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Chapter 35 Dare to Escape


A loud noise sounded beside the wheel of the carriage, and a weak figure rolled on the ground several times.

He was obviously in pain.

While clutching his injured shoulder, he grinned and took in a breath of cold air.

At the same time, he picked up the stones on the ground and threw them at the driving horse without hesitation as he ran towards the forest.

The frightened horse neighed suddenly, stomped its front hooves, and pulled the carriage to run wildly.

“Liu Yuzhen! How dare you run away!” The person inside widened his eyes, stepped out of the carriage and stood at the shaft, glaring at the figure that was leaving.

For his sake, he was even willing to speak the phrase “rely on me”.

As long as Liu Yuzhen was willing to stay by his side, he could ignore any of his mistakes, but this man ran away without even thinking about it! Was he worried that Liu Ling’s secret would be discovered Was he still afraid of him

Yuzhen had long run out of the distance and couldn’t see Yan Tenghua’s figure.

No matter how weak he was now, he could still get away from Yan Tenghua very quickly under the galloping horse.

He grimaced and said to himself with a smile, “Who wants to go with you! Stupid.

You’ve been taking advantage of me these few days.

I’ve had enough of it.

I don’t want to have any spring dreams in broad daylight.

Go to hell.”

He turned around and quickly chased where the man in a bamboo hat just now went.

He always had the sharpest feeling.

Tracking a person’s whereabouts was not a problem at all.

The problem was whether he could catch up with him.

After catching up, he could seize the horse.

Having Gui Xiaoqi around would definitely be more reliable.

He knew that if he went back with Emperor Yan, he would definitely end up being imprisoned.

It would be better to go out and find Zhijun himself, and return his “sense of security” to him as soon as possible.

Alas, but the most important thing was that since he traveled with Emperor Yan, his whole person had become very strange.

As soon as he said all those kinds of nice promises, he seemed to have fallen into his trap which was a terrible result for a falcon that was as sensitive as a radar.

He didn’t want to–he had to–leave that person immediately!

The wound was bleeding again, and it felt a little numb.

But before he could take two more steps, he suddenly realized that he was being watched.

He was someone who did things by intuition.

When he realized that those eyes staring at him were full of deep hatred, he immediately jumped a few steps away from his position, however he was not attacked.

“Who! What’s with the hiding” 

There was no response in the sparse forest.

Behind these trees thinner than an arm, it was logically impossible to hide people.

Could it be his illusion No, the Falcon never goes wrong.

At this moment, a person suddenly hung upside down from the tree beside him, his long hair swept across his cheek, startling him.

He habitually immediately returned to fight back, but he didn’t expect the man in black clothes to act so quickly and his attack, which he didn’t even think about, was swept away.

He saw that the man was as nimble as a bat, but possessed astonishing tenacity.

After escaping his attack, he lowered his upper body.

Yuzhen was surprised and uncertain.

He was far away from him, but when he looked at this person, he felt that he was very familiar.

The man in black took out a jade-studded folding fan from his large black robe, and gently covered his face, his brows full of murderous aura.

 “Liu Yuzhen.

No matter where you flee to, please leave Yuling Kingdom, and stay away from Xiaoqi.

This sect master is here to warn you seriously, but there will be no next time.”

Oh It turned out to be Wan Xunye, the leader of the Wan Demon Sect.

Yuzhen felt a little relieved immediately that it wasn’t Yan Tenghua or Liu Ling, or he would’ve drowned from much hostility.

Only Wan Xunye’s long and narrow black eyes reflected like Yan Tenghua’s that was just as scary.

Although he was smiling, his murderous aura was no less than Yan Tenghua.

Yuzhen spread his hands and said, “So you came to monitor me, don’t worry, I won’t go to him.”

“That’s no good.

The man who passed by you just now is very dangerous.

He has sent someone to look for you.

Get out of here quickly.”

“Send someone to get me”

Before he could say another word to Xunye, both felt a strong chill coming towards them.

It was not the person Xunye mentioned, but someone who jumped off the carriage and immediately followed Liu Yuzhen with his lightness skill.

Xunye shook his folding fan and smiled like a blooming flower.

“Kid, I advise you to run away! You’ve angered him, just pray he won’t kill you.”

Before Xunye’s words were finished, Liu Yuzhen had already started running.

He was only wearing a thin piece of robe, his legs and feet were weak, and he couldn’t run very far at all.

If Wan Xunye had not stopped him just now, he would have escaped to a far place.

Alas, it feels so tragic no matter how he thinks about it.

Want me to go back and be put under house arrest by you as a pet Dream on! Prime Minister Liu, can your darn easily shaken heart be calmer, as long as you don’t look into that person’s eyes, you can still be very sober.

With Yan Tenghua’s foot strength, it was not a problem catching up with Liu Yuzhen.

He can’t believe that Liu Yuzhen would actually dare to run away even if he knocked his head open.

Ah, but because of this, he felt that Liu Yuzhen had become way more cuter.

There is no escape! Emperor Yan is already catching up!

Liu Yuzhen spun abruptly, and decided to knock Yan Tenghua down in one move before running.

If he couldn’t beat him, he would be dead.

He also cherishes his own life, but it does not mean that he was willing to be humiliated by others.

His first kiss, his first spring night, all was given to this man, which was enough for him to sulk for the rest of his life.

If he hadn’t blocked that knife for Yan Tenghua, he would not have wanted to face this man face to face.

But just when he was about to take a shot, Yan Tenghua suddenly said to him coldly, “Stop.”

This forest was so lonely and he couldn’t even spot another person.

He was sure there were many people who came to monitor him and didn’t run away, but there was no one willing to help him at this moment.

Liu Yuzhen lowered his head and did not look at Yan Tenghua’s face.

He always felt that if he looked at him, Prime Minister Liu’s heart would be shaken.

 “Want to take me back No way.

I didn’t ask you to save me.

You also got the news of Zhijun, I didn’t lie to you.

We don’t owe each other, yet you are still chasing after me, isn’t this very unreasonable”

“Look at me.” Emperor Yan’s voice was loud, like a huge stone sinking into Liu Yuzhen’s heart.

Damn, there were strange waves in his heart again, why was it so easily shaken.

It wasn’t Prime Minister Liu’s problem, it was himself.

He knew.

The fact that he was shaken but refused to agree, and the fact that he actually had feelings for a man.

“We shouldn’t make trouble on the border of the Yuling Kingdom, but if you really don’t want to go back with this King, this King will kill you right now.

This King can’t let people outside Great Yan get Prime Minister Liu, you should know that.”

He didn’t know, he only said that he was very hesitant.

Once he went back with Emperor Yan, it would be equivalent to life imprisonment.

Even if he had all his comrades by his side, he would still feel unfree.

So, was he going to give up his freedom for Yan Tenghua


I didn’t want to flee to another country to be a prime minister…”

“Then why are you leaving”


“Say it!”

Facing Liu Yuzhen’s silence, Yan Tenghua suddenly became fiercer.

He quickly came to him with a single kick and reached out to squeeze his chin.

It seems like going to the West is just a dream.

Let’s just put an end to this joke.

Falling in love with a man, ridiculous!

When Liu Yuzhen’s face was slowly raised, his eyes became as sharp as a hunting eagle, even Yan Tenghua couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Either kill me or let me go, I don’t like looking at your face.” Liu Yuzhen seriously offered to leave him.

Did the Prime Minister always have such a pair of eyes

What Xunye said was absolutely right – you are not the Prime Minister Liu that this King knows.


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