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2102 Immortal Sect Selection


After a long silence, Astral Rain finally sighed.


Leave the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom as soon as possible.”

“Senior, why are you…”

Su Zimo was puzzled and could not understand Astral Rains thoughts.

The two of them did not have any relationship.

If Astral Rain captured him, he would be able to exchange for a large number of treasures.

Even without handing him over, he could force out the Exalted Mystic Spirit Big Dipper True Sutra.

Astral Rain seemed to have read Su Zimos mind.

“When I saw that you were taken away by Commander Liu, I guessed that he was after the inheritance you just obtained.”

“Although Im the sect master and dont want you to meet with such a calamity, I dont dare to offend the Execution Guards either.”

Astral Rain did not conceal his fear towards the Execution Guards and the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

“However, I could not calm down after returning to my cave abode,”

Astral Rain said, “After so many years, the inheritance of Astral Sect has finally appeared in this generation.

Am I going to let the Execution Guards snatch it away just like that As the Sect Master of Astral Sect, am I going to watch the successor die prematurely because of this”

At that point, Astral Rain laughed self-deprecatingly.

“I came this time round with the intention of risking my life to kill these Execution Guards and save you.

To think that theyre already dead.”

Although Astral Rain did not say it explicitly, one could imagine how difficult it was for him to make that decision.

Attacking the Execution Guards was equivalent to taking on a massive existence like the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom!

“If youre just Su Zimo, I wont let you off,”

Astral Rain said, “However, youre Mo Ling and have received the inheritance of Astral Sect.

I hope that this inheritance can shine once more in your hands.”

His tone was sincere and there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

Even in the upper world, not everyone was evil and would bully the weak.

Not everyone was greedy and cold-blooded.

Astral Rain knew in his heart that since this inheritance chose Su Zimo, it meant that he was the most suitable candidate!

Suddenly, he took out a talisman from his storage bag and handed it to Su Zimo.

“This is a Major Transference Talisman.

It can teleport you directly to a city at the border of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom, Seven Feather City.”

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

The territory of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom was vast and there were 16 counties and more than a thousand cities.

Given Su Zimos cultivation, even if he traveled day and night, it would take him months to cross a county, let alone the entire Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

It was clear how precious that talisman was.

“Tear this talisman apart and descend at the border.

After leaving Seven Feather City, its equivalent to breaking free from the pursuit of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom,”

Pausing for a moment, Astral Rain continued, “However, leaving the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom doesnt mean that its safe.”

“In Divine Firmament Mainland, only half of the territory controlled by the three Immortal Kingdoms is occupied.

Most of the remaining half is ownerless and contains all sorts of powerful living beings that are filled with danger and unknowns.”

“Some of the spirit grounds are occupied by powerful itinerant cultivators, some of the mountain ranges are occupied by terrifying demon beasts, some of the blessed lands are under the jurisdiction of immortal sects… There are countless similar places.

If you enter by mistake, your life will be in danger at any moment!”

Su Zimo pondered for a moment and asked, “How can I leave the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain after leaving the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom”

Astral Rain said, “After leaving the city, head south.

If nothing goes wrong, given your cultivation, it might take you dozens of years to cross more than half of Divine Firmament Mainlands territory to reach the Jade Firmament Immortal Domain.”

“Dozens of years…”

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

That time estimate was under the most ideal conditions.

According to Astral Rain, he had to experience countless dangers crossing those ownerless lands where various factions and powerful living beings resided.

If anything were to happen during this period of time, it would be normal for him to take hundreds or even thousands of years.

“Isnt there any teleportation method”

Su Zimo asked with a frown.


Astral Rain said, “However, the teleportation hall is located in the capitals of the three Immortal Kingdoms, the four immortal sects and Divine Firmament City!”

“Without a special status, you can dream about entering the capitals of the three Immortal Kingdoms or the four immortal sects.”

“As for Divine Firmament City, thats the territory of the Divine Firmament Immortal Emperor with countless experts living in seclusion.

Even if you possess Myriad Transformations, youll definitely reveal flaws there.”

Su Zimo shook his head.

The path of using a teleportation formation was even more unrealistic.

“Wheres the Green Firmament Immortal Domain”

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat as he asked.

The Thunder Emperor had once told him that the Human Emperor, Lin Zhan, was in the Green Firmament Immortal Domain right now and controlled an Immortal Kingdom.

“The Green Firmament Immortal Domain is even further,”

Astral Rain shook his head.

“The south of the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain is the Jade Firmament Immortal Domain.

Further south is the Elixir Firmament Immortal Domain and further south is the Green Firmament Immortal Domain.

Thats two Immortal Domains in the middle and its even further.”

Su Zimo shook his head.

Given his current capabilities, there was no way he could reach the Green Firmament Immortal Domain.

Astral Rain thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Actually, if you can join one of the four immortal sects, you might be able to resolve this calamity!”

“Four immortal sects”

Su Zimo murmured softly.

Back on the Dragon Abyss Star, he had come into contact with cultivators of the four immortal sects.

The four immortal sects of Divine Firmament Mainland were the Mountain Sea Immortal Sect, Imperial Wind Temple, Heaven and Earth Academy and Flying Immortal Sect.

Astral Rain said in a deep voice, “In the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain, the four immortal sects are the only factions that can fight against the three Immortal Kingdoms.

Although they are sects, their foundations are terrifying and are definitely not weaker than an Immortal Kingdom!”

“If I can join one of the four immortal sects, will I be able to escape the threat of Prince Yuan Zuo”

Su Zimo asked again.

Astral Rain nodded and said, “More than 2,000 years ago, because of Feng Cantian, Prince Yuan Zuos status among the many princes and princesses of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom plummeted.

The current prince and County Governor of Green Cloud County have changed as well.”

“Although youre being hunted by him, as long as you leave the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom and join the four immortal sects, no matter how arrogant Yuan Zuo is, he wont dare to capture anyone from the four immortal sects!”


Astral Rain wanted to speak but stopped.


Su Zimo asked.

Astral Rain hesitated for a moment.

“Given your current cultivation, its probably unrealistic for you to join the four immortal sects.

Lets forget about this matter.”


Su Zimo frowned and asked, “What are the conditions required to join the four immortal sects”

“Every hundred years, the four immortal sects will hold an Immortal Sect Selection in the Coiling Dragon Mountain Range.

The most talented and powerful Earth Immortals of Divine Firmament Mainland will be gathered.”

Astral Rain said, “The entire selection will last for a year and only a hundred Earth Immortals will be invited to join the four immortal sects in the end.”

“Theres a restriction on ones cultivation realm in the Immortal Sect Selection”

Su Zimo asked.

“Not really, as long as youre an Earth Immortal,”

Astral Rain said, “However, those taking part in the Immortal Sect Selection are all top Earth Immortal experts from all over Divine Firmament Mainland.

The weakest among them are Grade 7 Earth Immortals.”

“The ones who stand out in the end are almost entirely Grade 9 Earth Immortals.”

“Although you have the help of the Mystic Spirit Big Dipper Diagram, the difference in your cultivation realm is still too great.

You wont stand a chance even if you take part in the Immortal Sect Selection.”

“The competition for the Immortal Sect Selection is way too intense and cruel.

If youre careless, your life might be in danger!”

When Astral Rain saw the corpses of the Execution Guards strewn all over the ground, he instinctively thought that these people had died in the hands of the people hunted down by the Execution Guards.

He had not thought that Su Zimo had anything to do with their deaths.

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