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Chapter 27 We meet again

How can he be affected by that little bit of ecstasy scent When he was in special training, he would be locked in a dark room with tear gas for a few hours.

If he could be easily affected by ecstasy, he would not have been a special agent.

Yet, Liu Yuzhen pretended to be affected by it and was taken to another place.

He carefully opened his eyes and glanced around.  There was a light gauze curtain, a hard bed, and the environment outside the window was not much different from outside the inn.

Someone was outside the door.

As the wooden door was pushed open, Yuzhen did not continue to pretend to be asleep, but straightened up and looked at the man vigilantly.

The man who appeared was dressed in a snow white robe.

When he noticed that  Liu Yuzhen had woken up, he couldn’t help but stop at the door, swept away his solemn expression and turned into a gentle and natural expression.

He closed the door lightly, and walked towards him slowly.

“Yuzhen, we meet again.”

He’s the one one who took him to the back garden that day!

Liu Yuzhen’s brows congealed into knots.

People from Liu Kingdom who can walk around in Great Yan care so much about him that he does not believe that there were other people besides Liu Ling who dared to snatch him from Emperor Yan!

But… it was said that Prime Minister Liu liked this person.

When Yuzhen thought about this, he felt that the hair on his body stood up a little bit, however, he saw that the man in white had a gentle smile, and his handsome face was full of expectations.

He didn’t wait for Liu Ling to get close to the bed, he stood up quickly, and said, “Why did you bring me here If Emperor Yan finds out, he will definitely be angry again.”

“I don’t care.” Liu Ling suddenly said, he rubbed the yellowish secret letter in his hand and threw it on the ground, and quickly stepped forward and grabbed Yuzhen’s sleeve.

“That fellow not only imprisoned my brother, but dared to also take you away.”

“Ah” Yu Zhen looked at him awkwardly.

This elegant and handsome man changed his face faster than turning a book, from gentle to gloomy at a mere second.

However, it was just a momentary spur of emotion, Liu Ling quickly calmed down again, and gently stroked Yuzhen’s jet-black hair, with unconcealed joy on his face.

“Finally I get to see you again, how are you these days Are you injured” His bright star-like eyes glowed with crystal light, and he looked at Yuzhen with distress.

Yuzhen was almost suffocated by his sudden approach, but this ambiguous move did not provoke his due aversion, as if his body was silently accepting Liu Ling’s tenderness and enjoying this kind of intimacy.

Isn’t it… Prime Minister Liu, aren’t you just really good!

Yuzhen complained in his heart, however, Liu Ling’s tenderness stabbed directly to the fragility in Yuzhen’s heart.

He treated Yuzhen so well, and acted that not seeing Yuzhen was such a sad thing for him.

Even without words, his face would already be filled with this kind of sadness or joy.

“Cough…uhm….Prince…” Yuzhen blushed, he had already retreated near the fireplace, and he couldn’t step back any more.

“Huh” He really responded, and his sad face was immediately diluted with joy.

“Yuzhen, let’s go back to Liu Kingdom.”

Yuzhen gritted his teeth, he had a feeling that Liu Ling was a very fragile and an easily be hurt person kind of a person.

He was afraid of breaking his glass heart again, so he asked in a very soft voice.

“Princess Zhijun, did you really take her away”

However, this question made Liu Ling let go of his hand immediately, and in his beautiful and gentle eyes, there was a flash of sarcasm and despair that could not be concealed.


Yuzhen, you are still thinking about that Yan Zhijun.

You lied to me.”

Yuzhen panicked.

It was as if he was facing a child who’s making trouble for not getting a candy.

He didn’t know how to coax this big boy who seemed to have his heart crushed by his own hands.

“Uh, that’s not the case.

You misunderstood.”

Liu Ling was about the same height as him, and their age was also similar, but it was obvious that Liu Ling was more persistent than him.

He propped both his hands on the wall near Yuzhen’s ears and trapped him.

“I misunderstood Then Yuzhen, do you like me”

Yuzhen was most afraid of this kind of close up confrontation.

He was afraid that he would throw Liu Ling out as soon as he couldn’t take it, and his glass heart would be completely shattered.

But how should he answer him Say “I like you” from Prime Minister Liu’s point of view Or say “I don’t like men!” from Yuzhen’s point of view

Liu Yuzhen, who had no language literacy, was in a dilemma for a while.

After thinking about it for a long time, he answered, “I don’t like Princess Zhijun at all.”

When Liu Ling got this answer, he was obviously much happier than just now, and withdrew his hands.

“Yes, I took Yan Zhijun.

Back then, rumors circled in the entire Liu Kingdom that you are going to be sent as an ambassador to Great Yan, and that you are also in love with Yan Zhijun.

I was really mad.

I only led the army for half a month, yet you’ve already become the Prime Minister of Great Yan.

But when I came to Yan Kingdom, I couldn’t find you.

Yuzhen swallowed his saliva, he couldn’t tell Liu Ling that he was imprisoned! That’s just fueling the fire.

“I’m fine now, just let her go.”

“…Yuzhen, I know I’m rash, but I can do anything for you!” Liu Ling said lightly, “If Yan Tenghua still lived, he would naturally see Yan Zhijun.”

Yuzhen’s heart sank, and he immediately shifted from worrying about Liu Ling to worrying about Yan Tenghua.

“The Prince Anjun has surrounded him, and the Imperial Palace is now under his control.

Our Liu Kingdom will soon be free from the shackles of Great Yan.” Liu Ling said.

Of course Yuzhen knew about this, did they all think he was a vegetarian From the moment he was brought to this place, he had already guessed that their purpose was to target Yan Tenghua instead of himself.

This time, even if they rode a simple carriage and their journey was deeply concealed, there were eyes always looking at Emperor Yan’s next move, and this was a good opportunity for the enemy to attack.

In this world, he was a complete stranger, and he didn’t really care whether one is an enemy or not.

He just hoped that the country would not face any upheaval.

Judging from the people led by Yan Tenghua and the guards in plain clothes, they came fully prepared for the trip.

The struggle was imminent.

Yuzhen walked to the low window, there was the sound of swords clashing in the west, yet everything was peaceful in where he was now.

Seeing the green bricks and red tiles on the small street, the people were also undisturbed.

Who would have known that there was a group of people in this street somewhere fighting for the sovereignty of the country.

“Prince, Yuzhen is leaving.

If you want to fight Yan Tenghua, these troops are far from enough.

I don’t want the Liu Kingdom to be implicated because of this.

You can go quickly.” Yuzhen said with a smile.

Just as Liu Ling was about to question, a very, very bad thought entered his mind, and he suddenly turned around and dragged Liu Ling to ask, “Where’s Yuelan Did Yuelan follow me”

“Who is Yuelan”

Without waiting for Liu Ling to stop him, Yuzhen clenched his fists with both hands, his knuckles snapped, and said in a low voice, “My maid… bastard!”

After that, he loosened his grip on Liu Ling’s clothes and suddenly jumped out from the window of the second-floor pavilion.

“Yuzhen!” Liu Ling watched Liu Yuzhen jump out of the window, Yuzhen’s thin body rolled on the ground twice, got up and continued to run as if nothing happened.

Liu Ling cried out in distress, his voice almost begging, “You are mine Yuzhen, why can’t you stay by my side!”

Liu Yuzhen turned back and waved his hand, and a large group of people rushed down from the pavilion, ready to hunt him down.

“I have more important things to do.

The Prince should take care of himself!”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you!”

“…I’m not coming back! I’m no longer the Prime Minister Liu you know.


Liu Yuzhen turned around immediately, unable to take away the desolation in Liu Ling’s heart.

His wide robe was lifted in the wind and his figure was taller and more handsome than any time Liu Ling witnessed when he gazed at his back.

“Yuzhen… So, what you love was not Yan Zhijun, but Yan Tenghua Liu Yuzhen, if you dare to be with Yan Tenghua, I, Liu Ling will definitely destroy him and his Great Yan!”

The man in the room had a fierce look on his face.

He never imagined that one day, his scheming methods would be used on his beloved Liu Yuzhen.


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