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Chapter 30 The miracle reunion of comrades-in-arms

When he woke up again, his whole body seemed to be drained of strength, but it was not as unbearable as before.

He can still wake up He is not dead

How long was he asleep

Liu Yuzhen looked around in disbelief, and saw that he was lying in a luxurious and noble residence with no one but him inside.

As usual, he was already accustomed to moving around with an injured body.

He was about to lift his right shoulder to see if the injury was healed, when he heard someone suddenly shouting to stop him from outside the door.

 “Falcon! Move that hand and you’ll lose it!”

Yuzhen was stunned for a moment as he listened to the military order, lying in a daze.

Huh, Falcon Falcon!

Before he had the time to ask a question, someone pushed the door and came in.

It was the Emperor Yan with a foul look and stunk like farts.

He himself saved his life.

How could he not even say a simple thank you Are emperors, generals and ministers so desperate to save face

Emperor Yan stared at him, and he stared at Emperor Yan.

He always felt that this man standing by his side had a very annoying existence.

He always made him very apprehensive, afraid that he might do something in the next moment. 

After looking at each other for a long time, he felt that his eyes had become astringent.

Then Emperor Yan said, “It’s time to go back.

Liu Yuzhen, you will go back with this King.”

“Take me with you!” The familiar sound came from outside again.

“You are not allowed to!” His voice was immediately silenced by another ruthlessly.

“You are already this sect master’s property.”

Yuzhen looked at Emperor Yan, and then at the man outside the half-closed door.

A sense of bewilderment suddenly hit his brain.

“Who’s outside”

Emperor Yan replied coldly, “The son of the Gui family, the divine doctor of Yuling Kingdom.

In order to save you, he sold his body to the Demon Sect.

Otherwise, where could we find a good medicine that can heal this wound that pierces the heart and ruptures the lungs”

Emperor Yan handed him a cup.

The cup was very large, the color of the medicinal liquid inside was black and there was a large chunk of black jade in it.

Yuzhen frowned when he saw it.

Obviously, this was an unscientific treatment method by the ancients. Will he die if he drinks it

“Drink it!” The person who walked in urged him.

“The poison won’t kill you.

Although it is not more advanced than modern equipment, the medical skills in this world are still amazing.

It is a miracle that you can heal your whole body in half a month.

Falcon , why do you still die in a different place and time.

Is it not enough to die once”

The man still had a loud voice, he was neither lenient or shy, and always looked very confident.

It’s Devil May Cry! The exact same Devil May Cry!

The man stood there straight, handsome and arrogant.

Liu Yuzhen’s heart was filled with infinite emotion, and his whole body suddenly became lively, almost wanting to get up.

 “You came here too.

What about the captain, is he here too”

“Captain, captain, you only care about the captain.

You are not even moved when you see your brother.” Gui Xiaoqi was dressed in brocade and seemed to be living a good life, but he suddenly turned to Emperor Yan and begged, “If you guys go back to Great Yan, can you take me with you Without me to take care of him, his injury will recur.”

“Oh” Emperor Yan, who was always silent next to him, raised his eyebrows to look at him, and soon his eyes returned to Liu Yuzhen, his fiery eyes seemed to eat people: “His injury is bound to recur.

This King still has may questions to torture out of him.”


“For example, how did the Prime Minister of Liu Kingdom meet the son of Yuling Kingdom and why do they call each other by strange names!” Emperor Yan’s long and narrow black eyes were full of deep vigilance, one that was a piercing cold, even Gui Xiaoqi couldn’t help but step back from his glare.

” Another example, how did he know that this King would be ambushed from behind, and why did he let Yuelan go”

Liu Yuzhen was at a loss for words, and he could not refute any of these words at all.

Although the purpose was to save Emperor Yan, in fact, if he hadn’t come forward, the person who would die would have been Yuelan. You can’t blame him!

 After all, Yuelan also accompanied him for a long time.

Even if he knew that she was an undercover agent from another country, he still thought that Yuelan would follow him well, but he didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

“Besides, the sect master will never let you go.”

Hearing what Emperor Yan said, Gui Xiaoqi’s face appeared reluctant and embarrassed, which made him more uneasy than any possibility that Emperor Yan had given before.

Yuzhen also shook his head.

Great Yan was not the place Xiaoqi should go.

This time of being brought back to Great Yan by Emperor Yan, he will definitely be tortured for a while.

But still he hopes Xiaoqi could take him away.

After exchanging a look, Yuzhen gave up completely.

Like him, Gui Xiaoqi had lost all of his martial arts ability, trying to escape from Emperor Yan and the leader of the Wan Demon Sect would be impossible.

“Okay then.” Xiaoqi stroked Yuzhen’s long soft hair and looked at the young boy with distress.

His eyes showed the same joy of seeing his comrades in arms in the past.

He could not help reaching out to touch the familiar outline.

Liu Yuzhen was very familiar with Xiaoqi’s movement.

Devil May Cry’s fingers could feel the problem on the patient with just a touch, which was the doctor’s love in curing his patients.

However, that hand was quickly held down by Emperor Yan and moved away from his face.

It seemed that he was Emperor Yan’s property and couldn’t be touched by others casually.

Xiaoqi looked at him in surprise, as if he suddenly understood something.

He smiled slightly and said, “If you want to take Yuzhen away, you must treat him well, otherwise, even if you take him to the ends of the earth, I can get him back.”

Emperor Yan didn’t answer, it sounded like someone took his possessions without authorization, and the atmosphere instantly solidified and became terrifying.

Yuzhen knew that Devil May Cry was the best at threatening.

Don’t look at him as being thin and easy to bully.

If one angered him, the consequences would be dire.

That’s why he gently pulled Emperor Yan’s sleeve with weak strength, signaling him not to get angry.

It turned out that he had been in a coma for nearly half a month in the Demon Sect, and occasionally woke up and had no other choice but to look at the ceiling, then continued to sleep without any consciousness in between.

His wound has been healed.

It was unexpected that he could be cured even if he was pierced with a long knife. This ancient technology was obviously more advanced than that of their era, okay

He also heard that Devil May Cry was a member of the Gui family, who was famous for practicing medicine in this era, unfortunately he was just a concubine’s son and was bullied a lot.

In the end, the original Gui Xiaoqi should have passed away like the original Prime Minister Liu. 

Since Devil May Cry is here, does that mean that other teammates will also be here!

Captain. His first thought was that he wanted to see this person.

Everyone knew that as long as he saw the captain, what he was going to do at this stage would be clear.

He won’t only eat and sleep everyday, and do boring things that the ancients do every day.

If the captain was really in ancient times, then even if the captain wants them to build an empire, a republic or even a heaven and a hell, they are willing to follow!


Someone patted his face lightly, he woke up from his intoxicated fantasy, and when he opened his eyes, he met Emperor Yan’s arrogant face.

“What are you doing, bastard, I’ve been injured for you, won’t you even comfort me” Yuzhen’s complexion recovered a lot, and he had more strength to speak, but his mouth was full of rude words.

“Don’t you know how to cherish a pitiful jade”

Emperor Yan raised his eyebrows.

“You A jade I wonder if it was already destroyed by Liu Ling’s hands”

What does he mean

Yuzhen moved his body and changed his posture to see the aloof Emperor Yan more comfortably, at least his eyes were not tired at the moment.

“You know I’ve met Liu Ling right What to do then Is it too late to kill me and punish me now”


It’s not too late.” Emperor Yan sneered.

Seeing that Yuzhen had moved his position, he slowly leaned forward onto the bed.

“Let this King see if you have done it, and then this King will decide whether to punish you or not.”

Yuzhen immediately understood what he meant. 

Did Emperor Yan think that he had an unspeakable relationship with Liu Ling Nonsense! Do you think Liu Ling is you

 “What are you doing Hey, where are you touching! I’m a straight man! Get off my bed, immediately, immediately!”


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