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Chapter 22 I Can Wait

“Who said that! I’m not going anywhere, I can wait!”

Liu Yuzhen’s heart beat fast.

Emperor Yan was unfastening his robe while he was crushed under him, helpless.

This was simply an insult, an insult!

He hadn’t bullied the weak and feared the tough all his life, yet he didn’t expect Emperor Yan’s ability to be this outrageous! The scars on his body couldn’t really be underestimated.

“Didn’t you ask Ning Xiang to call for this King” Emperor Yan whispered in his ear, his hot breath made Yuzhen’s ear itchy and unbearable.

“Don’t you want to know what this King is doing with Ning Xiang in the Anning Pavillion these days”

“I don’t want to know! All I know is that I want to beat you every day these days!” Liu Yuzhen said stubbornly.

However, his body was getting more and more uncomfortable.

He was really annoyed being under this Emperor Yan, but no matter how much he wanted to break free, he couldn’t and everything just goes back to the scene of being violated at that time.

Emperor Yan stretched out his hand, Liu Yuzhen thought he was going to touch his face, and his face immediately showed a disgusted expression.

However, Emperor Yan just carefully wiped off the blood coming out from the corner of his mouth.

This action stunned for a while, his mind recalled that ruddy ****, and couldn’t help raising his hand and wiped the corner of his mouth himself.

However, a steady line of blood gushed out again.

“Hurry up and take off your clothes! If you delay any longer, I’m afraid you won’t be able to last long.” Emperor Yan urged.

Didn’t he come to violate him Was his assumption wrong

Liu Yuzhen just stared at Emperor Yan strangely.

It was not until the man picked him up, sat him cross-legged, and was about to strip his clothes that he became nervous again and reacted.

“Why do I need to take my clothes off”

“How can someone transmit internal power through clothes If you don’t want this King to save you, you can lie back down now and wait for death.”

(t/n: Internal power refers to a specific kind of martial art skill associated with the nei chia chuan “internal martial arts”. In this definition of power, the movement is “soft” and “gentle” like the Chinese word that describes this power—an jing, literally, “peaceful power”.)

“I don’t want to die!” He took off his clothes quickly, while curiously thinking about how the ancients passed on such skills.

“Why don’t you just find me a doctor Can you do it Internal power or something seems very unreliable…”

Emperor Yan glared at him.

He directly ripped the remaining robes and immediately placed his big warm hand on Yuzhen’s back.

Warm current flowed from Liu Yuzhen’s back into his body.

His heart felt hot, as if it was about to melt.

However, only the injured part was particularly painful while the other places felt a sense of comfort.

Slowly, the burning pain in his chest became unbearable.

He didn’t spat out blood like in any TV series he had watched.

He doubted Emperor Yan would even let him stain his bed with his blood.

Despite that, he still felt blood trickle from the corner of his mouth.

The severe pain eventually made him pass out in a coma.

When he had just transmigrated into this extremely traumatized body, he wasn’t able to adapt quickly.

Worse, he was being manipulated and tricked by Emperor Yan every time.

The feeling of his soul leaving the body was constantly there.

Every time he thought he was about to fly to heaven, he would immediately be pulled back to hell by Emperor Yan.

Liu Yuzhen felt his neck wet and itchy, as if a water snake was crawling up on him, and he shuddered with that thought.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Emperor Yan hugging his naked body.

The emperor was kissing and nibbling on him, not seeming to be treating a wounded patient.

“You, did you do it on purpose! You knocked me out deliberately, didn’t you Get me a doctor! You bastard!” While Yuzhen was pushing him away, he noticed Yan Tenghua’s eyes staring at him like a wolf.


Emperor Yan pinched his chin and said in an overbearing way, “Liu Yuzhen, you must remember this—this King will never let you die.

Unless you hand over this King’s sister, this King will continue to make you suffer for eternity, under this King’s very own hands.” Yan Tenghua felt a little excited when he said it.

He was still doubting Liu Yuzhen’s identity.

If he really was not Prime Minister Liu, he would never be able to seek his sister again.

Actually, it was not that bad of an idea.

Realizing his thoughts, he suddenly felt very sorry for Zhijun, therefore, he restrained himself.

“You!” Liu Yuzhen was speechless, looking at him with shocked eyes.

He had seen and experienced countless different punishments, but he had never heard of being humiliated this way as a form of punishment.

He felt ashamed and angry at the same time.

Gritting his teeth, he whispered.

“Didn’t I tell you that I would find her Yet you didn’t let me out.”

“You’re going to look for her” Emperor Yan’s fingers tightened, his rebellious face showing anger.

“It was you who took Zhijun away, shouldn’t you know her whereabouts”

Yuzhen was in pain.

His face was suddenly raised a bit, revealing his slender neck.

This was a very taboo thing for soldiers—to completely expose his fatal points to the enemy’s control.

He grabbed Emperor Yan’s hand in a panic but could not pull it away, so he went to pull Emperor Yan’s flimsy clothes instead.

He didn’t know if it was because of this move, but Emperor Yan’s eyes slid slightly and met his.

At this moment, there was a little tenderness in his eyes.

Emperor Yan leaned down and approached Liu Yuzhen’s face.

He unceremoniously branded a kiss of authority on his lips.

“Let’s not talk about Zhijun today.

I heard that… you’ve met General Qinglin.”

As if thousands of crows flew past Liu Yuzhen’s mind, he didn’t listen to what Yan Tenghua was saying at all.

He wiped his mouth indiscriminately, showing a very hurt look—ignorant of how cute and attractive he looked in Emperor Yan’s eyes.

“Did you come up with the idea of ​​uniting with the South” Emperor Yan continued to ask.

He restrained his desire and said what was important first.

Liu Yuzhen was stunned for a moment.

“I did suggest that to him.

Did something happen”

Emperor Yan showed a happy look.

It was much better compared to his stern and cold look.

“Didn’t you always refuse to help the Great Yan, why did you suddenly decide to help us”

“…It was successful” Liu Yuzhen blinked his beautiful eyes and asked expectantly.

He was not the strategist in the team.

Although he had some good ideas, because he was still young and was often careless, the captain would not listen to him at all.

Therefore, he was always looking forward to his strategic plans being recognized.

Emperor Yan nodded lightly.

“Not sacrificing any of my soldiers, making friends with the Zhao Kingdom, and letting Yunshuang and Qin mess with each other.

If your skills can continue to work for me and the Great Yan, this King will definitely not embarrass you.”

“Won’t embarrass me” Liu Yuzhen raised his brows and said happily, “Then get off me!”

“Under the premise that you hand over Zhijun first.” The corner of Emperor Yan’s mouth curved into an intoxicating smile and instead of getting up, he pressed on him more.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t mention her!” Liu Yuzhen was extremely helpless.

He desperately resisted the other person’s careless touch while simultaneously struggling to get out of the bed.

Nonetheless, whenever it comes to “Zhijun”, a very dangerous signal constantly flashed in his mind.

She couldn’t have been… kidnapped, right!

He tried to climb out several times but was dragged back by Emperor Yan again and again.

“Yuzhen, if you are willing to help the Great Yan, this King agrees to restore your position as prime minister.

You were originally invited by this King from the Liu Kingdom to be a minister; however, people from the court thought you disappeared.

If you stop resisting, you can naturally resume your position.”

“Really!” Liu Yuzhen was overjoyed that he finally didn’t have to be locked in a golden cage and wait for mold to grow.

But, was this really a good idea 

Liu Yuzhen’s smile faded a little bit.

He discovered that he knew nothing of these ancient words.

It could be said that he very reluctantly tried to read them in his previous life, especially those that had dragons flying and phoenix dancing.

Moreover, Prime Minister Liu was known to be extremely talented and had unparalleled intelligence.

He was the talent that every country in the world was vying for.

Compared to his three-legged cat skill It would be just a shame to go out.

(t/n: Three-legged cat refers to a person who knows a little bit of everything but is not proficient at everything.)

“I don’t want it!” Liu Yuzhen shouted immediately after coming to a conclusion.

“Let me go out! I’d rather find someone for you.”

“Even if you want to be reinstated now, this King will not let you come forward.

This matter will be discussed after Liu Ling leaves the Great Yan,” Emperor Yan said.

Naturally, his mood was even more contradictory than Liu Yuzhens’.

If he was not Prime Minister Liu, how did he come up with those ways Was this another plot of his

What he said piqued Liu Yuzhen’s interest.

“When will Liu Ling leave”

“Why Are you reluctant” Emperor Yan’s tone was very ambiguous.

Yuzhen really didn’t understand why he would think of himself so vulgarly, he clearly had no interest in men.

Why did he want him to be bent But since he guessed that Emperor Yan was jealous, if he wanted Liu Ling to leave sooner, he would have to answer: “Haha…yes.”

Emperor Yan suddenly exploded with anger.

His whole person was on fire, and his eyes were frightening.

“You’re really getting more and more disobedient.”


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