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Chapter 20 Wild and Untamed

“Yuzhen… is that really you”

At some corner, a man in white emerged slowly, and behind him was a large group of unconscious imperial guards with swords.

His eyes as black as dazzling stones stared straight at the man who ran out of Emperor Yan’s palace carelessly.

The man had the profile he was most familiar with, yet why didn’t he go and meet him when he was clearly just outside the door.

That’s not what the Liu Yuzhen he knew would do! Definitely not!

Liu Yuzhen suddenly felt a murderous stare piercing his back.

He immediately turned his head, scanned the area yet found no trace of anyone.

A ghost Then he remembered those many palace legends before and couldn’t help but shudder and quickened his pace.

It’s him……

Exactly the same face.

It’s him……

The one he loves dearly.

Liu Ling took a deep breath, his handsome and elegant face suddenly became furious and gloomy.

There were purple flowers on each side of the corridor.

Compared with what he mostly saw on TV, actually standing here and looking up at the palace’s towering stature gave a different feeling.

The high majestic palace, the romantic and beautiful flower scene, and the gentle breeze that occasionally came making the silk satin robe float to its rhythm. 

After a long time, Liu Yuzhen finally stood outside the walls of the Anning Pavilion.

The last time he came here, the Anning Pavilion was not peaceful.

The place also smelled of blood.

Although the scent was not as thick as the cold palace he stayed in before, it still made him feel very uncomfortable.

The way to enter was to still climb over the wall, even if it’s already his second time visiting the place.

The last time he went, he landed near the woodshed and noticed that there were a lot more people in the kitchen compared to other parts of the palace.

This time, before climbing, he stuck his ear to the wall and listened carefully for any tell-tale signs of the number of people inside.

Fortunately, it appeared that there was only one person behind this wall this time.

He jumped swiftly, landed accurately with as little noise as possible, turned around without hesitation and immediately covered the person’s mouth and nose.

He dragged the said person into some hidden narrow corner.

The thin man was taken aback by surprise.

His whole body kept trembling in Liu Yuzhen’s arms and didn’t even dare to look back.

Liu Yuzhen recognized the owner of this figure at a glance.

It was the sissy Young Master Ning Xiang and couldn’t help grinning.

“Shh, stay quiet.

There is no use begging even if you beg, since I don’t have any good feelings for you at all.

Just listen to me and do as I say.

You must tell Emperor Yan to return to his palace before the sun goes down.

If he doesn’t go back, then I will do things that you could never imagine being done to you everyday from now on.”

Liu Yuzhen was completely in control.

Young Master Ning Xiang was sweating all over his body and shivering in fear.

He “hemmed and hawed”, probably wanting to know what his capturer was going to do to him.

He pressed Young Master Ning Xiang’s whole body against the wall, making his hands stick to the cold wall.

Ning Xiang looked back in surprise, but was suddenly greeted with a solid fist that Yuzhen had prepared and almost fainted on the spot.

Unlike his highly educated teammates, Liu Yuzhen believed that violence can solve many things.

Even as a criminal policeman, he still cannot change his wild nature growing up in the Gobi Desert.

He beat the poor Young Master Ning Xiang, but he didn’t expect the guy to be so weak.

Why was he knocked out so quickly He hadn’t even used that much strength.

“Tsk, this is boring.”

Unexpectedly, a man’s voice came from the thin-walled room on his left.

The man sounded so arrogant that Liu Yuzhen couldn’t help but clenched his fists.

“Haha, Liu Yuzhen, you are finally willing to come and look for this King that you even got the exact place on where this King should be.

Escaping from this King’s palace with your ability must’ve not been that difficult, right” 

Liu Yuzhen sucked in a breath of cold air.

It wasn’t that there was a problem with his skills and that he wasn’t cautious enough, but according to what he had learned from Zipei, there were such things as learning internal skills to master the flow of Qi in the body and things like mental skills, and Yan Tenghua’s martial arts, as what he said, was at its pinnacle.

Although he doesn’t know if it was true, if he could hide his own breath and presence, then what Zipei told him was by no means a bluff! 

Wait, what did he mean just now He could not understand.

Looking around, he spotted no one.

The two shaded rooms were exquisite and beautiful.

It turned out to be the place where the two bastards had a tryst.

Had he also listened to everything he had said earlier

Emperor Yan said again, “Prime Minister Liu, you treat this King’s pet like this, can this King assume that you are jealous”

“Who’s jealous, you hairball! Why would I be jealous” Liu Yuzhen couldn’t help but be rude.

“Come out here.

If I don’t beat you today, grandpa, my hands will itch to death.”

“Hehe.” Emperor Yan answered him with a laugh.

It was so sinister that a chill spread over Liu Yuzhen’s body.

Yuzhen knew that he was able to enter and leave Emperor Yan’s palace at will, not because the guards were lax, but because Emperor Yan deliberately allowed it.

He couldn’t understand why he was so indulgent towards him.

At this time, there was only anger in Liu Yuzhen’s eyes, and his *** throbbed slightly, instantly multiplying his indefinable rage.

Seeing Emperor Yan refused to come out, Liu Yuzhen decided to go in.

It was at this time that the figure dressed in a golden robe suddenly rushed out of the room.

He moved so fast that it was almost impossible to catch sight of him.

Yuzhen reacted very quickly and made a defensive move yet Yan Tenghua’s palm came and striked Yuzhen’s chest.

He only felt a sweetness in his mouth, and a fishy and astringent **** was about to come out.

This person actually hit him as soon as they met! 

The strike just now made his chest tight and painful, and he couldn’t even maintain a standing position for a while.

The suffocation quickly spread to his brain and he couldn’t speak.

“Liu Yuzhen, this King will teach you how to be obedient again.

This King doesn’t like to be disturbed while talking.

If this King thinks that you are jealous, then you are.

Understood” His stunning and handsome face loomed before Liu Yuzhen.

Yuzhen staggered a step, swayed and finally fell into Emperor Yan’s strong and powerful arms that seemed to be ready to catch him anytime.

As soon as he fell forward, Emperor Yan immediately wrapped his arms around him with a proud look.

His big hands dishonestly roamed around Liu Yuzhen’s body.

Will Liu Yuzhen obediently accept his fate Who was he!

He can’t believe he’d always plant himself in this person’s arms every time! 

Liu Yuzhen bit his thin lips, tilted his head back and swiftly knocked his forehead against Emperor Yan’s forehead.

There was a loud bang and both sides were hurt.

“Liu Yuzhen!” Emperor Yan was taken aback by the sudden impact, and his mind became dizzy.

He was also unable to sense anything for a while.

Liu Yuzhen not only resisted him, but dared to use force and gave him a headbutt! Where does his strength come from

Seeing that Emperor Yan’s face became exceedingly ugly, Liu Yuzhen thought that it is better to leave first.

It seems that it was too early to abuse Emperor Yan. 

Just you wait Emperor Yan, sooner or later he’ll get his revenge, tyrant with questionable sexual orientation!

“You, you, don’t come back to the palace.

This Prime Minister is giving you a serious warning that you must never come back!” Liu Yuzhen clutched his chest, stumbled under the wall and climbed it over vigorously.

He never thought that Emperor Yan would make a move on him first and beat him before he could.

This was unfair!

That bastard was even sick enough…


A mouthful of fresh blood finally spewed out of his mouth.

Even in his past life, he had never experienced receiving a strike from someone to the point where his internal organs were shaken up.

Furthermore, Emperor Yan definitely didn’t use a lot more force.

However, Prime Minister Liu’s body was still undeniably sick, if he really hit him hard, he would definitely die.

“Damn, I miscalculated.

It looks like I’ll still have to practice for a few more days.”

There were originally guards patrolling outside the wall, but when he came out, they were all gone.

The guards of Great Yan were really strange, but it was better like this.

No one would see him in such an embarrassed state.

He did teach Young Master Ning Xiang a lesson back there yet he was also badly injured in return.

He had just taken a step when suddenly he heard incoming rapid footsteps nearby.

He turned around and noticed a blurry figure.

The person was moving so fast just like what Emperor Yan did.

If he hadn’t noticed that this figure was wearing a snow white robe, he would have been alarmed and ran quickly.

However the figure quickly arrived before him and grabbed him.

He only felt a tightness around his waist, and the man led him away with a hundred paces.


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