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Chapter 53 Re-entering Liu Kingdom

Liu Yuzhen stared at the rope, all kinds of messy guesses flashed in his mind, then his eyes slowly looked up at the wolf beside him.

He thought too much, Emperor Yan just wanted to play the rope game he taught last time to relieve boredom, moreover it would be more than an hour or two drive from here to the Liu Country.

“Yuzhen, if you want to do those things, this King can also accompany you.” Emperor Yan completely saw through his thoughts, which appeared like Liu Yuzhen was a bad boy with dirty thoughts.

Liu Yuzhen pushed him aside vigorously, and roared guiltily, “Looking for trouble, how can someone play with a rope that is one or two meters long, do you think I can’t misunderstand”

Emperor Yan only looked at him gently, his eyes were extremely doting.

The carriage passed through the streets and alleys of the country of Yan, and soon drove out of the border.

Emperor Yan calmly pulled Liu Yuzhen to play with the flower rope.

As early as a few days ago, when Liu Yuzhen felt bored and refused to go to the court, he got the list of officials and spies that Prince An had set up in the court .

He secretly raised his eyes to look at Liu Yuzhen.

In the secret investigation of that list, almost everyone regarded Prime Minister Liu as a colleague.

He didn’t want to doubt Liu Yuzhen, even if he had intercepted Liu Ling’s secret letter, he still didn’t want to believe it.

Just as Liu Yuzhen was concentrating on the flower rope in his hand, Emperor Yan unexpectedly went forward to kiss him.

He should have not underestimated him.

Liu Yuzhen raised his hand in time, and the flower rope restored to its diagonal shape and  used it to forcibly block Emperor Yan’s thin lips. 

 “What are you doing Want to kiss me again No way!”

“Beauty Yuzhen, can the gunpowder you developed last time be put into use now”

“No way!” Liu Yuzhen reacted quickly, this guy actually planned to give honey first, and when the sweetness would make him dizzy, he then would ask about the explosives.

Don’t ever think that he’d fall into that trap again.

Hot weapons were not popular in this world at all.

Although he said that he would help Great Yan become the ruler of the world, just like Einstein regretted inventing the atomic bomb and making gunpowder for war, he would rather it not become a reality.

“I made this to attract the third party, but you proposed military use” Liu Yuzhen looked at Emperor Yan vigilantly.

Yan Tenghua’s ambition was beyond the imagination of a small person like him, “Do you want to go against the sky”

As if he had already thought that Liu Yuzhen would refuse, Emperor Yan remained calm and explained patiently, “Great Yan is currently in danger.

If you can’t let the dependent countries serve as a barrier for Great Yan as you said, then once they are attracted by the strong Qin, Great Yan will have no power to fight back.”

“Struggled of the trapped beasts…” Liu Yuzhen was right when he thought about it, if it wasn’t because he accidentally brought up a joint alliance with General Qinglin, Great Yan would have become a turtle in the jar.

“There’s no need to use gunpowder.

If the saintess is only here, policy alone can help you unify the world.

Unfortunately, I am relatively stupid.”

What Liu Yuzhen said was the truth, he just tried not to disrupt the balance of this era as much as possible, but this thin layer of paper would soon be pierced by the third party at some point.

Emperor Yan naturally knew this truth, and he greatly agreed with someone who claimed to be stupid.

“Beauty, you are really not smart.”

“Hey, you’re actually saying hurtful words to me” Is there any mistake, he is just self-effacing, why should he answer his words, also, since when did his name become Beauty 

“Hmph, you can forget relying on me for military purposes.

It’s too unworthy for the famous Interpol of my generation to partner with a super insensitive emperor like you.

My abilities will be buried by you!”

“Hehe, what kind of ability does the Beauty have that this King has not seen” Emperor Yan’s casual words almost drove Liu Yuzhen to death.

“You womanizer!”

As the carriage moved forward at a high speed, falling leaves occasionally floated into the window.

Before they knew it, they were already far away from the Capital, and drove into the main road leading to Liu Country again.

According to what Emperor Yan said, they were making an unannounced visit this time, and no one knew that Emperor Yan was coming, but everyone knew that Liu Yuzhen was the Prime Minister of the Liu Kingdom, and it was only a matter of time before he was recognized.

Beauty Liu is not Prime Minister Liu.

 Once again, Liu Yuzhen had told Emperor Yan that he would not run away, he would not follow Liu Ling, and he would not betray him.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any problems in taking him to Liu Country for an unannounced visit and investigation.

It was also good for Liu Yuzhen, who was jealous and playing around in the palace all day, to relax.

For the land reclamation issue mentioned by Liu Yuzhen before, they’d better start with the Liu Country on the top of the wall.

Their carriage was parked by an old inn that looked dusty.

For a private visit in commoner’s clothes, they would naturally not choose a conspicuous place in the market to settle down.

However, just as the carriage stabilized, a woman’s furious voice was suddenly heard from the second-story pavilion,

“Shut up! Such a small injury is nothing, just endure it.

Huh, going to the plateau , not listening to me and going the wrong path.

Look how much you’ve suffered.”

“But…ahh!” A man’s shameful screams suddenly erupted upstairs.


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