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The Third Commander looked at Chu Feng.

Out of the blue, he grinned.

“You might not know this, but when you left the city for an army mission, Second Brother said that you could surprise us again.

I didnt believe him.

“Therefore, Second Brother made a bet with me.

If you can bring back enough spiritual substances, I will owe you a favor.

“As everyone can see, I lost again.

I lost terribly.

“However, now that youre much stronger, you might not care about my favor anymore.

Ive taken advantage of you in a way

“Today, Ill protect you!

“Comprehend the Great Emperors portrait as long as you want.

It doesnt matter how long it takes.

As long as Im still alive, Ill definitely persist until you return even if I have to give it my all!

“In that case, I wont owe you anything, right”

After a pause, the Third Commander suddenly smiled faintly.

“Perhaps we formed a grudge because of that meeting at the city gate.”

“I know youve always had some opinions about me.

Coincidentally, so do I.

Ive never been a magnanimous person.

Im a little petty… Well, very petty!”

“But I can guarantee that I never had any intention of harming you after that!”

“Back then, I was too cowardly.

Therefore, Im here to atone for my sins today.”

The smile on the Third Commanders face widened.

“Im not saying these words to beg for your forgiveness or sympathy.

I dont need it!”

“I only hope that you can return successfully and save the City of the Great Emperor from danger! After all, this is my lifelong hope! Please…”

After the Third Commander finished speaking, everyone was silent.

Everyone knew that the Third Commander was not popular.

He was petty and stubborn.

He was not liked…

He knew all this himself, but he had never cared.

To be able to come this far, he had long had his own persistence.

But today, for the sake of the Great Emperors City, he had still changed.

Without giving Chu Feng a chance to speak, the Third Commander smiled and rushed into the depths of the City Lord Residence.

There, the remains of the commander were being worshiped.

As he had said, he did not need any sympathy or forgiveness.

Everything he did was because of his faith.

In midair, the golden armor on the Third Commanders body began to disintegrate automatically.

This meant that the Third Commander had completely abandoned the vessel of his soul.

If he could not find a new vessel in a long time, it would definitely slowly dissipate!

Ordinary divine-grade experts were far from being able to leave their bodies and have their souls exist forever!

At that moment…

Everyone fell silent.

This time, the Third Commander might never return.

Chu Feng was speechless.

Did he feel sad

A little.

But not much.

Because he had not interacted much with the Third Commander to begin with.

It would be a lie to say that he was sorrowful.

However, Chu Feng had long forgotten about the previous incident.

After all, he had not lost anything from the beginning to the end.

However, he did not expect the Third Commander to be so persistent.

As expected of that petty man…

As he watched the Third Commander leave resolutely, Chu Feng suddenly thought of Earth, his hometown.

If Earth were to face such a life-and-death crisis one day, would anyone be willing to do this

The man sacrificed his life for justice without any regrets…

He looked up.

Chu Fengs gaze seemed to have “seen” the small azure ball.

In the vast universe, it was so small and not worth mentioning.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng revealed an eager smile.

“I dont know what the others will do, and I have no right to ask them for anything.

However, I, Chu Feng, can guarantee that I will.”

Chu Feng muttered.

Ignoring the surprised gazes of the others, he resolutely walked towards the Emperors study.

Because the prerequisite for all of this was to return to Earth alive!

Outside the City Lord Residence, the Spirit King looked in the direction of the City Lord Residence from afar.

The Great Emperors aura that was constantly dissipating made him extremely afraid.

He did not dare to go forward at all.

But he was unwilling to leave just like that.

He was worried that there would be more twists and turns.

Just as he was in a dilemma, he suddenly realized that although the Great Emperors aura on the plaque was powerful, it was constantly being consumed.

The Spirit King was overjoyed.

This meant that when the Great Emperors aura was exhausted, he could press forward without any obstruction!

Therefore, he waited expectantly.

The Great Emperors aura was getting weaker and weaker.

There was a hint of hope in the Spirit Kings cold eyes.

“Heavenly Tree, your death is coming…”

However, no one responded.

Because at this moment, a tall and burly figure was slowly walking out of the shadows in the depths of the City Lord Residence.

The person who had arrived was more than ten meters tall.

He had bronze skin and had extremely strong limbs.

His strong muscles bulged inch by inch like an iron tower.

With every step he took, the ground trembled continuously.

The next moment, the towering figure arrived in front of everyone and bowed respectfully to the phantom of the Heavenly Tree.

“Madam, I did not disappoint you.

Ive successfully fused with the Commanders body.

I feel full of strength now!”

The Heavenly Tree sighed and looked into the giants eyes regretfully.

The owner of that gaze was the Third Commander!


The Great Emperors aura has been exhausted.

The Spirit King is attacking the City Lord Residence.

Stop him.”


In an instant, the Third Commanders thick bare feet suddenly stepped on the ground and he flew out like a spring!

There was no powerful aura dissipating.

Because the power of a body-refining expert was already contained in his body.

They would only release it all at the moment of battle and destroy the world!

“Spirit King, pay with your life!”

There was a burst of laughter.

The door to the City Lord Residence opened.

Just as the Spirit King was feeling puzzled, he sensed a fatal crisis! The next moment, he saw a huge fist the size of a sandbag coming at him!

It was so fast.

He did not even have time to react!

“What! How can there be such an expert hidden in the City of the Great Emperor!”

Before he could even see the enemy clearly, the Spirit King felt that this persons strength was definitely at the level of a Greater God!


With a loud explosion, the unprepared Spirit King was sent flying by a punch!

It was as if he had been struck by a heavy hammer.

The Spirit Kings chest caved in.

He vomited blood.

At that moment…

Only then did he see the person clearly.

He couldnt help but exclaim.

“Congreve! Why is it you! Havent you been killed by me!”

The Third Commander only sneered.

“The commanders soul has died, but his body will live forever! Today, I, Macken, will take revenge for him!”

At that moment, the Spirit King understood everything.

Looking at the man who was like an iron tower in front of him, his expression could not help but turn ugly.

Millions of years ago, it was this man who did not hesitate to pay the price of death to severely injure his main body, forcing him to fall into a deep sleep.

The Spirit King knew all too well how powerful this body was.

Body-refining experts were extremely difficult to deal with.

It was not an exaggeration!

Damn it!

How could this be!

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