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Chapter 32 People to Watch Out For

When Yan Tenghua closed the pear flower wood door, someone was already sitting and waiting for him in the hall.

The cup of “Nu’er Hong” was fragrant and mellow, and the smiling black eyes of the man in black became clearer.

“Emperor Yan, you have come to me to teach you almost every day, are you ready for your rental fee”

Wan Xunye, the leader of the Wan Demon Sect, was in his early twenties.

He was heroic, but had a vulgar temperament.

He was always dressed in a monotonous black robe and had no sense of beauty.

However, this person was a famous miser, and the power and money of the Wan Demon Sect alone was enough to rival his Great Yan Kingdom.

Wan Xunye led his followers to be mercenaries and used knives and guns if there’s a disagreement.

If it wasn’t for Liu Yuzhen, Yan Tenghua would choose to never have any dealings with this person.

“A mere 300,000 taels, this King is not going to owe you anything.” He said indifferently, and drank the wine from the Xunye’s cup uninvited.

“Is there any news about Zhijun”

Xunye looked at him with a smile, a look of evil in his eyes.

“I want to add another 10,000 taels for the information.”

“When can you get rid of your greedy personality You know that Zhijun is very important to this King.

If you go around in circles, this King will let your Wan Demon Sect have no place in Great Yan.” Yan Tenghua remarked viciously.

Xunye shrank back and hugged himself with fake fear.

“Ouch, how dare you, no matter how you say, Zhijun is also Wan’s sister, Wan will find her even if he does everything he can, but whether the information should be disclosed to you depends on your meaning.”

Yan Tenghua saw that his expression was relaxed, presumably nothing big happened to Zhijun, otherwise he would never have bargained himself with him here.

When he was exiled, Zhijun had rescued Wan Xunye.

If Zhijun had not simply distributed the betrothal gifts sent by Wan Demon Sect to the disaster victims and refused the old leader’s marriage proposal for his son, they would probably have been a family.

“You can say as much as you want, but tell me the whereabouts of Zhijun.”

Xunye snatched his cup from Yan Tenghua’s hand, filled it up and drank another cup.

“Emperor Yan is always so generous, Wan likes it very much.

Oh, let me show you something before that.”

After saying that, Xunye clapped twice, and the hall door was immediately pushed open.

Two men in black came in with a wounded man on a stretcher.

Under the faint candle fire, the person on the stretcher looked paler and paler.

Yan Tenghua was shocked.

Unexpectedly, the man on the stretcher was Xiao Zipei who he had assigned to look for Zhijun!

Zipei’s body was seriously injured, his armor was cut, and his flesh and blood was turned over.

They put him down, and someone immediately came in to disinfect him.

They must have just brought him back.

“What’s going on!” Yan Tenghua stood up, almost knocking over the stool.

Even Xiao Zipei has become like this, then Zhijun………!

“Don’t worry, you sit down first, that’s what I want to say!” Xunye slowly reassured him.

“He passed out, but it’s all thanks to your sister.”

Yan Tenghua grabbed Xun Ye’s collar and almost lifted Xun Ye, who was half a head shorter than himself, with a frighteningly solemn atmosphere.

“Speak clearly right away.

Don’t you know that they are very important to this King”

“Your sister was imprisoned by the Liu Kingdom.

While escaping, she accidentally bumped her head and just so happened that your bodyguard came.

My shadow soldier was also lying in wait there to help them escape, but then, they suddenly saw an unexpected person.

That person was holding the ancient sword Aotian, and his skill was amazing.

They thought your sister was knocked unconscious, but when the swordsman approached, she suddenly woke up and violently beat the expert with superb skills like crazy.”

“Do you think this King is a three-year-old child Zhijun can’t even hold such a big flower pot, with just such a little strength, how could she beat a swordsman” Yan Tenghua got even more angry.

Xunye shrugged.

“Believe it or not.

Although I don’t think it’s possible, my shadow soldiers will never lie, and your guard has seen it.

If you don’t believe it, you can ask him.

Your sister that can’t even hold a big flower pot defeated all those who hurt your guard, otherwise my people would not have picked up your guard in a complete body.”

“…You’re talking about this King’s younger sister” Yan Tenghua said every word, feeling astonished.

“That’s right.

It’s your sister.

Oh, she’s gone with that swordsman now.”

Xunye spoke lightly, but Yan Tenghua was speechless.

It all sounded like a joke made by a child.

Yan Tenghua slowly released his hand, and his eyes became more and more terrifying.

“You actually let Zhijun go with that person”

Xunye was still smiling, and he didn’t care about his anger at all.

“Compared to your sister, I think the swordsman’s situation is far more in danger.

Of course, so are you.”

Yan Tenghua didn’t answer, and glanced at him coldly from the corner of his eyes.

They had been friends for a long time, so he naturally knew what Xunye meant.

Although he had the same perception, it does not mean that this kind of thinking can also be applied to Yan Zhijun.

“You dare to doubt this King’s sister”

“Oh Wan did not suspect that the flower pot was indeed heavy and that your younger sister Yan Zhijun was naive and silly, Wan is reminding you that it is not only Zhijun who has changed.

After meeting you, Wan was friendly enough to help you investigate Liu Yuzhen.”

“You investigated Liu Yuzhen just because he knew Gui Xiaoqi”

“Don’t you think it’s strange Although you don’t know, Wan is very clear, whether it is Gui Xiaoqi or Liu Yuzhen, they have never left their own country.

Xiaoqi is a son of a concubine in the family.

He was humble and was always insulted.

It is very impossible for them to have any correspondence.” After Xunye finished speaking, he ordered for Zipei to be taken down for treatment.

“Wan also just said it casually, it is up to you whether you want to take it seriously or not.”

Yan Tenghua flung his sleeves away and returned to the room where Liu Yuzhen was.

Before leaving, Xunye reminded softly, “Don’t give your life so easily.”

When Yan Tenghua thought of Zipei’s injury, how could he believe that Zhijun was safe.

Xunye had no reason to deceive him.

Although it was unbelievable, it was not the first time he had seen him in that state.

He didn’t have time to think about it any more.

He had already been going back and forth between Great Yan and Yuling Kingdom for half a month.

If he stayed any longer, he would probably be discovered by the Yuling Kingdom monarch.

It would be best to take them back as soon as possible.

Is Prime Minister Liu himself, or an assassin, or is there something that even he can’t understand It doesn’t matter, no matter who Liu Yuzhen is now, as long as he doesn’t betray him, he will treat him well.

As long as he saw Liu Yuzhen’s handsome and charming face, he couldn’t help but want to touch his seductive figure, and he couldn’t help but want to also possess it.

What should he do to get to him without hurting him

He couldn’t go to Gui Xiaoqi for confirmation.

That Gui Xiaoqi had been hidden by a certain sect leader, and once he got close to him, the sect leader would surely bite again.

“Servant, tell them to prepare General Xiao and Prime Minister Liu.

We’ll set off today.” He ordered.

The next moment, he had already got into Liu Yuzhen’s bed, holding the naked man who had fallen asleep in his arms with both hands, feeling the temperature of his body.

“Liu Yuzhen, can’t you tell this King all the things you have hidden, this King doesn’t want to hurt you.”

Yan Tenghua kissed Yuzhen’s face, and stretched out his hand to Yuzhen’s lower body to gently rub it.

He didn’t know if Liu Ling had touched that soft spot before, thinking about it made him even more irritable and unconsciously increased his strength.


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