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262 Dark-born Giant Race, Destroy the Spatial Crack! (1)

In the audience, the gazes of all the audience were constantly changing between Lei Shuo and the others battles and the projection screen.

For a moment, they did not know where to look.

No one expected Lei Shuo and Liu Quan to directly attack.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the audience, making the two sides fighting below instantly stop.

“Jiang Shangbai is dead! Jiang Shangbai is dead!”

Lei Shuo, who was venting his anger, was stunned for a moment when he heard this voice.

Then, he was pulled back by Liu Quan.

Liu Quan pointed at the projection screen at the side and looked at Lei Shuo.

“Lu Yan is fine.

Jiang Shangbai is dead!”

Lei Shuo was also stunned and happy when he heard this.

Then, his gaze landed on the projection screen at the side.

His furious expression instantly disappeared, and his face revealed a happy expression.

“Hahaha, I knew this kid would not be so pedantic as to sacrifice himself.”

“I didnt expect this Yuna to be so useful.

She directly flipped the sacrificial formation.”

“Thats more like it.

That Jiang Shangbai is so righteous and moral.

Let him sacrifice himself.”

Lei Shuo looked at the scene on the projection screen and instantly stopped being angry.

He smiled and directly returned to the Golden Corner Academys viewing area.

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The teacher-in-charge behind him was stunned.

The fight was just beginning to get intense but had suddenly stopped.

However, the situation in the Abandoned City changed so quickly that it completely exceeded their imagination.

Now, it was Jiang Shangbais turn to sacrifice.

Moreover, the so-called Holy Light Sword in Jiang Shangbais hand had actually been severed!

This made the surrounding teachers doubt Jiang Shangbais previous words.

Could a so-called Holy Light Sword that was easily severed save the participating new students

Why did they suddenly feel like they were being used

Some of the teachers-in-charges gazes circulated on Luo Sutong.

Then, their expressions darkened as they directly headed towards their respective viewing platforms.

In the current situation of Abandoned City, they could only place his hopes on Lu Yan.

On the viewing platform of Qingbei University, Luo Sutong looked at the scene of the Abandoned City and directly fell into the seat.

It was over!

It was all over!

Luo Sutong had placed all their bets on Jiang Shangbai, wanting to use this to obtain a top-notch spiritual material from the Jiang familys inheritance and Jiang Shangbais help in the future.

Now, with Jiang Shangbais death, everything disappeared.

Behind him, Elder Jiangs eyes were dull as he collapsed on his mount.

He was no longer in the state of strategizing.

Shangbai was dead!

The Jiang family was finished!

It was impossible for the Jiang family to hide what they had done for long.

If they succeeded, even if they were discovered, they might not be in trouble.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if the Jiang family was destroyed because of this, as long as Jiang Shangbai was fine, the Jiang family could rise again.

However, everything was over now!

All the plans were very perfect.

Why did it have to be this abnormal Lu Yan among the participating new students this year!

Elder Jiangs face was ashen.

This time, not only had he not saved the Jiang family from decline, but he had also sent the Jiang family into the abyss.

At this moment, the upper echelons of the Jiang family, Jiang Tianhu, and the others were watching the live broadcast in the Abandoned City.

When they saw Jiang Shangbai being sacrificed, all the higher-ups of the Jiang family slumped into their chairs.

It was over!

The Jiang family was finished!

Jiang Tianhus face twitched, and his palm could not help but tremble.

“Patriarch, what should we do now” A higher-up of the Jiang family looked at Jiang Tianhu and said unwillingly.

Everything was gone just like that

Jiang Tianhu gritted his teeth and said, “Push everything onto the old master.

Remember, the old master forced us to do everything.”

“Donate all the assets of the Jiang family to the country.

Dont leave a single cent behind!”

“Lets try to save those that we can.”

After Jiang Tianhu finished speaking, he seemed to have aged more than ten years.

Even if the Jiang family could protect a few people, they would basically only exist in name.


Even if the family was declining slowly, it was still better than this, right

In the audience of Qingbei University, all the audiences gazes landed on Lu Yan and the others, looking forward to Lu Yan killing the Earth Dragon Snake quickly and stopping the spatial crack from opening.

However, in the next moment, the expressions of all the audience froze.

“A foot came out! Is it a dark-born Has the spatial crack opened”

Everyones gazes landed on the spatial crack on the projection screen, and their hearts immediately rose.


Thats right! It was definitely the aura of the dark-born!

Looking at the feet that stepped out of the spatial crack, Ao Yuns body suddenly froze.

He had come into contact with the dark-born and naturally knew the aura on the other partys body.

He did not expect the spatial crack to still open!

At this moment, Lu Yan and Luo Liuli had each killed an Earth Dragon Snake and also sensed the aura coming from the spatial crack.

Under their gazes, a huge foot stepped out of the spatial crack.

Then, a burly figure crawled out of the spatial crack.

The other partys body was very tall, very similar to the dark-born Lu Yan had seen previously, but he was more than twice as tall.

Moreover, the other partys skin was a faint black and the muscles on his body bulged, giving off an explosive feeling.

“Damn, its even a huge-born among the dark-born.

How unlucky!” Ao Yun looked at the dark-born coming out of the spatial crack in front of him and cursed.

“Whats going on Was this the giant race” Lu Yan looked at Ao Yun and asked.

“The giant race is the race with the strongest close combat and defense among the dark-born.

Theyre usually an attack force of the dark-born and are very difficult to deal with.

Ill stop this guy first.

You guys go and kill the eight earth dragon snakes first.

We cant let the spatial crack spread again!”

After saying this, Ao Yun suddenly rushed towards the huge dark-born in front of him.

Lu Yan and Luo Liuli did not hesitate and directly headed towards the eight Earth Dragon Snakes that were maintaining the spatial crack.

The Earth Dragon Snakes behind him were busy with the other participating new students.

No one could stop Lu Yan and Luo Liuli.

The dark-born who came out swept his gaze over and saw the situation clearly.

He looked at Lu Yan and Luo Liulis movements and directly prepared to stop them.

“Damn it, youre ignoring me If not for the fact that I was killed, I would have directly killed you!”

Ao Yun cursed angrily and directly rushed towards the dark-born in front of him.

As the two sides fought, Ao Yun instantly felt that the dark-born in front of him was somewhat powerful.

“Hes at least a level 35 dark-born.

Didnt they say that people who come through spatial cracks will have suppressed strength How powerful was this guy before his strength was suppressed”

Ao Yun took a punch from the other party and spat out a mouthful of blood.

He began to change his strategy and fight in a roundabout manner, preventing the other party from interfering with Lu Yan.

At this moment, Lu Yan and Luo Liuli had already arrived beside the eight Earth Dragon Snakes.

The two bone dragons directly rushed towards the Earth Dragon Snakes in front of them.

Lu Yan and Luo Liuli also used their attacks, wanting to quickly kill the Earth Dragon Snakes in front of them.


The two bone dragons collided with the Earth Dragon Snakes, directly emitting a muffled sound.

Although the eight Earth Dragon Snakes could not move, their bodies were covered by the black fog.

At this moment, their defense was very powerful.

The Dragon Abyss Sword in Luo Liulis hand landed on an Earth Dragon Snake in front of her and directly broke through the defensive black fog on the other partys body before slashing onto its body.

A wound instantly appeared on this Earth Dragon Snake.

The Earth Dragon Snakes body only twitched and did not move.

Luo Liuli frowned.

Although she could rely on the Dragon Abyss Sword to slash open the other partys defense, it would probably take more than ten strikes to kill the other party with such a wound.

The Black Bone Scythe wrapped in Lu Yans hand also landed on an Earth Dragon Snake in front of him, shattering the defensive black fog on the other partys body.

A wound instantly appeared on the Earth Dragon Snakes body.

At the same time, the body of the Earth Dragon Snake wrapped in the Netherworld Soul Scythe quickly trembled and directly separated from the other seven Earth Dragon Snakes.

It could still endure physical attacks, but the soul attack made this Earth Dragon Snake unable to maintain this state.

Without the support of an Earth Dragon Snake, the surrounding spatial cracks that wanted to form were instantly destroyed.

At the same time, the spatial crack in which the huge dark-born crawled out of also became unstable.

“Its working!”

Lu Yan was overjoyed, but then he saw a huge dark-born crawl out of the spatial crack.

They had to speed up!

“Sister Liuli, help me break the black fog defense on these Earth Dragon Snakes.

Ill attack them.”

Just now, Lu Yan had used all his strength to slash open the black fog defense on the Earth Dragon Snakes body so that Luo Liuli could break through its defense faster.

Luo Liuli nodded and waved the Dragon Abyss Sword in her hand, beginning to constantly break through the black fog defense on the Earth Dragon Snake in front of Luo Liuli.

At the side, Lu Yan also kept raising the Black Bone Scythe wrapped in his hand and slashing at the Earth Dragon Snake.

The damage of the soul attack made the bodies of every Earth Dragon Snake hit by the Black Bone Scythe tremble.

Then, they could not take it anymore and left their original state.

The surrounding spatial cracks were destroyed one by one.

The spatial crack formed also began to stop swaying, as if it would directly disappear in the next moment.

However, another huge dark-born crawled out.

At this point, three dark-born had already come out.

Lu Yan increased his speed and quickly hit all eight Earth Dragon Snakes, making them leave their previous state.

The black line that connected to the black fog in the sky quickly faded before directly disappearing.

The surrounding black lightning quickly disappeared, and the other spatial cracks that had yet to form were all destroyed.

Only the spatial crack that was formed was constantly shrinking.

At this moment, an arm crawled out of the spatial crack.

At the last moment before the spatial crack disappeared, it crawled out.

Lu Yan looked ahead and frowned.

A total of four huge dark-borns had come out from the spatial crack!

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