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Chapter 28 I Forbid You To Die

Yan Tenghua, don’t let anything happen to you! I haven’t taken my revenge on you yet!

Liu Yuzhen stumbled and quickly returned to the inn where they stayed with his keen sense of direction.

At this time, the sun had set in the west, and there were not many people wandering in the streets outside.

Sounds of cold weapons colliding with each other were heard.

Yan Tenghua had already laid the infantry in the palace, waiting for Prince Anjun to enter his trap.

Yan Tenghua, who didn’t seem to have brought many soldiers out of the palace, was being protected by a large number of Imperial Guards at this time, saving him the effort of killing the surrounding enemies. 

The rebels may turn against each other, or resist to the death.

General Mu, the general who held the eastern military power of Great Yan, who had allied with Prince Anjun,  never imagined that he was carrying a fake commander’s seal all along. 

“What a shameless boy, when did you change my seal!”

General Mu stood at the crossroads of the street and was surrounded by soldiers.

At this time, the tall and majestic man in military armor had thrown away his weapons, raised both his hands.

Sharp weapons were pointed at him yet he was smiling carelessly. 

Yan Tenghua glanced at him coldly, sitting in the empty inn, still sipping the fragrant tea in the cup, unmoved.

“It’s not necessary to deal with you.

It’s just that this military power is very important to this King, so it’s better to take it back as soon as possible.”

“Hmph, you dare to respect yourself as an Emperor of Great Yan, a bastard who has been exiled to the frontier.

The Emperor should be Prince Anjun! How can you, a mere rat covet it.”

Yan Tenghua snorted coldly.

At his signal, dozens of sharp weapons pierced through General Mu’s body.

“The Prince Anjun gathered a crowd to rebel, not only framed this King and his mother, but also murdered the former Emperor.

The crime is unforgivable.

This King keeping him until this day is to teach him what despair is.”

An Imperial Guard suddenly came forward and saluted, “Reporting to His Majesty, Prince Anjun hanged himself.”

Hearing the report, Emperor Yan’s stern face softened slightly.

“When Prince Anjun dies, the eastern military power will naturally return to this King.

Go, take Prince Anjun’s eldest son into the palace.

This King will treat him well.”

As soon as General Mu died, the man committed suicide as well.

As expected, he had a strong temperament and would rather die than surrender.

On the other hand, this Liu Qi, the great prince of the Liu Kingdom, was arrested after the subjugation of the Liu Kingdom.

He had even broken his own tendons and veins due to shame and rage, yet Great Yan had been raising him for a long time.

However, who would’ve expected for him to collude with Imperial Uncle. 

This should be Liu Ling’s plan…..

Or perhaps the Prime Minister’s

On this street dyed red by the setting sun, weapons were scattered and corpses were scattered all over the place.

Although General Mu died, the rebellion did not stop.

The leaders of the rebels still fought bravely despite the overwhelming odds.

Yan Tenghua put down the teacup and walked outside the inn, blood stained his eyebrows.

His Great Yan, his beloved country, was he willing to let his people bleed in civil unrest This was definitely not what he wanted.

When will the turmoil stop He promised his mother to return Great Yan to its peaceful and happy times, but why was he going further and further from his goal He left the Imperial Uncle out of family affection, yet he ended up fighting against him to the death.

Hmph, it can only be said that some people in this world are not so old-fashioned, no wonder he is cruel.

Liu Yuzhen, do you want this King to believe that you did not participate in the plan, or do you want this King to hate you altogether

He could easily kill a soldier rushing towards him.

Although he was unwilling to do that, he “would still refuse anyone who comes close.” Anyone who was hit by him would resolutely die immediately.

At this time, a palpable killing intent came from behind him, just behind the mahogany threshold.

It was very close.

A faint surprise appeared on Emperor Yan’s serene face.

When the inner strength gathered, just when the cold and poisonous weapon was about to come to him, he turned around abruptly, waved his hand, and was about to give out a palm strike!

“Yuelan don’t!!”

 A familiar voice sounded behind him.

Just as fast, the man flashed to his side, grabbed the murderer’s shoulders so quickly and pushed it fiercely back.



Yan Tenghua’s palm could no longer be held back, and when the palm went down, it hit the skinny body firmly.

The body charged straight forward, and the long red knife pierced the man immediately, almost swallowing up to its handle.

Bright red blood dripped from the elegant robe, looking very dazzling.

Yan Tenghua’s heart was torn apart in pain.

That person came to save him Did he come to rescue him

He had seen so much bloodshed and had killed so many people, but he had never felt this excruciating pain in the heart like being stabbed with a sharp knife, making him roar—”Liu Yuzhen!! What are you doing!”

Liu Yuzhen had avoided the vital part very skillfully.

The long knife stabbed into his ribs and Emperor Yan also struck him on the right shoulder.

While this was not enough to take his life immediately, but his body was already very weak, how can he withstand such an attack.

“Don’t die, this King said that he will never let you die! This King forbids you to die!!!”

Liu Yuzhen fell weakly into Empeoror Yan’s sturdy arms, spitting out a big mouthful of blood, and while he was still conscious, he hurriedly said to the person standing in front of him.

“Yuelan…leave now.

For treating me kindly all this time……please..”

Emperor Yan couldn’t care about Yuelan anymore.

If it wasn’t for Liu Yuzhen’s breath getting weaker and weaker in his arms, he would definitely pounce on Yuelan and smash her body into ten thousand pieces.

No one had ever jumped up to defend him like this.

Liu Yuzhen was the first one, the one whom he hated, but ran back to him and was willing to die for him!

“Yuzhen!! Yuzhen!!” Emperor Yan desperately transmitted internal power to him while seeing him gradually close his eyes.

The knife that deeply pierced through his body looked so bright at this time.

The ground was paved blood red, even the surroundings were dyed red through his eyes.

Yuelan showed a terrified and distressed expression, how could she just leave.

Although the Prime Minister was a little out of ordinary, he treated her very well.

If the Imperial Army had not rushed into the inn, she would definitely be by his side.

Yuzhen heard someone calling his name in his ear, but his ears felt like they were blocked with earplugs, and he couldn’t hear it clearly.

As time passed, the severe pain in his body became unbearable.

The knife was actually smeared with poison, and in addition to it, the wound was also too deep.

“It hurts…” Yuzhen’s forehead was sweating.

He barely felt himself lying in someone’s arms.

Having a soldier’s honor, he must not shout pain.

“I, just..….won’t…”

“Don’t talk!” Emperor Yan reminded him in his ear.

Liu Yuzhen’s breath was already too weak, as if he would die at any time.

Emperor Yan’s hands rested on Yuzhen’s heart, delivering internal power to him again and again.

Even if he drained all his internal power, it doesn’t matter.

He didn’t know why he wanted to do this.

It seemed that it was unreasonable for Liu Yuzhen to block the knife for himself, but it was something he absolutely didn’t want to witness again.

How could Liu Yuzhen, who had such a wonderful smile and quarreled with him on occasions, die If he dies, who will accompany him

Liu Yuzhen was also very dishonest when he was already in severe pain.

He only gripped Emperor Yan’s shirt tightly, enduring the pain.

That delicate and handsome face was now more beautiful than any other time Emperor Yan had seen him.

“Since you took away this King’s Zhijun, you should be responsible! Use your whole life to repay this King! What death.

This King does not allow you to die! This King forbids you to do so!” He gritted his teeth, his resentful eyes fixed on Liu Yuzhen.

He knew that Yuzhen must be in excruciating pain.

This kind of poison should kill people immediately, fortunately he immediately sealed all Yuzhens acupoints to prevent the toxin from spreading and found a medicine to stop the bleeding.

Although Yuzhen didn’t die, he was tormented by the pain, and he couldn’t tell whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that he didn’t die immediately.

As long as you shout “pain”, this King will definitely laugh at you.

Why are you always so stubborn Why do you have to become like this to this King Liu Yuzhen, who are you and what really is your intention!

“Your Majesty, this poison is the highly poisonous drunken quinoa berry from the Shuang Kingdom.

Where are we going to find an antidote at this time”

“Let’s go to the Yuling Country! Now, right away!”

Yuling was a big country famous for its medical skills.

At this time, they were not far from the border of Liu Country in the southwest, which was very near to Yuling Country situated in the west.

He must save Liu Yuzhen, and it doesn’t matter what the cost was.


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