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Chapter 7 The taste of a strong kiss

Liu Yuzhen reacted very quickly.

As soon as he felt the murderous aura of the cold weapon when he landed, he immediately protected Yuelan behind him.

“Why aren’t you guys guarding inside This isn’t prepared for me, right” Yuzhen twitched the corners of his mouth awkwardly.

Yuelan didn’t make inquiries before escaping.

It would be tough to flee after being arrested and recaptured.

One of the middle-aged guards whispered.

“What are you doing Dare to enter and exit the forbidden area of the palace casually”  

Liu Yuzhen sneered, these people have been here for so long, but no one recognized Prime Minister Liu’s appearance.

Suddenly, a bloody picture flashed in his mind.

‘Don’t care, give it a try’.

He stretched out his hand and pointed behind everyone’s back, and shouted – “Hey, look, it’s Emperor Yan!”

These well-trained garrisoners turned and knelt on the ground in unison in an instant, without daring to lift their heads, as if there were someone there, “Long live the Emperor.”

Liu Yuzhen immediately pulled Yuelan and ran away, snickering in his heart.

They passed through a few junctions, trailed by a group of guards yelling “stop,” but Yuelan’s selected route had an increasing number of guards.

“Are you sure you didn’t choose the wrong way”

Yuelan hid behind Yuzhen seeing that there were a lot of guards in front.

But then she suddenly scampered past him, opened her mouth and shouted, “His Royal Highness! The Prime Minister is here!” 

Yu Zhen looked at her in surprise, hurriedly covering her small mouth with a gloomy expression.

“Did you bring me here to see the prince You are really disobedient.”

“You are the one who is disobedient!” A familiar yet unfamiliar voice sounded behind him, “If you want to go and protect the Prince of Liu Kingdom, just say there are assassins!” the man ordered.

( t/n I think the emperor is trying to divert attention here because the prince was near)

Yuzhen turned around and saw that the person who came was Emperor Yan with a dignified expression.

Wasn’t he with the crown prince Why did they come near the cold palace “This guy is really a ghost……I can’t stay.

I just came out for a walk, a walk.” 

Emperor Yan’s arrogant face was already in front of him, and he squeezed Yuzhen’s mouth with a big hand, with such strength that he could just crush him.

“Be quiet for this King.” 

Yu Zhen felt a fishy astringency in his mouth, and a severe pain spread over.

However, from a corner, he could see the appearance of the prince as soon as he would turn his head, but Yuzhen just glared at Emperor Yan with very hostile eyes, and did not resist.

He didn’t want Yuelan to call the prince because he vaguely remembered that Liu Kingdom was a vassal of Yan Kingdom.

Even if he called the prince, could the prince be able to take him away from the Emperor of Yan Are you not afraid that the two countries will break up because of this, which will bring disaster to the subjects

“There are assassins! Quickly take Prince Liu away! There are assassins!” The garrison shouted loudly in the aisle, and the carriage immediately turned around.

A clear and urgent man’s voice sounded from the horse’s back, “Prime Minister Let me take a look…”

The garrison stopped him, “Prince, further is the important place of the harem, please don’t step inside (cold palace).” 

Emperor Yan’s black eyes narrowed into thin lines, and he squeezed Yuzhen’s hand harder and harder.

“Prince need not to panic, the assassin has been captured.

Forgive me, this King had to appease the frightened concubine first who’s unable to stay far away, and also asks Prince Liu to return to the Fuyun (Floating clouds) Palace first.”

“Oh How could there be an assassin in the harem.” It seemed that the Prince was also a very cautious person.

His tone was very skeptical.

The Emperor of Yan made a fierce blink at Yuelan, Those murderous eyes, even a disobedient girl like Yuelan was frightened to the point of being unsteady.

“The….The Prince is too polite.” 

Prince Liu’s footsteps slowly leaned in their direction.

Turning around the alley was the forbidden area of the harem.

How could Prime Minister Liu, who had been missing for a long time, appear in the harem

“Tsk.” Emperor Yan said in a very light voice, “Liu Yuzhen, wanting to escape from this King Dream on!”

Yuzhen was in pain, he tried hard to pull away Emperor Yan’s hand, but the hand didn’t move at all, and Emperor Yan’s face was so dark that it seemed like he was going to eat people.mNow that he was caught running away, it’s hard to say whether this person would really crush him to death, or would he still resist 

Leaving aside this cruel emperor and not letting Liu Ling see, there must be a way.

“You…enough…let go…” He raised his fist and swung it hard at Emperor Yan’s face.

He only felt that the injured wrist was firmly grasped, and the whole person was pulled to one side.

The strength he exerted was instantly dissipated, the body rushed forward, but fell into a strong embrace.

Before Yuzhen could react, the sturdy man in front of him had already pressed him against the wall.

A small impact made this weak body dizzy.

Yuzhen was about to complain, but he was suddenly blocked by a kiss from Emperor Yan. 

His cheeks were pinched so he opened his mouth unconsciously, and the warm tongue stirred into his mouth and swept violently, sucking forcefully and gnawing wildly, suddenly making Yuzhen flushed with shame and nervousness, but he couldn’t push Emperor Yan away.

The bloody taste entered Emperor Yan’s mouth, and he frowned deeply, but did not reduce his strength.

This is punishment.

Blame it on your delusion to escape from this King!

Emperor Yan’s kiss became deeper and deeper, and the surrounding air seemed to be suffocating.

How could this Emperor kiss him in front of so many people!

Emperor Yan’s figure just blocked the line of sight of Prince Liu who had crossed the Lei Chi (Thunder pond).

The two lingering figures were so ecstatic.

 Where will Liu Ling take a closer look He turned and returned to his horse.

“Your Majesty, Liu Ling will wait at the Fuyun (Floating cloud) Palace, please come over as soon as possible.”

Yuzhen couldn’t hear Liu Ling’s voice at all, the world in front of him seemed to be spinning constantly, and his mind was blank.

Seeing Liu Ling’s departure, Emperor Yan let go of Liu Yuzhen, and his index finger gently wiped away the blood at the corner of Yuzhen’s mouth.

“If you behave yourself for this King, you will suffer less.

But If you dare to escape next time, it will not be as simple as being kissed by this King.”

Liu Yuzhen was so dazed by the kiss that he even forgot to scold him.

If he hadn’t thought that there would be casualties if a war broke out between the two kingdoms, he wouldn’t want to endure a tongue (french) kiss with a man.

But what happened to the ** in my heart just now…

He stared blankly at Emperor Yan, his eyes were as big as cat’s eyes, but the people in front of him were not thinking of him.

“Zipei!” Emperor Yan called.

The young chief of the Imperial Guards had appeared in the alley at some point, and when he heard Emperor Yan’s call, he immediately came and knelt down.

“The subordinate is here.”

“It’s your dereliction of duty to let this person escape.

Based on your past achievements, I’ll give you another chance.

Bring him to the Emperor’s chambers.

If anything goes wrong, you’ll be the only one responsible.” 

“Zipei heeds the order!” After saying that, three or four people came up to capture Yuzhen and Yuelan.

“Wait.” Emperor Yan waved his hand, and his icy and resentful eyes suddenly flickered, pulling up Yuzhen’s hands and saying, “What’s wrong with your hands”

Such a gentle question, as a prisoner, Liu Yuzhen was a little flattered, is Emperor Yan concerned about him

Yuzhen, who was staring at him, did not dare to speak until he was sure that Liu Ling had really left, but his first sentence was – “You actually took the opportunity to take advantage of me!”

Seeing his wronged and serious appearance, Emperor Yan’s anger instantly dissipated without a trace.

This Liu Yuzhen was just kissed, and he actually put on such an interesting look.  He was filled with righteous indignation, as if he had suffered a great loss and wanted to collect debt.

Emperor Yan felt a little better, and pretended to be solemn.

“This King is asking what’s wrong with your hand.”

When Yuzhen saw that he did not continue to show murderous intent, but instead seemed to be teasing him, he was very angry.

“Can’t you see it You know that I was injured and still dragged me so hard! Hey, did you make a mistake Just kill me quickly, I hate being under house arrest the most, you either let me die, or let me go!”  

Translator’s Note

Thunder Pool (Pond) – In the east of Wangjiang County , Anhui Province , in the southwestern part of Anhui, which is located in Chutou and Wuwei , is a vast area with dense water network, collectively known as Daleishui in ancient times . The lower reaches of it are accumulated in the eastern part of today’s Wangjiang County, which is the source of the Chinese idiom dictionary “do n’t dare to step over the thunder pond” – “Gu Lei Pond”.

Tracing the source.

The former “Guleichi” is today’s Leichi Township , Wangjiang County , Anhui Province .


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