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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 5 The Gift Suitable For An Adult

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Chapter 5 The Gift Suitable For An Adult

Near 12 oclock in the evening, Lin Rui was lying in bed quietly. Tom, Harry, Gwen, and Peter have long left, and his parents have fallen asleep next door. His birthday was perfect. However, there has been little progress in what Lin Rui has been planning.

“Ah! How did it get to this point Fifty thousand Reward points and friendship, I should not hesitate to choose Reward points!” Lin Rui muttered helplessly as he grabbed his head with his hands.

On his birthday tonight, Lin Rui successfully introduced Gwen to Peter and Harry, but there was no further action behind it. Peters love for Gwen, at first sight, was clearly felt and Harry seemed to appreciate Gwen as well. If Lin Rui had done something about it, a Love triangle might have happened. But Lin Rui didnt. He didnt do anything. He couldnt hold the gifts given by them in his hand and play with their lives. He couldnt.

As Lin Rui was watching the ceiling covered in darkness, a bell-like alarm clock suddenly sounded in his mind.

“At the last minute of the day, the carefully prepared large gift packages have been sent, remember to check it!” There was a little excitement in the systems voice, which was very unusual.

“What big gift! I dont see any good gifts you gave me on my previous birthday, so you might as well just give me some Reward points.” Lin Rui, who is upset, complains about the system. He cant even bear to complete the quest.

“You really dont want to see it This is an adult gift bag! I guarantee that you will like it!” Seeing Lin Rui didnt feel like looking at the gift package he sent, the system went on.

“Well, I will take a look. However, if you deceive me, I wont accept it!” Anyway, it is a birthday gift from the system and Lin Rui decided to take a look.

Close your eyes and Lin Ruis thoughts instantly sink into my mind. Then he saw two golden boxes hanging in his “head”, which looked like a big gift bag.

“Big Gift 1: Choose the road to Supervillain and get a copy of the villain pack.”

“Big Gift 2: Choose the road to Superhero and get a copy of the Hero Pack.”

Looking at the big gift box floating on both sides of his “head”, Lin Rui silently read the two small lines that flashed above them.

“What does that mean System, what Supervillain Road What Superhero Road Looking at the two big gift bags, Lin Rui asked directly.

“Dang Dang Dang! This is the rite of passage that I prepared for you carefully. From now on, you will have to have a clear goal: to be a Supervillain who can do evil everywhere, or to be a Superhero who punishes and eradicates evil with justice! Make your choice!” In the middle of the two big gift boxes, the system was transformed into a tiny Loli shouting at Lin Rui.

“You! You! Why are you like that It was the first time that Lin Rui saw the illusion of the system, he did not care about it or what she said, but pointed at it/she and shouted out in surprise. He listened to the voice of the system for more than ten years. Although he could not hear men and women, It would not belong to such a cute Loli.

“Well Dont you like it This is what I realized according to your subconscious mind,it is the most acceptable image of you!” The Loli opened said again and this time the sound became soft.

“Ah! Dont do this! Hurry up and go back!” Lin Rui, who was peeped by the system, was embarrassed and shouted.

“Well, since you dont like it…” As it said, The Loli once again turned into a white light and floated between the two big gift boxes.

Thats much better! By the way, what did you say just now Become a supervillain or Superhero What is this Lin Rui, who is still used to the usual appearance of the system, regained his mind and asked again.

“This is a mandatory Quest that will be opened in adulthood, becoming a Supervillain of the world or a Superhero. As a host you cant refuse this Quest, you can only choose one of them.” The system then explained.

“Mandatory Quest System are you joking! I havent seen you publish such a serious Quest since you came out! Despite the choices between the two options, Lin Rui thought the system was playing with him. Over the past decade or so, the system has never imposed anything on him and only used some Reward points to entice him, as for the mandatory Quest, it has never appeared.

“I cant help it. Its compulsory, not only for you but also for me. If you dont choose, Ill have to…”

“What can I do!” Hearing the change of tone of the system, Lin Rui asked quickly.

“What else can we do” If you are given choices then choose, if you dont choose then we both will cease to exist. The system responded faintly.

Buzz! ~

Hearing the systems answer, Lin Rui felt only a roar in his head. Non-existent! Is that not death No, maybe its more terrible than death! This is the first time that the system has released a Quest with the consequence of death. Lin Rui is not feeling very well at this moment.

“So, you…”

“I choose! I choose!” Lin Rui shouted loudly as the system spoke again, for fear that his existence will be erased if he answered later.

“Well, dont worry so much, I know you will choose. But, which one do you want to choose Supervillain Or a Superhero” It seems that it is not worried about Lin Rui. The system is still so heartless.

“Since I have to choose, then, of course, I choose Superhero, who would want to be Supervillain. In this world of Marvel, although the villains are also very powerful, in the end, they are always crushed by various Heroes with protagonist halo!” Without the threat of death, Lin Rui decisively wants to choose the Superheros route. Which normal person doesnt have a Superhero dream

“Well, you are right. But dont forget, being a villain is always easier than being a hero. And, if I am there, you dont have to worry about the protagonist halo suppressing you. Because you are a Protagonist yourself!” Seeing Lin Rui want to choose the Superhero route, the system said some words.

“Is that right Is there a final victory for the villains in this world Lin Rui believes in the system, but he still feels that villains will lose in the end.

“Its still up to you personally. Ill just give you some necessary help. But let me remind you that a Supervillain can grow much faster than Superhero because the villains have no qualms. But a Superhero will grow slowly because of the requirement of his own criteria and many means that will not be used. Speaking of this, the tone of the system seems to be getting more and more serious and Lin Rui dont know what the reason is.

“Well…” Hearing the introduction of the system, Lin Ruis idea was somewhat shaken.

The villain ~Supervillain~

Recalling the Superhero movies that he had seen in his previous life, the protagonists in them seemed to be always weak then villains. If he can… punch Iron Man! Step on Hulk and slap the God Of Thunder! How cool it would be!

Thinking about it, Lin Rui even unconsciously laughed out.

“How is it” Isnt it cool Obviously, knowing what Lin Rui was thinking about, the tone of the system changed back to its original plain tone and slowly floated towards Lin Rui and asked.

“Yes… Uh! Ah! No, no! ” For a moment, Lin Rui said yes, and then quickly denied it.

“Well, I have explained this to you very clearly. Now it is time for you to make a choice.” Without any further chat with Lin Rui, the system once again emphasized that Lin Rui would make the next choice.

“Oh~ If this is the case… then I will choose ~…” Looking back and forth over the two big gift boxes in front of him, Lin Rui muttered hesitantly.

“I choose…Superhero!” Finally, Lin Rui still wants to be a Superhero, not Supervillain.

Even with the Quest of breaking the relationship between Peter and Harry, he didnt have the heart to do it. Lin Rui didnt think he had the potential to become Supervillain. Although the system is very good, he still wants to be a good person. He is not made to be a villain.

“The host has chosen the path of Superhero, so I wish you can grow into a great Superhero! “

“Below is your hero pack!” After Lin Rui called out his choice, the systems voice suddenly became high and it burst into fireworks in his mind. The two bags in front of Lin Rui, after he made the choice, the package that represented Supervillain slowly disappeared. Lin Rui wanted to see what was there.

Following the systems instructions, Lin Rui went to the front of the Superhero package and then reached out to the bag.


A sharp white light shot out from the gift bag. The half-tall gift bag opened in an instant and a bright light filled Lin Ruis entire mind.

Whirl ~

The white light faded and Lin Rui also saw the two items that floated out of the package. It was two books.

“Intermediate Fighting Technique!”

“Beginner Insight Technique!”

Seeing the dark gold characters on the two books, Lin Rui shouted excitedly. Intermediate Fighting Technique is an upgraded version of Beginner Fighting Technique. Previously, Lin Rui bought Beginner Fighting Technique at 50 points in the System Shop in order to have some self-protection ability in Marvel World. The Intermediate Fighting Technique in this package really made him very happy. After all, this cost 150 Reward Points in the System Shop.

Another is the Beginner Insight Technique Lin Rui also knows that it is a technique that can improve his perception. Although it is only Beginners, it is also needed by Lin Rui. It is also worth a hundred points in the System Shop.

“System, youre really generous this time! You gave me two things that are worth 205 RP.” After collecting the two books, Lin Rui asked the system excitedly.

“Because you already have the main line Quest! Become a Superhero, you wont forget it so soon, will you” The white light representing the system jumped on the package and swayed to answer Lin Ruis words.

“The main line Quest… What does this mean” Lin Rui, who was excited about receiving good things, suddenly had a bad premonition and asked carefully.

“Haha! Superhero Main Line Quest has been launched! The turbulent New York street needs a guardian, the first step of Superhero: fight the criminal gangs in the streets and become a little famous Vigilante! Quest completion degree 0/100.

Now the newcomer to the Superhero Road Quest: Defeat five street villains in one night. To become a Superhero, take the street!”

“This **ing Mainline Quest!!”


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