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Chapter 54 You Can Use It

Are they going to stay in this kind of place today

Emperor Yan also showed embarrassment.

He didn’t expect to find an inn in a remote mountain forest, and to only encounter an aggressive woman.

The voice seemed familiar, Emperor Yan raised his head to look at the pavilion with the open window, his eyes were full of anticipation, but he didn’t say anything, until a man’s figure flashed by the window, and another rude curse sounded in the room.

“Go to bed right now and rest, I’m going downstairs to feed the horse.”

The man whimpered and said something but Emperor Yan didn’t continue to listen carefully.

There was a small stable next to the place where they parked the carriage, and there was an old and thin horse tied there, probably belonging to the young couple.

Liu Yuzhen stared at the window and frowned.

The words yelled by the woman were really like the style of their vice-captain Saintess, but was there such a possibility What would he do if he only disturbed the wrong person

Just when Liu Yuzhen was hesitating whether to call out to try, Emperor Yan took his hand and led him to the opposite place.

“We will settle outside the Country of Liu, enter the Capital during the day, and come out at dusk.

Beauty, let me show you the scenery of Liu Country.”

After hearing Emperor Yan’s call, Liu Yuzhen looked at the attic with some reluctance, and finally let go of his doubts, and happily responded to Emperor Yan’s tenderness.

“You’re only responsible for yourself as a target.

Words can be said before, but I don’t want to live in the same room as you! I don’t want to die just yet.”

Emperor Yan waved his servants to enter the store, and he took Liu Yuzhen into the forest path, accompanied by only two men and two women.

When Liu Yuzhen was in the carriage, he didn’t notice that among the maids who came with him after leaving the palace, the woman named Pei Huan also came along.

He opened his eyes wide and looked at her in disbelief. This girl is really thick-skinned.

Does she not care about being exposed What’s going on, if she belongs to Imperial Concubine Mingge, there’s no need to make herself suspicious so blatantly.

Pei Huan lowered her head more, as if she knew that even if Liu Yuzhen was angry, he would not expose her in front of Emperor Yan.

“Follow, just follow, I won’t let you go if you cause trouble.” Liu Yuzhen whispered, feeling that he was really being targeted by an incredible person, and the purpose was unknown.

Liu Yuzhen concealed his emotions and hurriedly followed the footsteps of Emperor Yan.

At first, he felt embarrassed, always feeling like being watched, but now he was very used to ignoring the servants behind him.

This sparse forest was not too different from that of the Yuling Kingdom.

The short bushes were widely spaced, and he could smell the wind and sand, which was stronger than the vegetation.

The border of Liu Country was only about an hour’s ride away from them.

Emperor Yan carried Liu Yuzhen onto the horse and sat behind him, while four servants followed closely behind on two horses.

It was autumn, and the leaves were slightly yellowing.

Trudging along this winding path, the leaves were slowly drifting, which was quite a beautiful sight.

For Emperor Yan, there was nothing more exciting than being able to hold a beauty in his arms and equally enjoy a beautiful scenery.

“The north of here is the border of the Yuling Kingdom.

Many people from the Yuling Kingdom will go to this place to collect herbs.

Look, here and there are very common herbs,” Emperor Yan pointed with a long whip, and his deep voice sounded behind Liu Yuzhen’s ears.

“In this way, if the Yuling Kingdom has alliances with other countries, it will first start to destroy the relationship between Liu and Yan.”

“In this case, why do you insist on ruling the Liu Kingdom” Liu Yuzhen was listening to him very attentively.

Although the beautiful scenery in front of him was beautiful, it was also very important to prevent that damned guy from getting it on with him.

Liu Yuzhen stared carefully at the so-called herbs.

He had seen this kind of grass when he was doing field training.

Its stems were green, and the flower heads were white, they were called the white thatch flowers.

Xiaoqi often crushed them to stop the bleeding of a wound.

Foreigners rarely accepted this way, but he liked these herbs very much.

“Liu State is not close to Great Yan in terms of territory.

It can even be said that it can be swayed by other surrounding countries at any time.

Why do you insist on gaining the right to rule this country” Liu Yuzhen couldn’t figure it out, it was really not a good military decision.

Emperor Yan curled his lips, and pointed in the direction of Yuling Kingdom, “The King of Yuling Kingdom advocates internal governance and does not communicate with the outside world.

In fact, this King is not worried when Yuling invades Liu Kingdom one day, but is afraid that someone will use it maliciously.”

“That’s not the same thing, you still haven’t said why you want Liu Country.”

Emperor Yan dismounted suddenly, and the maids and courtiers who followed him also dismounted quickly, leaving only Liu Yuzhen sitting on the horse watching his behavior in a daze.

“Because I hate Prime Minister Liu,” Emperor Yan replied flatly without blinking, “therefore I imprisoned Liu Qi, the Eldest Prince of the Liu Kingdom, making the Liu Kingdom automatically surrender its power to this King.”

Oh, he wouldn’t forget this for hundreds of years, just because of this, he became the object of Emperor Yan’s vent.

“I don’t care about the small place of Liu Kingdom, but I do care about you, Liu Yuzhen.” Emperor Yan continued ambiguously, “I want to pick some white thatch flowers back.”

“Picking white thatch flowers Are you afraid of getting hurt while being protected by me Do you really look down on me like that” Liu Yuzhen looked at him angrily.

He had become so arrogant after defeating him a few times.

One day Damn Emperor Yan, you will regret it!

But Emperor Yan merely shook his head.

He turned his back to him, and said with a smile in his voice, “This is for you, Beauty, don’t you think you will need it tonight”

“…Do you want to die!” Liu Yuzhen’s face turned pale in an instant, and he drove the horse to go first, and he would never bother with this psycho again!!


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