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Chapter 2 Transmigrate as a prisoner

He knew he was dense, but what had occured was so unreasonable.

He stared at the man under him leaving the bed.

The man who looked like a maid immediately brought the washbasin and wiped him again and again as if he had feces on his face.

Yuzhen moved the iron chain in his hands.

What a strong sense of reality! He lost his smile completely.

I forgot that I had been shot with a gun when I was chasing a thug.

I thought I was dead.

Even my soul floated up and could even see my dead body.

What’s the situation now


I thought transmigration was only for women!

Yuzhen gave an odd smile to the guy in front, and a dreadful feeling came over him.

He knew the dragon-robed scumbag wouldn’t let him go just now.  “Uh, hehe, hello everyone…”

“Someone!” The voice of the man in the dragon robe was extremely cold.

“Drag him to the trial division and execute him tomorrow.”


Yu Zhen didn’t need to be shown what these Chinese officials’ abilities were after seeing a group of individuals rubbing their hands towards him! Even though he didn’t know which dynasty it belonged to or what the owner did, he knew there was an issue since he didn’t execute him right away and was instead imprisoned in this room.

Yu Zhen stretched out his hands and made a “don’t go” gesture, shouting, “If you execute me, I won’t tell you what you want to know.

His shout worked.

The man seemed to forget his animosity for a moment and asked, eyes glistening.

“Oh Are you finally willing to say it”

“Willing, of course I’ll say it!” Several black lines hung on his face and said, “but not now.”

“Pull him out.” The man rigidly announced.

“Wait, I’m just a little hungry, if you prepare something for me, I might say it.

“Yu Zhen let go of his determination to continue squabbling.

That determination was used against the thugs, not against the person in front of him who had no grudge against him, and might even become a cash cow after his rebirth.

Perhaps confused by his innocent and honest eyes, the man in the dragon robe frowned, and on his elegant and upright face, various expressions changed in an instant, and finally settled on the usual indifference.

“Let the imperial kitchen prepare some snacks.

If he doesn’t say anything tonight, execute him.”

Yu Zhen was so grateful to hear that he had something to eat.

He believed he had wanted to complete the assignment as quickly as possible and had gone without eating until he died.

This man’s words were as pleasant as the sound of nature.

“Thank you Lord for your generosity!”

He respectfully made a mocking kowtow, feeling a bit like a compliant action to satisfy a neurotic mentality, and he didn’t feel ashamed at all.

However, in the eyes of Emperor Yan, all of this was completely different.

At the cold palace’s side room, which was equally filled with a depressing atmosphere.

Liu Yuzhen’s stomach made a “grunt” sound as he stared at all of the fragrant cakes and dishes in front of him.

His hunger dipped a little when he looked up and noticed the soldiers and servants who were encircling him.

Although it shouldn’t be a problem for him to escape from here, it’s just that he was very confused as to why he was being treated like this.

He turned to a beautiful palace maid beside him, “What’s your name”

“This servant is Yuelan,” the palace maid replied, bowing her head, “I also ask Prime Minister Liu to eat as soon as possible.”

“Prime Minister” Liu Yuzhen heard a word that surprised him.

Right, he was an official.

He moved his body, intending to get off the couch and eat, when he immediately felt a great deal of agony throughout his body.

No, to be honest, he was always sore all over his body, especially in places where it shouldn’t hurt, which was more agonizing than being stained with chili water.

“Ah, damn it.” Liu Yuzhen threw down the bowl and lifted the quilt.

An overwhelming amount of blood had already stained the couch.

 “Why is there blood”

 Yuelan’s expression changed, and she hurriedly stepped forward to help Liu Yuzhen, “Quickly tell the imperial physician to come in! “

“Such a trivial matter is also passed on to the imperial physician Is it hemorrhoids” No wonder he smelled the blood all over the room.

It turned out to be his own.

When Liu Yuzhen observed the color of blood in his hands, he instantly froze.

He remembered that his body had been pierced by innumerable bullets.

He also recalls seeing his colleagues dying one by one to protect him, and the splashing of blood and the scorching heat.

“What are hemorrhoids” Embarrassed, the little maid gazed at him.

She’d always thought Prime Minister Liu was odd, and she still does.

He rarely speaks to others, but today he inquired about her name.

“It’s nothing, you may not understand it even if I say it.” Liu Yuzhen hurriedly wiped the blood on his body.

The imperial physician led three or four maids in, and unceremoniously asked him to lift his shirt

 Liu Yuzhen shook his head.  He was used to his teammates helping him do things like applying medicine, he was not used to other people, not to mention…”Do you need so many people to look at me Liu Yuzhen wiped a cold sweat and looked at everyone awkwardly.

 “These palace maids will clean your wounds.

Prime Minister Liu, isn’t this always the case why ask this question”

Anyway, he still didn’t bother about this hemorrhoid, lest they see through his identity, which may cause trouble.

But why are ancient people’s clothes so difficult to understand

Liu Yuzhen untied the waistband in the silence of the crowd.

The lined trousers were still there, but the clothes on his upper body were strewn.

With this revelation, his exquisite and silky skin was shown beneath the layers of the silk shirt, but on that skin, countless dark red scars can be faintly seen!

Translator’s Note

Hemorrhoids=swollen veins in your lower rectum.

Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless, but tend to bleed.

External hemorrhoids may cause pain.


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