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Chapter 41 Don’t say you like it

The starlight in front of him was just like the ammunition at that time, and the pain was indescribable when it rained on his back.

The last knife, the child in his arms, who looked at him in horror with eyes full of tears.

The knife had already pierced his heart.

It hurts! My heart hurts.

He put one hand on his forehead and grasped the cloth over his chest with the other.

However, this kind of pain was as painful as seeing Yan Tenghua making out with others.

Just when he felt slumped and powerless, deeply immersed in memories and pain and unable to extricate himself , a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

 “Why are you still drinking here It’s time to go back and rest!” The voice commanded.

Who does this person think he is 

In this world, no one can order him around, and no one has the right to threaten him, except that captain in his previous life.

Liu Yuzhen pursed his lips, removed the hand holding his forehead that was blocking his sight, and looked at the man with his sharp and grasping eyes.

At this moment, Liu Yuzhen quickly stumbled the man under his feet.

Not only did he trip the man swiftly, but he also jumped up immediately, using his honed skill for a hundred years, and subdued the man face down on the roof rubble.

This hadn’t calmed him down yet, he grabbed the man’s two hands behind his back.

He spread his arms on both sides, took advantage of the situation and pressed down on him.

All that played back in Yuzhen’s mind were pictures of Yan Tenghua kissing someone else, which was not him and it gnawed him to death.

“It is because of you that I have become so strange… What should I do to satisfy you I can tolerate your house arrest, I can find Zhijun for you, and I can even help you bring out the strongest army.

Why do you want to do this to me Why!”


He punched down hard and hit the man in the face.

The person under him had the shadow of Yan Tenghua.

In fact, he didn’t care who this person was, no matter who came, all he could see was Yan Tenghua.

Perhaps, this was just a dream.

How could Yan Tenghua appear in the Prime Minister’s Mansion at this time, and how could he be pressed under him without resistance.

Yuzhen felt the alcohol finally attacking his consciousness, and he felt a little nauseous and drunk.

He couldn’t hold up his body for a while and eventually fell on the man.

“Yan Tenghua, remember this, I’ll only say it once, just this one…” Yuzhen blushed like a persimmon.

“Let’s be together”.

Even if he would be drunk again a thousand times later, he wouldn’t say it again! He won’t definitely say it!

He grabbed the man’s wrist and increased his strength, as if he wanted to twist his hands off.

 “I hate you…” He blurted out again.

“I hate you!” 

He wondered if the person understood such angry words.

Ancient people were all idiots, and they were more stupid than him.

They wouldn’t understand, but what should he do if Yan Tenghua does not understand Does he want him to say “please associate with me”

Why the hell would I say that!

Liu Yuzhen murmured until fell asleep, and the entire thirty-square-meter bungalow was filled with wine bottles, among which were them, piled on top of one another outside the room.

He’s drunk.

Yan Tenghua told himself this.

But he couldn’t deny his disappointment, he had already expected his confession, but Yuzhen still didn’t say it.

After Yuzhen fell asleep, his hands naturally loosened.

His grip had so much strength, since when did he have such strength

Yan Tenghua gently turned him over.

This was the face of Prime Minister Liu when he was brought into the palace.

Yet now, there was no trace of cowardice and tenderness on this face.

As he stroked his delicate edged outline, he felt a kind of maddening satisfaction.

“Liu Yuzhen, you shouldn’t be so stubborn.

But if you weren’t so stubborn, how could this King be so addicted to you…”

He stroked Yuzhen’s black-colored locks with his fingertips and kissed him lightly on his lips. 

What an attractive face, I really want to kiss him. Unfortunately, he had to keep his promise of not touching him even if he desperately wanted to.

But it was impossible to endure and to only sit still, and the thing in his lower abdomen reminded him of the truth of this feeling all the time.

He didn’t want to hold Yuzhen just to vent his sexual frustration.

Liu Yuzhen, who had a change in temperament, had an indescribable attraction.

He was tenacious and had a sense of justice.

The methods he came up with were confusing.

More importantly, when Liu Yuzhen looked at him, his heart would always surge for no reason.

Sitting up straight, he slowly took out a piece of cloth from his arms.

He had already intercepted the messenger.

He knew the contents of the silk like the back of his hand.

The messenger Liu Yuzhen encountered was actually deliberately arranged by him.

Like this, it’s better to trust someone’s words.

Liu Yuzhen, if you confess everything to this King, this King will definitely believe you.

He let Yuzhen rest on his thighs, and took off his golden robe and covered him with it.

The big moon was alone, and its borrowed light was not warm at all. 

Yuzhen, whose light are you


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