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Chapter 40 Distressed

Sleeves danced lightly, and were swept up along with the breeze.

After announcing his arrival, the man in brocade and gorgeous clothes came through among the red-clothed dancing girls.

His handsome and gentle face was so beautiful, and under his willow eyebrows, gorgeous black eyes were also looking at him.

Emperor Yan couldn’t help his heart from beating faster, as if every time he looked at Yuzhen, everything would stop for a moment, as if the world belonged only to the two of them.

Yuzhen, is it so hard to say that you like this King But it’s much harder for this King to force you to say it.

Suddenly realizing that Ning Xiang and Mingge were with him, and Liu Yuzhen’s excitement was ebbing fast, his heart was tugged, but he didn’t say anything.

Yuzhen chewed his tongue and retreated to the side.

He found an empty seat, sat down and started drinking even if his injury was not yet healed.

Spicy wine was poured into his throat cup by cup, and the turbid taste made him more depressed.

The banquet was to celebrate Liu Yuzhen’s entry into Great Yan as the official Prime Minister.

Emperor Yan sat on the high seat in the middle, accompanied by Ming Ge, a noble concubine decorated with gold hairpins and silver. 

Emperor Yan only briefly introduced Liu Yuzhen’s identity.

Some officials knew about it, but since he heard that Prime Minister Liu’s temperament has changed drastically, no one dared to question him.

They only looked at him with strange questioning eyes.

Yuzhen stuffed delicious meat patties into his mouth, got up and nodded cooperatively, and bowed with his hands to Emperor Yan like Xiao Zipei, and suddenly said loudly, “I want to resign!”

Emperor Yan waved his hand at him casually, “No.

Prime Minister, don’t ruin the atmosphere of the banquet.

If you are not used to the banquet, you can go back to rest early.” After that, he ignored him.

The ministers on the left and right grabbed his sleeves to signal him not to anger Emperor Yan, and told him to sit down quickly.

Among them was the person who gave him poisoned wine that day.

Several people poured wine and food for him, and some accompanied him.

One smiled and said, “I heard that the Prime Minister was resourceful and helped His Majesty find out the whereabouts of the eldest princess.

His Majesty has a lot of respect for you, I ask you to also serve our Great Yan.”

Yuzhen was too lazy to deal with their nonsense.

Not letting him resign and not letting him refuse to work He wouldn’t help this bastard anyway, and he wouldn’t help even if he killed him.

Seeing him ignoring everyone, they had no choice but to listen to the music and watch the dance by themselves.

Liu Yuzhen, who became quiet, was only focused on eating.

He always felt that although the food was delicious, his heart seemed to be blocked by something, and he couldn’t help but want to look up.


There’s nothing to see.

On the high seat, Mingge and Emperor Yan looked at each other and smiled, they both looked happy.

Even Emperor Yan’s arrogant face showed a tender smile.

An inexplicable pain in his chest suddenly appeared, even though no wound was present there.

He only laughed at himself.

From the beginning to the end, that person didn’t look at him again, he and Mingge whispered softly with a smile on their lips, looking so ambiguous.


Liu Yuzhen groaned inwardly, but the pain did not diminish.

His obvious lip biting motion did not conceal his displeasure.

He wanted to leave, but his legs were as heavy as lead. 

Isn’t it just attending a banquet, isn’t it just because he basically doesn’t know the people here, isn’t it just because the two people are a little intimate! I refuse to accept this!

Eat! If he goes out now, it would appear as if he’s eating someone’s vinegar, he’s not a fool!

When the ministers on both sides suddenly saw Prime Minister Liu binge eating, they all shrank to the side in fright, especially the fat minister who was beaten by Liu Yuzhen, who changed his seat with the adjacent seat.

The banquet continued until the afternoon, and the ministers were drunk.

Seeing that no one noticed him, Yuzhen got up and slowly retreated.

He was slightly drunk, and the scene of Emperor Yan and Mingge laughing was replayed in his mind.

When he walked out of the Tianxin Hall, Liu Yuzhen turned around and walked two steps backwards, but he didn’t see anyone chasing after him.

What the hell is wrong with him Why does he feel unhappy

He can see everything in this world, but why can’t he see his own mood clearly.

Let’s talk to Xiao Zipei.

Supporting himself with a wall, he slowly walked towards Zipei’s residence.

He didn’t know how long he had walked when suddenly someone came towards him and blocked his way.

“Prime Minister Liu.” The man approached him.

“Huh!” Liu Yuzhen was a little angry.

Ying Sheng looked over, the man was wearing clothes similar to those of a servant, and he was sneaking around very vigilantly making sure no one saw him, then he stuck to Liu Yuzhen’s side and carefully stuffed something into his hand. 

“This is what you asked for, this servant has already got it for you.” Regardless of whether Liu Yuzhen wanted it or not, the man shoved a small piece of silk into his hand and wanted to run.

With a loud thud, the big wall was cracked and the attendant who delivered the note was embedded in the red wall.

Liu Yuzhen pushed him with one hand and put the other hand in his bosom.

He said coldly.

“You can give me what I want But what if I just want to beat people now.”

The singing and dancing in the hall were still so enthusiastic.

The Great Yan Kingdom was about to enter autumn, and cool winds blew onto the destitute lands.

Liu Yuzhen no longer hesitated, didn’t even look at the silk in his hand, just brought it with him and left.

Who will tell him that this kind of banquet only happens once a month He’s had enough, he doesn’t want to sit face to face with that person anymore, Yan Tenghua had better never summon him in this life.

Liu Yuzhen was vigilant and went back to look at the silk ribbon and immediately burned it.

The words were written by Liu Ling, and there were only three lines on it.

“—lifetime monarch, lifetime minister, why forget each other”

This Liu Ling is really annoying.

Could it be that what he said that day was not clear enough It’s all because of his bizarre relationship with the Prime Minister Liu that made him so strange.

No, I have to make it clearer to him.

When he went to visit Xiao Zipei, Zipei was already asleep.

No one could accompany him, which made him more depressed.

Liu Yuzhen climbed up on the roof of the bungalow of his own bedroom, with a good wine by his side, and looked up at the dense starry sky.

His mood became a little better.

I wonder if that guy Yan Tenghua is also looking at the same stars and the moon Impossible! That guy is now in the gentle arms of a beauty, he has no time to watch this.

After drinking the wine, his body warmed up, and his face was flushed.

He had been used to drinking since he was a child, and the wine was inexplicably very good.

Although it’s not getting drunk after a thousand cups of wine, no one could still get him drunk at will.

But after drinking this hot wine, he felt very uncomfortable.

His body was warm, as if a man’s big hands were rubbing against his body, and as if somewhere in his body was excited again.

No, I don’t miss him.

He shook his head desperately, opened his eyes wide and stared at the moon in a daze.

“In fact…!” Yuzhen turned over, propped his head with one hand, and raised the jug to drink freely.

“Gui Xiaoqi appeared in ancient times… It’s very likely that others have come too En, it’s quite possible.”

He tried his best to prevent himself from being full of fantasies about Yan Tenghua. 

After careful analysis, there was only one thing that was most similar to him with Gui Xiaoqi— that was they both died on the battlefield.

Giu Xiaoqi sacrificed himself earlier than him.

He was shot and killed in order to save a trapped child.

Of course, he wouldn’t only watch him be killed, he was about to rush to fight with those people, but he inadvertently received an evacuation order.

He didn’t want his sacrifice to be in vain, so while taking the child away, he was shot in the leg.

To cover him, Kamikaze also died.

In the end, he failed to escape.

The brothers of the team and the brothers of other teams fell beside him one by one, then he heard that the rear was destroyed and it was impossible to retreat…

Yuzhen held his head, his head hurts a lot, it hurts when he misses Yan Tenghua, and it hurts when he misses his brothers.

Adults say that drunkenness can relieve heartache, but he felt even more sad when drunk.


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