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Su Jiu followed Su Shengjing to the small city.

The scenery along the way was gorgeous.

It was a stark contrast to the south where she lived.

It was autumn now, and the ginkgo leaves were yellow.

The leaves were spread on the ground in a golden layer, looking especially beautiful.

The filming location was a five-star hotel in a small city.

Su Jiu and Su Shengjing were the first to arrive there.

Yang Fangping had been waiting for them for a long time.

When he saw the father and daughter, he immediately went up to them and extended his hand.

Smiling until his eyes narrowed into a line, he said, “Brother, long time no see.

Ive waited for your schedule this time.

Its too difficult to invite you!”

In fact, over the years, he had launched many variety shows one after another.

He had wanted to invite Su Shengjing to participate every time, but Su Shengjing was always busy.

It couldnt be helped.

Su Shengjing was too popular.

He didnt even have time to film television dramas or movies.

How could he have the time to participate in variety shows

Su Jiu smiled at the director.

“Uncle Yang, if a suitable variety show for Daddy is available next time, just call me.

Ill settle it for you!”

Yang Fangpings gaze fell on her.

The soft and cute little girl from the past had already grown into a slender and elegant young lady.

He could not help but sigh at how quickly time passed.

His heart warmed, and he kindly smiled.

“Thats right! Little Jiu, you reminded me.

Your father dotes on you so much.

He wont say no to anything you want, right”

Su Shengjing glanced at Su Jiu from the corner of his eyes and proudly said, “That might not be the case.

If I had spoiled her so much, she would have turned bad long ago.

I wonder who she would have run away with.”

At this moment, in a foreign country, Rong Si, who was handling official business in his office, suddenly sneezed.

Yang Fangping knew that Su Shengjing was referring to Rong Si.

He had also watched the live broadcast of Su Jius birthday and felt that her boyfriend was not bad.

Not only was he good-looking, but he also seemed to have a good temper.

The young man agreed to her requests and looked at her with a doting gaze.

That kind of doting was not an act.

In any case, as a wily old fox who had been in society for decades, Yang Fangping could not see anything wrong with them.

He only felt that they were a perfect match.

However, as a father with a daughter, Yang Fangping could understand Su Shengjings feelings.

No one wanted their precious daughter to be taken away by someone else.

Yang Fangping laughed and joked, “Then have Little Jiu break up with that kid.

She wont get married and will stay by your and her mothers side for the rest of her life.”

Just as Su Jiu was about to protest, she heard Su Shengjing snort.

“Forget it.

If I have her break up with that kid, shell hate me to death.”

Su Jiu quickly shook her head.

“I wont hate Daddy.

I never will!”

Su Shengjing looked gratified.

“I didnt dote on you for nothing.”

Su Jiu hugged Su Shengjings arm and rubbed her face against his shoulder.

She smiled sweetly at him, her eyes curved like crescent moons and her fair face pink.

“So, Daddy, you have to continue to dote on me.

You cant change for a hundred years!”

What the two of them did not know was that the production team had started recording the moment they entered the hotel.

The cameraman who carried a camera at the side felt this was so adorable that his face was covered in blood. D*mn! Who could resist his daughters cuteness

Yang Fangping deliberately did not edit this part, so when the show was broadcasted, the comments were similar.

“Ahhh! What kind of sweet girl is Little Jiu!”

“Little Jius smile is too sweet! Her voice is also sweet! Oh my god! How much candy did she eat growing up”

“Wuwuwu, who doesnt love sweet girls! Im even starting to be jealous of her boyfriend.

D*mn it!”

Soon, #Little_Jiu_is_so sweet_I_love_her_so_much# became a trending topic.

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