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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


In the fog, Lin Rui, who escaped the bone spur attack said the words that represented a particular human group and he already knew what he had been attacked with before. Its no use for Lin Rui to hide again as he has been already found. He slowly stepped out of the fog and reappeared in front of the other party.


Boom! Boom!

After Lin Rui appeared, the little Mutant who could see through the smoke had already had ten bone spurs on his hands. As for the robust man who has been waiting for Lin Rui to appear has already slammed towards him and his speed has once again increased, he really looked like a humanoid tank.

As the humanoid tank rushed toward Lin Rui, the small mutants bone spur attacked again and the direction he attacked just blocked several directions that Lin Rui could dodge.


Faced with Mutants whom he had never met before, Lin Rui looked calm and felt the internal energy of practicing Soaring Dragon Art. He grabbed Flowing Flame Blade and rushed out again against the bone spur coming from ahead.

Dang Dang!

The Flowing Flame Blade keeps cutting out the bone spurs and the speed of Lin Rui attack is not slow.


“Die!” The humanoid tank mutant, who had almost exploded with his maximum strength and speed, was about to hit Lin Rui, he was confident that the little fellow in front of him would be crushed directly under his violent impact.


However, the blade in Lin Ruis hand once again circled around him to ward off the bony spur attack and then he jumped into the air to escape the deadly impact of the humanoid tank. This is the advantage of flexibility, but also the disadvantage of large volume and high speed: The mutant is not flexible enough.


Lin Rui was flying in the direction directly above the humanoid tank and kicked on his broad shoulder as he flew over the tanks tall body. Although he did not do any harm to the big man below him, this was not his plan to begin with as he directly rushed towards the small man behind him at a faster speed. Although the humanoid tank has exploded at his maximum speed, there is no way that he is as flexible as Lin Rui. And Lin Rui did not intend to waste time on this humanoid tank. The little man behind him had a very low defense, so it would be better for him to defeat him first. At that time, even if the humanoid tank mutant still wants to entanglement with him, he will be able to relax, which is Lin Ruis short-term strategy.

The humanoid tank stepped out of several holes on the ground and stopped quickly, but it was too late for him to come back and rescue the man named Worm. However, Lin Rui did not see the expression of the tank behind him. Although he tried hard to return, there was not a worried expression on his face.

Dang Dang!

Lin Rui, who rushed forward rapidly from mid-air, once again wielded his blade to block the bone spurs coming from ahead, which, although powerful, were still within the reach of Lin Rui.

Lin Rui, who had flown up to Worm, switched his blade in an instant and used his internal energy to wrap a special fire-red light around the blade that had previously broken through the tanks defense. In order to be safe, Lin Rui directly exerted all his efforts. Since the other party was a Mutant that he did not know, there was no need to hold back at all.


Chi Chi!

The shadows of the blade moved with a gust of air and even the surrounding air was scorched and hiccupped. Faced with Lin Ruis blade, which was enough to cut the humanoid tank, Worms eyes turned quickly again and the green light emitted by his eyes were even eerier.



The next second, when Lin Rui thought he was going to hit, the blade light whistling down broke into nothing. The blade light was accumulated by most of his internal energy and it rushed out of the blade body and splintered into the concrete floor, directly splitting the hard ground out of a large pit and created a small explosion.

“What!” His own full attack was actually avoided. Lin Rui was a little stunned even if he calmed down now. However, just at the moment when he was slightly stunned, a shadow had already rushed to him and an attack followed!

Puff puff!

A series of consecutive assassination attacks broke out in Lin Ruis body. He doesnt know when but Worms bone spur pierced Lin Rui body and every part of his body turned into a weapon.

“Oh! Um!!” Lin Rui couldnt help but scream at the close-range attack. In the next moment, he quickly lifted the long blade toward the top of his head just in time to block Worms next attack.



A blasting noise was heard in the open factory building, and then a slightly confused figure came back from the center of the explosion. Its Lin Rui! At close range, he was repulsed by a seemingly weak Worm. Although there are unexpected reasons, it is enough to show the strength of Worm.


The retreating Lin Rui stepped out several shallow footprints on the ground and finally stabilized himself. Then he stood still and didnt know if he was hurt and he retreated in a direction just far from the position of the humanoid tank.

Damn it! The protective charm was blown up directly! How is this guy faster than me!” Lin Ruis face was hard to read as he stood on the ground. Although he was not injured, a protective charm on his body is already completely scrapped, It got used up in protecting him from the last attack.

Although Lin Rui seems to have fallen into a total disadvantage in the previous encounter, he was not injured because of Phantom Suit and the protective charm on his body. He was just in a bit of a mess. Moreover, Lin Rui already knows how Mutant, nicknamed Worm, avoided his blade. He must have the ability to explode rapidly and mutate in addition to bone spurs all over his body. He just doesnt know how long it will last and how fast it will last.

“Eh You havent fallen yet! It seems that what they say about you being able to block bullets must be true, but I dont know if its your ability or some kind of high-tech While Lin Rui was thinking about countermeasures, Worm looked at him and unexpectedly said something.

“Hum! You dont need to worry about it! But when did you Mutants become Jeston Gangs fighter With a snort, Lin Rui asked straightforwardly. He also meant provocative relationships. He didnt think the two Mutants in front of him were Jeston Gang members.

“We take the money and do business. No matter who you are, you are doomed to die here.” There are no other thoughts in Worms head because of Lin Ruis words and he faintly responded.

“It depends on whether you have the ability!” Its no use talking about it. To save Matt he has to defeat these two no matter the cost.

In the next moment, Lin Rui has disappeared with his blade in his hand again. This time, he has no intention of playing tricks anymore. He rushes straight towards Worm in front of him.

“Since you want to die so quickly, then I will fulfill your wishes!” Worm was irritated by Lin Ruis words and he also disappeared from his original space as he rushed towards Lin Rui!

Bang! Bang bang!

Worm and Lin Rui fought against each other again just before the humanoid tank was ready to move in the rear. The sharp bone spurs and the light of the blade that Lin Rui waved shot out in the central air. These two fast guys were wrestling with each other and the humanoid tanks relying on his defense and strength could not get in for a while.


Using his flexibility Worm avoided Lin Ruis blade and stabbed Lin Rui several times at the key points but was still blocked by Lin Ruis newly converted protective charm. However, if this goes on, Lin Ruis Reward points will be used to exchange protective charms. Although his current Reward point can be converted into a number of protective charms, it is impossible for him to keep the charms in place when he is uncertain about the limits of the Worm mutation.

“System! Is there no way to restrain such a situation! The long blade in his hand has been used for defense and Lin Rui shouted in his mind.

“That depends on whether you want it or not” Lin Ruis voice just fell and the calm voice of the system came out.

“Now that its all here, why wouldnt I want it” Theres no time, hurry up and tell me! “

“Since you are not as fast as him, you can only...” At the urging of Lin Rui, the system gives its own suggestions.

“Good! Thats it. Please change it for me! ” Communication in the mind only took a single moment and Lin Rui has decided.


In reality, Lin Rui once again failed to block Worms assault and his second protective charm was broken. This time, he did not exchange new charm from the System Shop.

“Get Lost!” At the moment the protective charm was broken, Lin Rui circled Flowing Flame Blade around his circumference and pushed Worm out.

“Well!” Worm, who was pushed back by Lin Rui, did not attack again but looked doubtful. On the last hit, he seemed to feel that the strange defense that had been blocking his attack had disappeared.

“Hoo Hoo!” Lin Rui drag the Flowing Flame Blade in half kneeling position on the ground and gasping for breath.

“Is this it If that layer of defense disappears, youre really going to die here.” Watching Lin Ruis state carefully, Worm made a comment.



At this moment, the humanoid tank that had been watching the battle not far away finally found the opportunity to stride toward the semi-kneeling Lin Rui.


Feeling the humanoid tank rushing up from behind him, the exhausted Lin Rui suddenly stood up and grasped the Flowing Flame Blade with both hands, a layer of fire-red light reappeared on the blade. For the moment, Lin Rui injected all of his remaining internal energy into the Flowing Flame Blade. In the next moment, Lin Rui turned quickly and the blade in his hand circled half a circle and flew out instantly. The target was the head of the humanoid tank that was rushing towards him from behind.

“Er! Uh! You! ~... ” The huge humanoid tank could not avoid the coming blade at all. He could only see the fire-red light in front of him pierced his forehead in an instant.

A sudden slowdown of the body in full forward motion followed by a pause. The humanoid tank weakly raised his hand and pulled them on his head twice, trying to pull out the blade that had been inserted into his head.



The huge body swayed twice and finally fell down. At this point, The two mutants hired by the Jeston Gang to deal with Lin Rui, He had defeated one of them.


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