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Chapter 46 Seal it with a Kiss of Conquer

Facts have proved that if he couldn’t stay with Emperor Yan all the time, he wouldn’t be able to get first-hand information.

For example, if Mingge wanted to attack him; for example, if the courtiers were pawns placed in the Great Yan Dynasty, which would then be related to those who used guns.

So many days had passed, yet nobody came to him.

If he wouldn’t go deep into it, it was estimated that he would only drink away each day every day.

However, it was out of this consideration that he planned to let the pervert do him this time.

Today, Emperor Yan’s chamber was extremely quiet, there was not even a single person around.

Emperor Yan only said, “Isn’t Yuzhen going to protect the King But with my skills, what else would this King need guarding for

Yan Tenghua knew that he was really not Prime Minister Liu, but still kept him by his side.

Was it because of trust

Liu Yuzhen followed Emperor Yan anxiously.

In fact, every step he took, he had the urge to run away, but he couldn’t be a deserter.

All sacrifices in front of a task were all trivial matters!

“Hurry up if you want to come!” As soon as he entered the door, Liu Yuzhen opened his arms and closed his eyes tightly.

“It’s no fun for the overlord to force himself to bow.

Why don’t you come and have a few drinks with this King first”

I didn’t expect the guy to be an esthetician.

You were so wordy last time, which was simply challenging my endurance.

Liu Yuzhen felt crows flying straight above his head, and his veins twitched violently.

Drink as you please, whoever is afraid of whom.

Liu Yuzhen was extra careful when drinking.

He would first judge whether the cup of wine was drinkable, how much would get him drunk, and his consciousness must be kept at a level capable of responding to emergencies at all times.

Then, that idea where Emperor Yan wanted him to be “drunk” would be completely useless.

His thin body was wrapped in a brocade robe made of silk, and the man was so close that he was held in the man’s arms.

He always felt that being hugged by him was actually no different from having homosexual affair.

Although he was young, he had personally seen homosexuals in the military camp before! Of course, this kind of thing hadn’t happened in their team, otherwise their vice-captain would definitely spread the word about it…

So then what Is he really going to let Emperor Yan take advantage of him now

“I still have something to ask…mmhp..mmph.”

The opening of an ice-breaker sentence was immediately blocked by Emperor Yan’s warm kiss.

For this kiss, Yan Tenghua had endured since the time they were in the Yuling Kingdom for half a month now, and every inch of blood in his body was screaming and stimulating.

He wanted him more urgently than ever.

Wouldn’t it be a bit unsightly to eat him in just one bite

The powerful big hand slowly released Yuzhen’s soft body, and the provocative tip of the tongue withdrew after the aftertaste.

It was sweet and delicious, so good.

 I must eat you today.

Liu Yuzhen was disturbed by his sudden kiss, however this was not the first time.

As usual, he licked the corners of his mouth and pursed his lips, then retreated to the side with an aggrieved look.

“Wait! I’m not ready!”

“What preparations do you still need to make, Yuzhen”

A devil’s preparation.

It was heard that there was such a basic skill in killer training, which their criminal police force was opposed to doing, it was even a disgusting training as what others said.

If there was still time at a critical moment, their choice had always been to find another way.

Actually, it doesn’t necessarily have to be An Xin, if it meant escaping from this predicament, but he had already said everything, if he took back his words now, the guy would be killed.

Ah, what a headache!

Just as he was struggling, Emperor Yan had already slowly approached him with a domineering aura.

He knew from the first time he fought against him that this man’s strength surpassed his own, and it was really impossible to escape from him.

“Why Are you scared Do you want to go back on your word” Emperor Yan provocatively said, with a smile that was not a smile, making him always irresistible.

“…Let me…cough cough…at least, let me do you first!” Liu Yuzhen mustered up his courage to confess, and it turned out to be such a sentence.

Ah, damn it, why did he have to raise his head before Emperor Yan, instead of just behaving like a human being.

Emperor Yan didn’t answer him immediately, and this embarrassment immediately permeated the entire chamber of Emperor Yan.

After a while, Emperor Yan’s voice sounded again, “Yuzhen, is this what you really want to say”

“Damn, I know it would hurt! I want to try to be on top!”

“No.” Emperor Yan said without thinking.

Whenever he saw Liu Yuzhen scratching his ears and cheeks anxiously, his heart would become very excited.

He actually said no ! He just rejected him so blatantly!!

Yuzhen had a feeling of being completely defeated.

He never wanted to say that he was raped by him in order to protect him.

Where did he make a mistake ah!

He hugged Liu Yuzhen into his arms, and rejected all his nonsense with a lingering wet kiss, “Yuzhen, you smell so sweet.”

“Mmm…mmph..” After several kisses, Liu Yuzhen had long been used to Emperor Yan’s teasing.

He didn’t know from which point in time, but as long as Emperor Yan’s warm lips met his, a few seconds of sucking would make him want to actively cater towards him.

Where did Emperor Yan learn his kissing skills He would be very suitable to be a kissing teacher.

As they went a little deeper, the throbbing lingering, and sucking each other deeply, made them yearn for more and more.

After all, it was more comfortable to accept calmly than to resist tenaciously. 

Although it was like this—

Liu Yuzhen’s dark and bright eyes narrowed into thin lines, quietly turning to the right.

“Yuzhen,” Emperor Yan let go of his lips, and cupped that charmingly beautiful face with both hands, “Don’t look around at a time like this.”

With a muffled sound of “bang”, the wine and vegetables on the table were swept away indiscriminately.

Emperor Yan suddenly carried Yuzhen to the table, which scared Liu Yuzhen who was trying to distract himself.

After leaving the tongue-kissing, Yuzhen immediately resisted as soon as he was placed on the table, waving his hands in disobedience, “Someone is eavesdropping outside, someone!”

“This is the King’s chamber, naturally they are always people eavesdropping and peeping at it.

When Yuzhen lived in this King’s chamber for a long time, did you not know about it until now” Emperor Yan didn’t take it seriously at all, and only wanted to press him down, “Furthermore, so what if everyone knows about us”

His mind had long been devoted to Liu Yuzhen, and no matter who was outside at this time, it would be impossible to stop his “attack”!!

Every word he said was accompanied by deep panting, and the hot breath he exhaled was very provocative.

Yuzhen stared blankly at the man in front of him and thought,  it’s over, it’s over. Looking at Yan Tenghua from such a close distance, his cold and proud face was really very charming.

What the hell is wrong with Yan Tenghua How can he be so calm even when being watched Is he not afraid of anything How come

The two faces at a distance of only a finger gradually got closer again, and as their lips and teeth met, an intense and stimulating kiss sent them to a higher realm.


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