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Chapter 49 Is it a Demon

 The dart was only a centimeter or two away from Yan Tenghua’s head! If it weren’t for his sharp eyesight and quick hands, Yan Tenghua would have been dead a long time ago.

Emperor Yan in his arms was not surprised with the assassination attempt, but was instead surprised of Liu Yuzhen’s actions. 

“Quickly, catch the assassin!”

He didn’t need to shout, as there was already chaos outside.

This kind of thing had been happening frequently since Emperor Yan ascended the throne.

If it wasn’t for people with internal collaboration, how could someone easily enter the Emperor’s chambers 

I just don’t know if it had something to do with Prince An or someone else this time.

Emperor Yan hugged Liu Yuzhen’s cool body, intending to take the dart.

To be precise, the thing was a small iron knife, only the size of a palm.

Liu Yuzhen still held the blade between his fingers and refused to let him take it.

“Don’t move, this is important evidence, I want to take it back for fingerprinting!”


“Oh, don’t you guys know what a fingerprint is” Liu Yuzhen suddenly became proud, carefully wrapped the knife with a quilt, and then spread the palm of Emperor Yan, “Look, every finger has a circle of fingerprints in it which is the most important.

Through a special technology, the murderer’s fingerprint on the knife can be easily identified.”

“You have this kind of technology” Emperor Yan’s eyes were bright, and the hand held by Liu Yuzhen became weak and numb.

Although he was very greedy for this kind of intimacy, he still leaned over to carefully look at the fingerprints that Yuzhen said to him.

“Of course!”

Emperor Yan hummed and smiled.

He couldn’t help the hand that was stretched by Yuzhen to tremble a little.

He didn’t seem to care who the murderer was at all, as long as Liu Yuzhen was still by his side at the moment, he would be satisfied.

 “Yuzhen, who are you Why do you know strange skills and possess such powerful eyes Are you a demon”

Liu Yuzhen laughed out loud.

It’s not really horrible to be called a demon.

But if he was a demon, then what would the Captain be The devil

“Yes, yes, yes, I am a demon, specially sent by the heavens to torment you.” 

As he spoke, he immediately used his unique skill—the capture technique, a hand to capture the Emperor Yan, and intended to subdue him. 

At least, to make himself feel a little better inside.

But who would have thought that Emperor Yan had already seen through his motives long ago. 

The hand being held seemed to be enveloped by an invisible air current, it was as hard as a rock, and could not be moved at all.

At the same time, the other big hand came from behind, and grabbed Liu Yuzhen’s smooth and slender legs.

His thighs were raised high, and Liu Yuzhen, who was sitting up straight and was planning to attack, was ruthlessly deprived of his strength, and his whole body was thrown on the other person’s chest.

Ah, hateful, hateful!

It doesn’t make sense.

What does this guy eat Why is he so strong

He refused to give in! 

Liu Yuzhen immediately covered his exposed parts with a pillow, turned over vigorously, and the whole person rose into the air, then shamelessly clamped Emperor Yan’s head with his legs, showing a rather handsome ultimate scissor leg skill.


As a result, it was conceivable that his scissor legs not only did not harm Emperor Yan, but also put him in an even more embarrassing situation.

Emperor Yan was still holding someone’s thigh with one hand, and firmly blocked the flying right leg with the other hand.

Now, both legs were under the control of Emperor Yan. 

What can’t happen if he can take on Liu Yuzhen

Liu Yuzhen, who was suddenly pressed on the bed and had his legs separated, while tightly protecting his jewels, had his face flushed in anger.

 “How could you do this!”

“How” Emperor Yan slowly approached him with a dangerous smile, and raised Yuzhen’s long legs over his shoulders.

“I won’t check it for you! Nor would I let you do it again.

I’m stingy! What are you laughing at” 

It’s really unscientific, Yan Tenghua was strong and violent, but he seemed to be someone that had been fooling around for nothing all these years, and now he was playing with him

Seeing that he was about to get angry, Emperor Yan couldn’t help reaching out to caress his fair and pretty face, and kissed him distressingly, “Why are you thinking about the impossible.”

Yuzhen’s pretty face froze, and he stared at him with fiery eyes and he resisted the man more and tried even harder.

Unfortunately, in the end, he still couldn’t escape, therefore he could only accept his situation as he kept thinking to himself: If the captain comes, you’re dead!

At this moment, the noise outside the house stopped abruptly, Emperor Yan put away his smile, and looked out the door coldly, “I’m afraid they’ve caught him.”

“What are you going to do to him” Yuzhen kept wanting to ask, he didn’t need to verify the fingerprints to know who it was.

Since that’s the case, of course he would want to know how Emperor Yan would deal with that person.

“Stay here and don’t leave.” Emperor Yan merely said, put on his clothes and immediately left the bedroom, leaving Liu Yuzhen alone inside.

At this juncture, Liu Yuzhen couldn’t find any clothes to wear.

He leaned over the bed, looked at the dirty clothes all over the floor, his eyebrows twitched, and seriously suspected that Yan Tenghua did it on purpose!


Suddenly, a huge explosion was heard outside.

Liu Yuzhen almost fell out of bed. 

What happened Why is there an explosion inside the palace!!

“This is bad, Yan Tenghua…..” Liu Yuzhen hurriedly removed the gold silk bed-curtain, wrapped it around his body casually, and rushed out of the room in three steps at a time, following the sound of the explosion.

Along the way, maids and attendants looked at him more and more surprised. 

Have they never seen a man running naked Really

However, the lack of worry in their eyes did not make Liu Yuzhen slacken in his steps.

He must ensure that Yan Tenghua was safe and sound, and more importantly, he must catch those guys who used explosives that made rifles in the ancient times!

However, the results shocked him.

Among the people gathered in a group far away, there was no trace of gunpowder smoke, which meant that they did not use explosives.

So where did the huge sound come from

Liu Yuzhen’s eyes quickly passed through the bodies of the soldiers, until he saw a big hole with a diameter and width of two meters on the wall next to the man in a golden robe!


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