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Chapter 31 Is this a confession

“Don’t touch me, bastard!”

After shouting, Liu Yuzhen shrank into the bed, but Emperor Yan took him into his arms.

Unsurprisingly, Emperor Yan moved his body and pressed on Yuzhen.

Because he was still being treated, Yuzhen was only wearing a thin inner robe.

If one gently pulled it, the silk satin would naturally slip down from his smooth shoulders.

It was painful.

He felt as if a thousand needles were stabbing at his right shoulder, and habitually resisting Emperor Yan would only make his injury more painful.

The man must have noticed his discomfort because he couldn’t really resist his advances.

That’s why he continued to bully him. How could Emperor Yan continue to be so domineering It’s unreasonable!

Liu Yuzhen stretched out his left hand and accurately blocked Empero Yan’s salty pig’s hand that was going to touch his chest, and said angrily, “That’s how you treat your savior I could have gone with Liu Ling, but I still came back because I was worried about you.

You, can’t you even thank me”

Emperor Yan’s eyes suddenly became bright like stars and with a sly smile, he said, “Yuzhen, did you come back to impress this King Well, this King is very moved.

This King even thinks that Liu Yu Zhen is also interested in this King, that’s why you are reluctant to leave”

Yuzhen looked at the handsome face.

The man was looking at him seriously.

His frivolous tone that seduces crime, his every gentle and domineering move, made him not only blushed.

“What are you saying Are you kidding me Interested in you” Liu Yuzhen said, making a raised outline on his naked chest with his healthy left hand.

“I like 36d breast enhancement and fat buttocks.

I don’t like your flat chest and your stinky face that begs for a beating.”

Emperor Yan ignored his sentence from another dimension, and just by looking at Liu Yuzhen’s expression, he knew that he must have said things that were anything but nice.

“You dare to insult this King again You are a little bit injured, but you are still so courageous.

Then, this King will have to see who gave you such courage.”

Before he finished speaking, Liu Yuzhen only heard a clear sound of clothes being ripped.

His thin robe that had fallen to his waist was torn in half, and his entire body was exposed, revealing it in front of that person without any concealment.

“Hey! Are you serious!”

“Of course.

This King just said that he wanted to torture you.

Moreover, Liu Yuzhen, you come back to this King…” Emperor Yan leaned down, sighed in Yuzhen’s ear, and gently kissed his ear.

“Is this a scheme by you and Liu Ling or you just really like this King”

Yuzhen couldn’t turn over, and Devil May Cry had told him not to move that arm.

If the wound recurred, the insane team doctor would definitely kill him, so he didn’t dare move.

But immobility brought him unimaginable consequences.

He felt that the blood in his body was converging in one place, constantly congested, disturbing excitement, and his face was so hot that smoke almost came out.

Neither…could he answer him that

No, in fact, he came back because he was worried about Yan Tenghua, and he was thinking of him wholeheartedly.

Saying something like this, usually Liu Yuzhen would only classify this concern as brotherhood, but it was impossible for them to have this kind of relationship.

Why came back Just to get revenge on this person If so, there are too many ways.

Isn’t it more suitable to just follow Liu Ling if you want to have a happy life

Liu Yuzhen couldn’t stand Empero Yan’s ambiguous provocation.

He felt that his entire body seemed to be enjoying Emperor Yan’s stimulation.

Such gentle touches, such intoxicating kisses, all of which an 18-year-old boy had not yet experienced.

He knew that he needed tenacious willpower, but this willpower was no match for Emperor Yan at all.

It was like this even if he resisted once or twice

“…Um…are you an idiot I…if I were with someone…how could I tell you”

Liu Yuzhen only had his left hand, and at first he resisted stubbornly, but when Emperor Yan licked more and more, the hand that could not resist any more eventually rested on Emperor Yan’s back.

Is this guy going to do that again Yuzhen felt a chill in his heart.

He knew that it hurt, but if Emperor Yan really wanted to do it, he wouldn’t be able to resist him at all, and he couldn’t call Devil May Cry in to stop it.

It’s both embarrassing and useless.

Liu Yuzhen, who had flinched and hesitated, suddenly saw a smile on Emperor Yan’s face.

That smile was no longer arrogant and domineering, no longer angry and sinister.

After being trapped by his side for so long, this was the first time he saw him smile so happily. What is there to be happy about

“Yuzhen, this King will treat you well.

As long as you don’t betray this King, this King will definitely not let you down.” Emperor Yan said, giving him a light peck on his lips.

Liu Yuzhen was captivated, and when he heard Emperor Yan’s words, he blinked hard.

These words resounded in his ears and made him feel warm.

He still remembered Emperor Yan’s smile that was as bright as the stars, so intoxicating and such affectionate words.

This was a promise made to him by a high-ranking King of a country.

It was like an admiral giving a medal of honor to a soldier.

He had only been moved twice in his life.

Looking at Yan Tenghua’s serious eyes, he listened to his promises word by word.

It seems that Emperor Yan really likes him! Yu Zhen understood what he meant. Is this a confession!

His thoughts were all messed up, and there was only one sentence in his heart. I’m a man, he’s a man, we’re all men, this is crazy…

“Are you serious” He asked tentatively, his little heart pounding, this feeling was far more exciting than when he saw Liu Ling.

Emperor Yan nodded lightly.

That face was right in front of him, within reach.

Just like the time when Yan Tenghua transferred his internal force to him day and night during the long journey in those days, and that drop of bright red blood that fell on his cheek.

It was soul stirring.

Liu Yuzhen abruptly turned away, for fear that he would be fascinated by this blurred ambiguity.

His heart was still beating like a drum, and every drop of blood on his body was screaming and stimulating.

“I…I’ll think about it.”

“Think about it” Emperor Yan immediately resumed his evil and charming smile, staring directly at Liu Yuzhen’s face.

It was too late when Yuzhen caught this sin in the corner of his eyes.

Emperor Yan had already pounced on him and gnawed wildly on him.

It didn’t matter if he was injured or not.

It seemed that he thought he would be fine as long as Devil May Cry gave him an elixir.

Such maddening caresses, such a coquettish panting, EmperorYan seemed to be lifted up by this extravagant atmosphere, and holding Liu Yuzhen felt both cloud and rain.

“Yuzhen, cry out, this King likes your voice.” The man induced.

I don’t want, no , such a shameful voice, in case someone hears it… “Hmmm…”

Emperor Yan still takes care of his arm not to be affected, pressing Yuzhen to prevent him from moving.

With such a strong arm, even if Yu Zhen had great ability, it was impossible to escape.

But could these hands keep him prisoner all his life He only said he’d consider it, but did not agree. Why didn’t you agree…

Liu Yuzhen, if you agree, this King will let you enjoy the glory of a lifetime, regardless of everything you have done, We will trust you completely and rely on you.

If this King is rich, you will also be rich.

This King likes such an interesting Liu Yuzhen.

If you can also be heartless, that would be great.


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