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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 22 *hidden*

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Chapter 22 *hidden*

“Jackson, when are you going to report on The Daily Bugle” At the end of the afternoon, Tom followed him and asked.

“Ive already submitted my e-resume online, and the other party has already responded. Ill report this weekend.” Lin Rui casually answered as now he had to deal with more things than just Tony.

“Oh.” Hearing Lin Ruis answer, Tom responded in a low voice with a somewhat depressed look in his eyes.

“Eh Are you okay You dont seem very happy Feeling Toms mood Lin Rui asked curiously.

“Haha, of course, its nothing!” Hearing Lin Ruis question, Tom looked up and smiled and answered. But the gloom in his eyes was hidden.

“Well, go home. Im still busy tonight!”

“Whats up”


“I promise not to talk to others!”


“What the hell is it! Is it about a girl!”


In the evening, Lin Rui who was hiding in his room opened a drawer under his desk and took out a book from it.

The thumb scratches across the side of the book and flips over quickly. The next moment it stops. A simple business card is clipped to the page where Lin Rui stops. On the white business card, the identity of the owner of the card is introduced in simple black letters: Matt Murdoch, partner of Maggie Law Firm, 352 Hell Kitchen Fifth Avenue. Matt doesnt seem to mind exposing his real identity to Lin Rui. He seems to be as sure that Lin Rui wont say it.

A simple introduction to a simple business card, like Matt, seems to be a simple person. But Lin Rui knows that Matt has been trying to train himself since he was a child. Especially after the blindness of his eyes stimulated the potential of his body, At this time, Matt has almost exploited his body to its own limit and his force value is very high.

“Matt should be a good helper if we continue to deal with Jeston Gang. I think he should be very willing to work with me to eradicate the underworld gangsters in New York. After all, these people are closely related to Kingpin. With Matts business card in hand, Lin Rui muttered softly.

“Ok! Thats it! With the Daredevil in the Hells Kitchen and the Mirage Knight against the enemy, my name will eventually resound throughout New York!” Looking forward to his future, Lin Rui took out his mobile phone and began to dial the number on his business card. He wanted to send text messages, but it suddenly occurred to him that Matt could not see, so he had to call directly, hoping that the other party would remember his partner who had fought together.

Dudu ~

“Hello, this is Matt Murdoch. What can I do for you” After two beeps, the other end of the phone was connected, and a somewhat elegant male voice passed to Lin Ruis ear through his cell phone. In real life, Matt is a good lawyer who helps people fight lawsuits everywhere. There is always someone who usually calls him for help.

“Cough! That... I was the anonymous person who fought with you in Manhattan two days ago. However, I have my own name now, you can call me Mirage Knight!” A nervous Lin Rui first mentioned what happened two days ago, then hurried out to tell his name.

“Eh! Its you What happened, Its only been two days, are you looking for the Jeston Gang again” Matt was surprised to hear Lin Ruis voice but soon recovered his composer. He did not doubt Lin Ruis identity, after all, only himself and the young man knew that.

Last time he fought with Lin Rui, Matt knew that Lin Rui might be very young, but now he heard a tender voice coming from the phone. Matt felt that he had overestimated Lin Ruis age. Perhaps the Mirage Knight is still a high school kid. (The face of Phantom Suit has the effect of changing the sound)

“Er... Thats true. There is a saying that with great power comes great responsibility. Since I have this ability, I have to do more for this city Lin Rui blushed and stole Spidermans life message from Spidermans Uncle.

“With Great power comes great responsibility Ha-ha, I didnt think that even when you are so young, you had already thought so much. So what do you want to do now Do we directly rush to Jeston Gangs site and wreak havoc Lin Ruis words were repeated, and Matts mouth on the other end of the phone was slightly tilted, apparently bluffed.

“... Its not as exaggerated as you said, but its almost the same. Find the trading points for Jeston Gangs underground activities and strike them one by one. However, I dont have any reliable sources. It would be too tiring to try my luck in the remote street factories every night. So...” For his target ally, Lin Rui chose to be honest.

“So youre calling me to form a team, not only to have more hands but also to get some information.” Matt understood the meaning behind Lin Rui words.

“Well, thats right! I think you and Wilson Fiske have been fighting for so long that you should have your own channels to collect information. Lin Rui honestly admitted his intention.

“I do know most of New Yorks trading places and some hiding places, but many of them are not something we can break through. However, if we work together, it should be enough to cause them a lot of trouble. Matt gave Lin Rui a positive answer.

Blindness took Matts light away, but it gives him tremendous sensitivity. Every night, as long as he listens wholeheartedly, he can sense the crime happening outside, which is why he is blind but knows his surroundings better than ordinary people.

“So you would like to team up with me” On the other end of the line, Lin Rui asked excitedly.

“Are you going to do it alone if I dont want to” Instead of answering Lin Rui immediately, Matt asked.

“Well, I always did it alone.” Because of the mainline quest, these things are something that Lin Rui cant escape from.

“Well, Ill form a team with you. But if we are both together, the goal will not be just Jeston Gang. My hatred with Wilson Fiske has long been irreconcilable. Are you sure you want to dive in these kinds of waters Although Lin Rui has agreed to form a team, Matt asked one more question.

“Of course! I told you before that my goals are not fixed, all of these evil forces are my targets. Lin Rui did not hesitate to say yes after hearing Matts words. He was also worried that a Jeston Gang would not be enough for completing the mainline quest.

“Thats good. Ill help you keep an eye on their movements. Just wait for my news, remember, dont be impulsive.” Now that he has formed a team with the young man, Matt naturally needs to take care of him a little.

“I Know, Daredevil!”

“Then see you next time, Mirage Knight!”

“Ha ha! Goodbye! ” At the end of the phone, when he heard Matt calling his name, Lin Rui responded happily and finally hung up.

“With Matt as an ally, this quest should be completed smoothly!” With a Vigilante team, Lin Rui was very excited.


Just then, a golden light flashed in his mind.

“Congratulations to Host for Achievement: Front Alliance! Although Superhero embodies personal heroism, team strength is always greater than individual strength. The host and Daredevil have successfully formed the initial Vigilante team. Completing this achievement Reward: 500 Reward Points.” Really, Reward points are raining from the sky lately, Lin Rui just wanted to find a helper and actually completed a hidden achievement.

“Ah! This is ok! It seems that there are a lot of hidden achievements!” Lin Rui was happy to see the Reward point that he had been awarded.

“Systems, do you think Ive been transshipped recently” Lin Rui, who was happy, asked in his mind.

But he didnt get a response. It seems that the system doesnt want to talk to him now.

“Ah! Lets have a good rest! I will be quite busy from now on! ” The system didnt respond, so Lin Rui was ready to wash and sleep. He now has two mainline quests and once the plan starts, he really wouldnt have much free time.

And while Lin Rui made plans for his mainline quest, several people were talking in a private room in New York Manhattan, an industry in Jeston Gang.

“Helles, that fellow in Queens has reached over here. Dont you want to do something about it” A well-dressed man in a suit that looks like an elite sits on a leather sofa and asks a rude man sitting in front of him. Its easy to guess that what he just said should be Lin Rui or Mirage Knight.

“The new guy in Queens is very strong. Not only is he fast, but his power is also great. An average person is not his opponent at all. Moreover, he seems to have the ability to block bullets.” Looked at lightly by the man in the suit, the burly Helles standing below was somewhat restrained and answered honestly.

“I dont want to hear how strong he is. I just want you to find a solution. We cant let a Vigilante who we dont even know where he came from hit Frankenstein Family. Even if we dont care, people will gossip. The man in the suit sitting on the sofa said faintly and it seemed that he did not put Lin Rui strength in his eyes.

“Yes! I have already contacted Professor Frank, he will provide us with support.” Seemingly frightened, Helles answered in a hurry with cold sweat running on his forehead.

Professor Frank Are you going to use those guys This is also a solution. Well, Im just going to ask you a little bit about it. Its up to you to figure out how to solve it. On hearing Professor Franks name, the man in the suit was only slightly interested. Then he stood up from the sofa and walked out.

“Dont let me down.” When he came to the door, the man in a suit slowed down and said a little.

“Certainly not! Master Ross!”

Chapter 22 Forming a Team


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