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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 10 Changing The Goal

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Chapter 10 Changing The Goal

It was another happy weekend and Lin Rui, who was already familiar with Peter and Harry, invited them again to his home. However, this time they just played a simple game to enhance their relationship.

Toot Toot!


“Ah! I finally won!” The game controller was thrown toward the ground and Lin Rui jumped up with excitement. This was his first time defeating Peter in the game.

And Peter, who was sitting next to Lin Rui, put down the gamepad. He didnt let Lin Rui win intentionally and Lin Ruis win was indeed a technical improvement.

“Whats so exciting about winning a single game after playing for so many times” Just when Lin Rui was happy, the voice of the system that had no emotion echoed in his mind.

“System, Can you not bother me when I am happy with my friends” Lin Rui sits down slowly, complaining in his mind about the system. In the past two weeks, the system has not released Quest to him and Lin Rui had a normal student life, which was rare in the past.

“Nothing, just want to remind you that your main line Quest completion rate is too low. Until today, you have only completed 10/100. This is very slow for your Superhero growth path, it can be said to be very slow.” The system reminds Lin Rui that he is not a simple senior high school student, but a person who wants to become a Superhero.

“Of course I know this, but this is not what I want to do quickly! Its very troublesome to find all kinds of excuses to go out at night and I dont necessarily meet the bad guys. Its already very good to finish 10% in two weeks!! Lin Rui reluctantly responded, his strength is enough to deal with street gangsters but he just doesnt want them to hit him back, which is somewhat impossible!

“I cant persuade you but I need to remind you. Although there is no time limit for the mainline Quest, the slower you complete it, the worse it will be for you. Also, if your goal is to fight street gangsters one by one than I have to say that you are narrow-minded.” It seems that due to some rules, the system can only implicitly prompt Lin Rui.

“You have to understand the content of Quest clearly: To fight the criminal gangs in the streets and lanes, to become a famous Vigilante!” The system reminded in a way that hinted that there is something to notice here.

“You mean… Instead of going out every night to find the street thugs, why dont I just find some bigger gangs In this way, cracking down on a criminal gang can accomplish the quest much faster. Moreover, it seems that by doing such things my fame will rise a little faster!! Although the system didnt directly say anything, Lin Rui understood what it meant and responded instantly.

“Thats it! You are not so stupid after all! If you attack a smuggling gang or a drug gang, the Quest will be finished in minutes. Moreover, this quests aim is to make your reputation visible, which will certainly rise after you take down a large criminal gang. Lin Rui understood in an instant and the system didnt have to worry about any rules.

“Thats right, but I dont think that I have enough strength to fight a few dozen criminal gang members even if I had trained in the Intermediate Fighting Technique and Soaring Dragon Art.” Although the system proposal is good, Lin Rui understands his strength. His strength is more than enough to deal with a couple of street gangsters but if he had to fight a big gang then his strength is not enough.

“Are you sure that these criminal gang members will fight you as a team You just need to figure a way by which you can beat them.”

“You mean…”

“It seems that you understand.”

“I have to plan well before taking any actions!” While he was thinking of several scenarios in his mind his gaming actions slowed down unconsciously.

Da da da!


“Ha! It seems that you still cant beat me! Jackson!” Just as Lin Rui was talking to the system in his mind, Peter beat him in the game again.

“Eh! I have to keep practicing!” Lin Rui, who had something on his mind gave a perfunctory answer but Peter, who had just won the game did not hear it.

More than an hour later, Peter and Harry who had finished their games and homework, stood at Lin Ruis door and greeted his parents.

“Uncle Lin, Aunt Mary, well get going.”

“Eh! Be careful on the way. You are always welcome here in the future !” Compared with Lin Ruis fathers calmness, Lin Ruis mother Mary was much more enthusiastic and took them out of the yard. After all, The young master of Oscorp is one of her sons two friends and cant be neglected.

“Jackson, see you in school.”

“Yeah!” Lin Rui bid Peter and Harry goodbye.


After seeing off Peter and Harry, Lin Rui turned and rushed into the house, going to his room upstairs.


Then the sound of his bedroom door closing was heard, It seemed that he had something urgent to do. Lin Ruis parents were speechless as they watched their sons furious movements. But they did not ask him what he was doing, because they believed that Lin Rui would not do anything bad. If they knew about his nightly activities and his future plan then they would not be able to remain this calm.


Lin Rui, who had just locked the door, sat directly in front of the computer. With the system reminder, he suddenly seemed to know how to finish the mainline quest earlier. The trouble is finding those big criminal gangs but now he could choose and plan before he took any action.

Da da!


He quickly typed a few words into the computers search engine, Lin Rui is now looking for the information he needs.

“Aha! I found it! I just dont know how much of this online news is right, but they cant be wrong if they are super bad guys..” Seeing the results of his search, Lin Ruis eyes lit up and he muttered to himself.

At this point, Lin Ruis computer screen shows the news of New Yorks largest underground Mafia organization. Despite the reputation of the mafia, it is almost impossible for the New York police to kill them. At most, they are able to catch a few low-level members, which cant affect anything.

The key is Frankenstein Family, a family force with a long history is at the heart of the mafia. Their family runs not only underground forces, but also their own white businesses on the busy streets of New York. Its not too bad to say theyre New Yorks cancer, but theyre deeply rooted and cant be cut.

When the system reminded Lin Rui, he thought of these New York gangs. These Mafia forces with their own fixed business and territory are much easier to look for than those thugs who appear randomly on the street. However, the gap in strength between them is not small.

Of course, Lin Rui did not intend to completely eradicate this Mafia family that had been rooted in New York for many years by his own efforts, nor did he have that strength to do so. He just wanted to get them into trouble and finish his mainline quest. Anyway, he is not a real police officer and it is not possible for him to eradicate an entire Mafia Family with his current strength.

“Ok! Its settled! I will target the Frankenstein Family!” Lin Rui clenched his fist and whispered as he stared at the descriptions of the familys prestige searched on the computer screen.

Da Da ~


Then Lin Rui tapped on the keyboard again. He needed more information about the family. Now that he wanted to make some trouble for them, he needs to understand them first.


Midnight soon arrived, and Lin Ruis parents had fallen asleep. Lin Ruis bedroom was dark and there was no movement, but the moonlit window was slowly opened from inside. Then, a dark shadow that could not be seen jumped out of the window and landed safely in the yard.

Having mastered the Intermediate fighting skills and Soaring Dragon Art, he is physically superior to the average person and has no problem jumping from a second-floor window. Looking up at the moon tonight, Lin Ruis quickly left his yard and disappeared into the night.

Running through the night for more than forty minutes, Lin Rui finally arrived at Frankenstein Family, the nearest site to his family, in an unused area of Queens. If it hadnt been for Lin Ruis progress in the training of Soaring Dragon Art this week, he would not have been as relaxed as he is now in running so fast for such a long time.

Observing the surrounding environment, Lin Rui climbed lightly onto the roof of a low house and hid himself through Phantom Suit. Nearby are the living areas of low-rise houses like this. Obviously, the occupancy rate is not high. Many tramps and people who have nowhere to go will choose to spend a quiet night here.

Of course, it is also a natural place for underground criminal activities. Lin Rui came here tonight to try his luck. There were reports of drug dealings and two shootings in the neighborhood.

Lin Rui feels that it is possible to deal with the general drug dealers with his current strength. Even if he was on the opposite end of a gun he can simply use a shield.

After a little rest on the roof, Lin Rui found no suspicious people nearby. So he began to go deep into the neighborhood jumping from roof to roof. If he doesnt see someone tonight, Lin Rui has to go back, but he has a feeling that tonight he will gain a huge harvest.


Just after Lin Rui ran two streets on the roof of the building, there was a sudden movement in front of him, as if someone was talking. Lin Rui, who heard the sound, slowed down and stooped slowly in the direction of the sound.



Lin Rui hadnt even looked out from the top of the building when he heard two voices closing the door. It seems that there are people in front of him. A few seconds later, Lin Rui identified his quest goal for today: the following group of guys who seem to be on the drug dealers.


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