperor Yan not only ordered you to keep watch on me, but to also keep a look out against people from outside.

If they or anyone comes here again, report it to me immediately!”


The guard was terrified.

Although it was common for high officials and dignitaries to order servants, how come Prime Minister Liu’s order seemed to be more of him teaching them a moral lesson A prisoner was lecturing them It was ridiculous.

Liu Yuzhen felt all kinds of psychological satisfaction.

In the past, he had to always listen to the captain in everything, but now he felt relieved.

He had noticed that Emperor Yan’s palace had three exits after wandering around for the past few days he was staying here.

Since Liu Ling can easily put the rabbit in, he doesn’t know if he will find another way to find him.

“When will Prince Liu return to his country”

“This…forgive this lowly one’s ignorance.”

“Then I’d better go ask Emperor Yan directly! I won’t be able to leave Great Yan until Liu Ling leaves.

That Yan Tenghua hasn’t come back for days now.

Seems like that pair of ‘excellent people’ are inseparable.

Looks like I have to go out and ‘invite’ myself in.”

Liu Yuzhen smiled wickedly.

That surnamed Yan still owed him a severe beating.

If he can’t **** Emperor Yan, he wouldn’t be called Liu Yuzhen!

He asked Xiao Pei to give him a set of servants’ clothes, but Zipei remained silent and refused to say anything.

This was because Xiao Pei knew he could take him down with just a few moves.

In just a few days, his body returned to its basic normality.

Violence was not only accomplished by a physically fit body but also with a strength superior to ordinary people.

Having skills was also a weapon of victory.

Although he had transmigrated to this useless body, he memorized his learned skills in his previous life by heart.

With one stroke of his grasping technique, no matter even a thousand times, he could easily take Xiao Zipei down and bind both of his hands under him.

“Give it to me.” This was already the fourth time that he asked Zipei.

Liu Yuzhen can’t just go and rob a servants’ clothes by himself.

He was running around and teaching some imperial guards some defensive skills.

Basically, everyone here knows him and it would be a far fetched thought if they knew he would want to pretend to be a servant.

“No!” Xiao Zipei said angrily.

“No Believe me or not, I’ll definitely slap you on the spot.”

“Prime Minister Liu, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re going to do.

Please put a stop on what you’re thinking.”

Liu Yuzhen shouted.

“Ah! It’s suffocating here.

Damn Yan Tenghua trapped me here! If he doesn’t come back, I’m going to get moldy!”

“Then why did Prime Minister Liu tell the imperial guards that some kind of ‘registration’ was needed to enter and leave the palace You even ordered them to drive away all those who come near.

Isn’t the Prime Minister hinting that he likes being trapped here” Xiao Zipei was speechless.

He suspected that something must be wrong with the Prime Minister’s thinking.

Why tell the guards guarding the door about this kind of thing Does he really want to go out ba

“Ah! I don’t care.

Aren’t they also your soldiers They should listen to you more.” Liu Yuzhen was indeed trapped here.

Even up to the point where he was almost discovered.

If he saw Yan Tenghua, he would definitely drown him with all of his complaints.

Wait, no, the most important thing was to beat him hard first.

Yuzhen let go of Zipei, he grimaced at him, turned around, and immediately ran to the door.

Xiao Zipei shook his head helplessly.

He had never been able to escape this trick that Liu Yuzhen used on him since the day he became his training partner.

He was the Commander of the Imperial Guards appointed by Yan Tenghua.

In terms of martial arts, he should be considered one of the known figures in Great Yan.

However, he was easily knocked down by a petite man.

Although this could also be attributed to the fact that he wasn’t allowed to hurt him even the slightest.

Liu Yuzhen’s strength had indeed grown exponentially.

He would definitely be a dragon and a phoenix among the people someday.

(t/n dragon and a phoenix among the people-refers to the leader among the people and the hero among the people.)

However, such ability and skill was unheard of.

Furthermore, he was exactly the same as Prime Minister Liu in terms of physique and physical appearance.

Even at a glance, anyone can immediately tell that he was not a person who had practiced martial arts.

Unless he destroys his martial arts and re-train again just to enter Great Yan.

However, such a thing was unnecessary. 

Xiao Zipei glanced at Liu Yuzhen, who was pestering the guards at the door, and couldn’t help laughing at himself.

If this idiot had that kind of purpose, it would probably have been eaten by dogs just like his lack of culture.

When Liu Yuzhen noticed that Xiao Zipei did not follow him out, he laughed wickedly, “hehe”.

He must’ve underestimated him. 

 Yuzhen happily strode out of the palace, with the seal of the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guards on his hand that he took from Zipei which was casually tied on his waist.

“What!” Xiao Zipei’s eyes were about to pop out, and he hurriedly ran to the door, however was stopped by the guards and didn’t let him out.

Did he make a mistake These were the soldiers he trained.

Why were they listening to Liu Yuzhen’s command Everything should be done according to the rules.

“You come back here immediately!”


Just wait for me there.

I won’t come back until I see that bastard.” Liu Yuzhen didn’t listen to him.

No one could tell him to be obedient that easily.


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