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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 16 Night Talk

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Chapter 16 Night Talk


In the narrow lane, two shadows passed quickly and finally stopped behind a row of garbage cans.

“That was… great!!” Gasping against the wall, Lin Rui looked up and said to Daredevil next to him.

Just now, Lin Rui and Daredevil joined forces to face more than 30 gang members, including those who are not afraid of death from Russian gangs. Although Lin Rui and Daredevil are not ordinary people, they cant resist the crazy weapon fire of those people in the end. After defeating more than a dozen guys, the two of them succeeded in breaking through the siege and leaving.

Daredevil, who ran here with Lin Rui, was also leaning against the wall but did not speak. Listening to his heavy breathing, it seemed that he was not in good condition.

“Eh Are you injured!” Eventually, Lin Rui found out that his temporary teammates were not right and asked quickly.

Lin Rui asked as he reached out to him to examine him. However, Lin Ruis hand was halfway up and was captured by Daredevil. He was obviously not prepared to let Lin Rui touch him. For this guy who has fought beside him, Daredevil apparently did not give him enough trust.

“Im all right, just a little bit scratched by a bullet.” Releasing Lin Ruis hand, Daredevil said calmly, with pain coming from his waist and abdomen.

Slowly withdraw his hand, Lin Rui also did not care, after all, he just acted a little abrupt, “I think you are not just a little scratched, blood is flowing out of your wound.”

Although Daredevil did not allow Lin Rui to examine him, Lin Rui kindly reminded him that he was losing too much blood because of his injuries. Lin Rui didnt want a Vigilante he just got to know to die from blood loss.

“Is it bleeding” Daredevil reached out and touched his waist at Lin Ruis reminder. There was already a lot of blood oozing out of his clothes.

“Dont you know Actually, I was puzzled at the beginning. Can you see the outside with a mask like this It doesnt seem transparent. Is it high-tech Lin Rui found something strange in Daredevils action at the beginning, so he asked his doubts.

Among Lin Ruis impressions, there was only one superhero who blocked the upper half of his face and that was Batman. But Batmans mask at least leaves an eye gap, while the Vigilante mask in front of him completely covers his eyes.

“Thats because… I dont need to look with my eyes.” Daredevil answered, putting his left hand on his mask.

In the next moment, the mask that blocked the upper half of his face was removed, revealing the true face inside. Daredevil took off his mask in front of Lin Rui, and he didnt know why.

“You!… you cant see!” Lin Rui, who had been staring at Daredevils action was shocked when he saw his face and then seemed to see something with some regret.

The face that appeared in front of Lin Rui was handsome and determined. His eyes were injured and they looked blood-stained which made him looked scary. Lin Rui felt that he must be a handsome man who could have captivated most of the women. Of course, he can still close his eyes or wear sunglasses.

And just after Lin Rui saw the true face of Daredevil, he finally remembered who Vigilante was. In addition to the high-rise Superhero in Marvel World, there are many Vigilantes walking under the night. There is only one person who cant see from his eyes and that someone is Matt Murdoch, who has been fighting against the gangster Kingpin. He also has another name that everyone is more familiar with: Daredevil.

“Oh!…well!” Matt, who unveiled the mask suddenly snorted and then fell to the ground while holding his waist.

“Be careful!” Fortunately, Lin Rui kept watching him and he stabilized him in the first place and slowly held him to the ground.

“You okay! let me see your wound.” Holding Matt on the floor, Lin Rui asked seriously. With so much blood flowing, even if Matt is far superior to ordinary people, he will soon be unable to stand it.

Matt didnt refuse this time. He took the right hand on his waist and slowly took it away, then propping himself upon the ground to prevent him from sliding down completely, while Lin Rui began to examine Matts wounds by the dim light at the end of the street.

“Hey! Its far more serious than a bruise! If it hadnt been for your strong control over your body, you might have fainted by now!” Lin Rui, who carefully lifted Matts clothes, took a cool breath and said in a serious tone.

Matts waist and abdomen wound is not a scratch, but a serious penetrating wound. Although the bullet did not remain in his body to continue its damage, the wound was so serious that Matts own resilience could not stop the bleeding at all.

Matt did not respond. He is now showing some symptoms of excessive blood loss.

“I prepared this for myself but it will not go to waste by using it on you.” Feeling that Matts breathing was getting weaker, Lin Rui sighed and pulled out a small jar from his arms.

After shaking the small jar, Lin Rui sprayed it on Matts wound on the waist and abdomen. Then the light green liquid sprayed from the small jar covered the wound evenly.

“Hey!… What are you doing” Feeling a cool sensation on the wound, Matt, whose consciousness was weakened, grunted.

“Its okay, This is my special wound medicine. Its very helpful to your present situation.” He doesnt know if Matt can hear him or not but Lin Rui explained.

The small jar in Lin Rui hands was exchanged from the System Shop before his actions today. The Quick Recovery Potion, which is worth 50 reward points is only effective for injuries. Lin Rui, of course, likes this cost-effective Low-Level potion than the expensive one-time powerful healing potion like Fairy Spring.

Sure enough, System Shop provides quality products. After Lin Rui sprayed the Recovery Potion on Matts wound, it stopped bleeding quickly. And with the help of that potion, the wound began to heal, slowly but much more than with Matts own restorative power.


When Matt regained consciousness, Lin Rui had been with him for more than half an hour. Fortunately, its very remote and its late at night so nobody found them.

“Thank you.” Feeling much better, Matt thanked Lin Rui.

“No, you helped me tonight anyway. If it werent for you, I couldnt have beaten Jeston Gang so hard tonight by myself!” Waving his hand, Lin Rui said indifferently. Because of Daredevil, Lin Rui overfulfilled his quest tonight.

“Jeston Gang Are you against them” Hearing Lin Ruis words, Matt asked curiously. He did not come here for Jeston Gang. His goal is different from Lin Ruis.

“No! Just watching their actions is uncomfortable for me. And now they probably dont want to let me go either.” Lin Rui tells the truth, who told them to make a big move and publicize him Moreover, he has already found Jeston Gang many times and now they should hate him to his bones.

“I dont know if there were any Jeston Gangs members here tonight, but I am following a group of Russian gangs. They have dealings with Wilson and I was just planning to investigate it tonight.” After the battle, he had already let Lin Rui see his face and he was saved by him so Matt shared his information.

“Russian gangsters I was wondering why there were so many Russians there, so I mistook them for Jeston Gang!” When he heard Matt, Lin Rui realized that he had mistaken their identities and Gang affiliation.

“Thats why I said you were meddling in my business, cough!”

“Heh heh! Although my goal was just Jeston Gang, it doesnt matter. For these Mafia guys, they are all my targets.” Because of the nature of his quest, Lin Ruis goal is not limited to a single gangster group.

“Im just reminding you that Wilson is not someone you can deal with. The trouble with Jeston Gang has caught the attention of Frankenstein Family. I dont think its a good idea to provoke Wilson again.” Matt kindly reminds the young man in front of him.

Although Matts eyes were damaged and he cant see, he had other special perception abilities that more sensitive and powerful. Judging from Lin Ruis voice and his own perception, Lin Rui is obviously a young man. Matt doesnt think he should get involved in the resentment between him and Wilson, although his strength is good.

“Wilson Who the hell is that Seeing Matt mentioning the name, Lin Rui searched his memories.

Suddenly, a name flashed in his mind. When he was a child, the memory capsule bought in the System Shop played a role in order to achieve good results. The memory of his previous life was well preserved and he finally found the name in his memory. “Isnt this the name of the biggest Mafia Boss in the United States, Kingpin” I thought I recognize that name, Daredevil always fought against Kingpin!

If Frankenstein Family is known as New Yorks largest and most powerful mafia family. Then Kingpins power is equal to a Mafia kingdom. It extends all over the United States and even radiates to the whole world. He has his hands in every single illegal activity, human trafficking, human organ trafficking, drug production and trading, gun trading and so on.

When it comes to Marvel Worlds boss-level villains, Kingpin is certainly one. Although his power seems to be in the underworld and there seems to be no overlap with Superheroes, the harm caused by him is not low. Its just that hes been hiding in the dark, so only Vigilante like Daredevil will fight him.

Moreover, although Kingpin seems to be just an ordinary person in Lin Ruis memory, his strength should not be underestimated. Daredevil is no match for his strength and perverted defense. Lin Rui doesnt know what capabilities Kingpin has in this Marvel World.

“Rest assured, I will pay attention to it. And I think you need help too.” He quickly recalled all the information of Kingpin from his memories as he replied to Matt. He may not be able to deal with bosses like Kingpin now, but Lin Rui believes that as he grows up, he will definitely help Matt eradicate the cancer knowns as Kingpin.

Matt didnt say anything when he heard Lin Rui. He really needed a helper. He has been hurt more than once in a solo fight that is secret enough. If the young man in front of him was not afraid of trouble, Matt would certainly be willing to have him as an ally.

“Ah! Oops!”

“Whats wrong” Just as Matt continued to rest in the same place, Lin Rui suddenly exclaimed and Matt asked quickly.

“Well, its okay, but it seems that I wont be getting home tonight.” Lin Rui, who had neglected the time, found it was too late to catch the subway back to Queens.

“I can drive you.” Hearing Lin Rui, Matt suggested.

Although Matt cant see from his eyes, his sense of inductivity is stronger than before and driving on the road is perfectly fine. But he only drives when he changes to Daredevil in the night. After all, he still has his normal life during the day. Its not known what kind of monster he will be treated as if someone saw such a magical scene.

“Eh Did you drive here Well… Can I drive it”

Daredevil: “…”


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