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Chapter 45 Just once

The carriage quickly sent the two to the Emperor’s Palace.

According to the rules, Prime Minister Liu had to send Emperor Yan back to the palace first before returning to his own mansion.

The usually quiet and peaceful palace tower was the same as it is.

However, from time to time, voices of the two arguing could be heard in the carriage running along the way.

“Cough cough… It is against the law to place someone under house arrest.” Yuzhen said righteously with one hand on his hip.

Emperor Yan disagreed.

“Illegal This King is the law.

If you don’t hand over An Xin, then hand over yourself.”

Hand over to you “Don’t think that I can’t see your dirty thoughts, it’s not good to give him to you, I won’t!”

“This King’s thoughts are dirty Haha, Yuzhen, have you seen it now” After speaking, Emperor Yan, who liked to move the most, pressed himself towards him.

Liu Yuzhen had already recovered his strength after all and was now very vigorous.

He respectfully took off his boots at a very fast speed, and blocked Emperor Yan who was approaching towards him with teeth and claws by placing his foot on his chest.

“Enough is enough!”


As the man watched the person with his foot on his chest, the expression on his face solidified little by little, as he emitted a terrible murderous aura.

Liu Yuzhen immediately had the urge to jump out of the carriage window and escape.

In the final analysis, he came back with Emperor Yan purely because of the mission plan.

If An Xin could not be left behind, the possibility of contacting Emperor Yan might be reduced, therefore he would rather put An Xin in the mansion to stimulate Emperor Yan.

Liu Yuzhen was obviously not good at scheming.

He didn’t know that the result of leaving An Xin in the mansion was Yan Tenghua’s huge jealousy.

He hurriedly put down his foot and made an honest surrender gesture, showing an expression of begging for mercy, “Do you mind if I ask a question”

“Speak.” Emperor Yan raised his eyes indifferently.

“I really want to know why those people attacked you when we came back to Great Yan that day.

To be honest, I decided to stay by your side because of this.” That’s right.

First of all, we should maintain good cooperation with important people, as the captain said.

Emperor Yan turned his anger into a smile, grabbed Liu Yuzhen’s hand at will, and clasped their fingers together.

“Oh So Prime Minister Liu stayed to protect this King Can this King take it that you are willing to be this King’s person”

Yuzhen immediately turned his face sideways, really wanting to throw a word on this man’s handsome face, like “Go away…”

But he refrained from speaking, the temperature coming from their clasped hands was so warm, it was soothing his lonely heart that had no company in this foreign world. 

As a way to maintain a good relationship with important people, it was still within tolerant range to sell a little bit of appearance.

“But you can’t hurt An Xin.

He’s innocent!”

“Hmph.” Emperor Yan merely grunted, but his smile undiminished, and looked at Liu Yuzhen provocatively.

This idiot, Yuzhen.

He didn’t know that I let go An Xin on purpose.

I wanted to spare Prince An Jun’s son because I want his lineage to continue.

Alas, it turned out to be very valuable…

Why is this bastard Emperor Yan looking at me with such disgusting eyes again, he must have another bad idea, I have to guard myself against him!

“It’s okay to want this King to let An Xin go, then how about Prime Minister Liu do what An Xin do for this King”

I knew this old fox would make such a move! After all, he still wants to do it with him!

He knew just by looking at the wounds on An Xin’s body, that they were bite marks and……Right, if he agreed to Emperor Yan’s request, wouldn’t he be letting himself go into the tiger’s mouth

“Tsk.” Liu Yuzhen bit his lip, feeling extremely embarrassed.

“Yuzhen, didn’t this King tell you that you are so cute that this King can’t help but want to destroy you.” Emperor Yan stretched out his hand, but the one being held was not strong enough to resist, therefore he fell into his arms completely.

“If you really want to be good to An Xin, you shouldn’t have taken him in.”

“Did you last time……you really let him go” Yuzhen endured great unwillingness and finally asked.

He naturally had other uses for keeping An Xin.

If there was no middleman, he would hardly know what Mingge and the others were doing.

Oh my! ​​My dignity, my dignity is scattered all over the place, you **ing promised me!!

Emperor Yan looked at the man in his arms in amazement as this stubborn man made such a request to himself for An Xin.

However, his handsome and cold face immediately showed an even uglier expression than when he was angry, “What’s your relationship with An Xin”

“It doesn’t matter,” Liu Yuzhen pointed to his heart, indicating the sincerity of what he said, “I swear with my life that I stayed here to protect you, therefore I will never do anything that will exist to hurt you.”

“Okay, this King believes in you.” Emperor Yan raised his eyebrows.

“You believe it so soon”

“What Yuzhen said, this King is willing to believe.”

It seemed that Emperor Yan did say such things.

As long as he didn’t betray him, he would be fine.

However he didn’t expect him to be so absolute, but looking at Emperor Yan’s expression, it didn’t seem like he believed him with any certainty, whether his right or wrong.

“Then…” Yuzhen withdrew his little hand and asked tremblingly.

Emperor Yan smiled like a blooming flower, “An Xin is the darling of the King’s side day and night.

He only needs to do things in one night.

Since Yuzhen wants to protect him, in addition to the ‘last time’, the one-month agreement must also be purchased and sold right now.”

Yuzhen widened his eyes and pointed at him furiously, “Profit merchant!”

Ahhh, he’s going crazy, how can this guy do this Whether it’s the saintess, the captain, or Xiaoqi, whoever comes, come and help him settle this bastard who talks with no restraint!!

Seeing Liu Yuzhen’s expression becoming more and more embarrassed, Emperor Yan was happy in his heart…but what if the conditions were too great and Liu Yuzhen regretted it.

Would the conditions be based on whether Liu Yuzhen wants to protect him or wants to protect An Xin

Liu Yuzhen, you are really amazing.

If you stay with this King for one night, this King may be able to forget about Liu Ling and the silk letter….


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