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Chapter 4 Hey, I’m a man!

“What are you doing!” Yuzhen’s sensitive body bristled, and the whole person bounced away like being electrically shocked.

When he turned around, he noticed that it was the man in the dragon robe who had been crushed by him.

He hadn’t seen him in quite some time, but he came to him again.

With such an arrogant appearance, he touched him , as if the owner of this body belonged to him.

Oh my God! I finally got a reborn body, I wouldn’t let this body be lost so soon.

Although Yuzhen was young, he was a modern person living in a foreign country after all, and foreign countries are open, the male-male style was even more rampant.

That’s why he was not ignorant.

But as a police officer, how could he lose himself in the hands of this bastard It’s so unreasonable.

Liu Yuzhen struggled and stepped back, but he had discovered just now that the strength of his body was not as good as one-tenth of what he had imagined, so he was immediately captured by Emperor Yan in his arms.

Emperor Yan glared at him, and he glared back, as if lightning collided between their four eyes.

It seems that Prime Minister Liu is resisting him today.

Emperor Yan raised the corners of his mouth.

“What am I doing Are you sure you don’t have amnesia If you no longer have your memory, this King will let someone set you on fire to vent the hatred of abducting the eldest princess.

Liu Yuzhen, you must not pretend to be crazy and foolish in front of this King, or you will suffer.”

King Yan squeezed Yuzhen’s cheek with his hand, approached his face suddenly, and kissed his thin lips with beautiful curves.

First kiss, my first kiss was given by a man…

Yu Zhen’s face was flushed, seeing this evil-looking man sticking up again with a playful smile, he would rather die than be sullied by a man, it’s too embarrassing.

 However, at this critical juncture, he suddenly felt nervous, had a splitting headache, blocked breathing, and couldn’t exert the slightest strength from his limp body.

His strength was sapped away, both of his hands were also reversed and were raised above his head.

“Pain”, this feeling spread all over his body in an instant, he didn’t know how Prime Minister Liu died before his death, but obviously this ‘death’ brought an unbearable burden to the body, and the person in front of him didn’t let go just because of it.

“You bastard.

Shameless.” He reluctantly squeezed out such a sentence, hoping that Emperor Yan would have a thinner face and let go.

Emperor Yan’s slender and powerful fingers suddenly locked Yu Zhen’s throat, “You dare to insult this King” Emperor Yan frowned, his eyes became fierce and terrifying, and the chill hit Yuzhen.

“Liu Yuzhen, it seems that this King is going to teach you again today, what kind of situation you are in right now.”

The pain of suffocation went straight to Yuzhen’s brain, and his mind went blank, as if all the blood was blocked and would burst at any moment.

Is he going to be strangled to death


Just like you usually do.” Emperor Yan said sharply.

Don’t! Don’t beg anyone for help even in death! This is his rule as a soldier! 

Just when he almost lost consciousness, Emperor Yan suddenly let go of his hand and looked straight into his face.

His playful expression gradually subsided.

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Liu was handsome.

His sister has long been secretly in love with him, and even promised herself to marry him. 

The usual Prime Minister Liu, as long as he (Emperor) sat next to him, he would always kneel down and beg for his life.

Although he looks good, he is such a useless embroidered pillow (embroidered pillow-a person or a thing which looks beautiful, but is not useful or practical).

There is no sense of superiority in bullying a subject of a dependent country, but such a person can actually kidnap his only sister.

He hated other people’s betrayal the most in his life, his courtiers can’t, neither can his own sister.

If you dare to disobey me and run away from me, I will make the man you like become my prisoner. 

Is he really beautiful He had looked at this face countless times, wishing he could immediately crush it.

But when he looked at it today, it was like the embroidered pillow had an aura.

In those familiar eyes, a crystal clear that he had never seen before, made his heart inexplicably palpitate. 

What the hell is going on

Seeing Emperor Yan in a daze, Liu Yuzhen grabbed him by the collar, exhausted his last strength, and struck him suddenly.


The slap sounded crisp and loud on Emperor Yan’s face, along with the sound of the iron chain colliding.

Emperor Yan, who had never been slapped before, was stunned.

“I told you, don’t mess with me, I…”

 In a daze, Yuzhen finally fainted, and everything that happened in front of him seemed to have nothing to do with him.

Emperor Yan stared at Liu Yuzhen in astonishment.

When did Prime Minister Liu dare to resist Did he forget that he bears the fate of the Liu Kingdom That weak body dared to hit him!

In normal times, let alone hitting him, even resisting will cause him to be abused even more violently.

It’s just that the man who passed out in front of him seems to be a different person today.

The outline of the beauty has not changed, the scars he has left have not changed.

Holding his chin that was exquisitely carved by a knife, it was the first time he looked at him so carefully, as if he was looking at delicate ornaments.

This person was very good-looking.

The chain was sealed, and it was intended to trap him for the rest of his life.

Since it has not been touched, it is impossible for the person inside to be replaced, and it is meaningless to replace such a prisoner.

 Don’t mess with you Oh, not only does this King think Liu Yuzhen has become weird, but also interesting.

Reaching out his hand to hold his pulse, Liu Yuzhen’s pulse was very weak, and it seemed that the previous suicide had caused him a lot of trauma.

Emperor Yan’s two fingers bounced and pinched on his body, opening up his acupoints, smoothing the suffocation, and slowly conveying the internal force.

Only then did Liu Yuzhen, whose face was haggard and pale, eased his complexion.

His cheeks were as red as rouge, and the more he looked at him, the more he liked it.

When did Liu Yuzhen become so attractive

Oh, he almost forgot, it was this pretty face that took his sister away.

His loss of vigilance came to an abrupt end, and Emperor Yan leaned on him, his hands ruthlessly stroked his body, and his powerful teeth kissed and bit his shoulders.

Liu Yuzhen slowly awoke after a long period, his headache splitting and his body’s reaction unpredictable.

He just felt numbness in his sensitive body parts, and a handsome face with a wicked smile appeared in front of his eyes.

“You, you’re treating me like this!” Liu Yuzhen looked at the scene in front of him, like being struck by lightning.

His body was completely under the control of another man.

Although he was still very unfamiliar with this body, his body, which he had not mastered, was randomly fiddled with Emperor Yan as he pleased.

Liu Yuzhen’s anger rose. 

“Prime Minister Liu, what are you getting excited about”  King Yan jokingly said.

Liu Yuzhen felt unbearable pain in his body when he tensed and when he exerts force.

This body was far inferior to 10% of his physical strength of his original body, and was even so fragile that it seemed to be easily broken when touched.

Liu Yuzhen stared, gave up his futile struggle, and said unhappily,”You, pervert, pervert! “

“Heh.” King Yan leaned against his ear, smiled mockingly, and his face reddened with anger, “I remember you said, you are willing to tell me the whereabouts of Zhijun If you tell me now, I can consider letting you go.” Having said that, the powerful hand left his chest and moved to his neck again. 

Liu Yuzhen, who just woke up from suffocation, got the taste of death again and again.

Thinking about it carefully, it would not be worth the sacrifice here.

“Wait!” Yuzhen stopped shouting and coughed several times.

“Aren’t you going to do that to me That”

Emperor Yan saw that he pointed to his body, and suddenly felt amused.

“Yes, how No, then what”

“Have you made a mistake I’m a man!”

“Since you are a man, why don’t you continue to talk back to me and let me strangle you once to end it Isn’t that what you want”

“Why do I have to seek death”

As soon as Liu Yuzhen’s words came out, he found that Emperor Yan’s expression became cold and fierce.

“Don’t want to seek death”

He was just kidding himself, this abominable Emperor Yan, I really underestimated him.

“Of course I’m not looking for death! Don’t you want to get Princess Zhijun I’m not interested in her anymore.

Can you find her yourself Let me go out and I’ll find her for you.” 

“Oh King Yan restrained his chains, and his handsome face met his cheek again.

“You think so beautifully, if I let you out, how would I know if you would go to another country With your wisdom, how difficult is it to destroy my Dayan Liu Yuzhen, let me remind you again.

First, tell me the whereabouts of Zhijun immediately, and second, don’t mention about leaving again.

If you fail to do even one of the two, neither you nor your Liu Kingdom will have a future.”

Liu Yuzhen’s expression froze, such a good Qin Shihuang (Emperor Qin Shihuang- first Chinese monarch to be called emperor), but his mind was so twisted. 

Seeing Liu Yuzhen’s humiliated countenance, Emperor Yan was inexplicably happy, and he smiled.

“I can let you go today, and I won’t ask Zhijun’s whereabouts, but you have to listen to me.”

“…” Liu Yuzhen raised his eyebrows and held back his anger.

At this time, Emperor Yan, who had been enclosing around him, suddenly kissed his lips without giving Yuzhen any time to think.

The tongue attacked his teeth, almost trying to get in.

His astringent reaction made Emperor Yan even more energetic. 

Such a provocative stimulation, even Liu Yuzhen, can’t help being stirred up by this attraction.

He has never kissed anyone before.

His first kiss turned out to be with a man, and the second time was also with a man.

Although a kiss was not a big deal for him, he endured it, but several signs of indignation quickly occupied Yuzhen’s mind.

It was really uncomfortable for him to be pressed under others!


He grabbed Emperor Yan’s collar, pushed Emperor Yan hard against the wall inside the bed, and smashed the bowl that Yuelan had placed next to him.

The mouth of the bowl aimed at the Emperor’s throat! 


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