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Chapter 30: Cant Buy It For 200,000 Yuan! Magical Ecological Harmony 3_1

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When Marco came out, he was also shocked. The four-meter-tall, messy-haired, and extremely gorgeous seven-colored symbiotic flower immediately attracted his gaze.

“This… This is considered an old plant, right” Mark went forward anxiously to observe.

As someone in this line of work, he knew the value of this triangular plum very well. It was a seven-colored symbiotic plant and had been nurtured to such a perfect level. This was definitely an old collectible-level plant.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the tourist areas in the country with large triangular seas of plum blossoms were willing to buy this one for more than 200,000 yuan.

Not only was the sea of flowers in this villa going to be popular, but it might also be famous worldwide.

Compared to these triangular plums, the triangular plums sent by their cultivation base were just small green leaves.

When Qin Lin got out of the car, Chen Dabei came over and introduced him. “Boss, this is Mr. Marco from the cultivation base who came to deliver the triangular plum.”

“Hello!” Qin Lin shook hands with Marco.

After shaking hands, Marco could not help but ask curiously, “Boss Qin, this old triangular plum tree cost a lot, right Its difficult to buy a triangular plum blossom of this grade even if you spend 200,000 yuan.”

“A friend gave me a friendly price,” Qin Lin said casually.

However, he did not expect this seven-colored symbiotic triangular plum of Quality 3 to be considered an old plant.

The old plant was a collector-level plant among the triangular plums. It was given an expensive price by some rich people.

He had seen a piece of news previously. Someone had a two-colored umbrella-shaped triangular plum tree. The owner had sold it for a starting price of 300,000 yuan.

Furthermore, the value of this three-colored triangular plum tree should far exceed the price Marco had mentioned. After all, the other party did not know that his seven-colored triangular plum tree had many attributes all year round.

When Marco saw these triangular plums, he was too embarrassed to say anything about staying behind to help guide the planting. He was too ashamed to show off in front of an expert.

Marco had sent 3,000 triangular plums this time. Because Qin Lin had ordered several varieties of triangular plums, the color was different. Coupled with the problem of his transplant speed, it was impossible to deal with them at the same time.

Qin Lin also asked Master Lin to bring people over. Suddenly, a Quality 3 seven-colored, symbiotic ornamental triangular plum appeared. Then, the center area had to change a little. Naturally, it was to transplant this Quality 3 triangular plum.

Furthermore, after knowing the price of this old plant, Chen Dabei was so frightened that he suggested to Qin Lin, “Boss, are you going to hire a few more security guards”

He was afraid that others would want to steal such a valuable triangular plum seed. Although Master Lin had discussed with him about taking turns to keep watch, if there were really any ideas, he and Master Lin were useless.

“Yes, Ill handle this.” Qin Lin nodded.

He had originally wanted to hire more security guards. The triangular plum blossom sea was valuable. How could Chen Dabei alone be enough

When Master Lin brought people over and saw this Quality 3 plum, they clearly looked surprised. It took a lot of effort to move this triangular plum to the flower field.

It took half a day to transplant this plant.

Gao Yaoyao and the two female employees were also attracted when they saw this triangular plum. They thought that the previous triangular plum was already the most beautiful, but they did not expect this one to be even more beautiful.

The next day.

When Qin Lin arrived at the villa, he saw Gao Yaoyao running to him. “Boss, come with me to see the triangular plum plant from yesterday.”

“Whats wrong” Qin Lin was a little puzzled.

He only knew the reason when he followed Gao Yaoyao to the seven-colored flower.

There were actually many butterflies dancing on the triangular plum tree. Some birds were even chirping crisply. What surprised him, even more, was that there were two squirrels sticking their heads out of the tree.

If the fragrance of flowers had butterflies, it was not strange that this sea of flowers could attract butterflies. There were also birds and squirrels. It must be a special reason.

Gao Yaoyao explained excitedly, “Boss, isnt it magical I came up at noon to take a photo and post it on my social media, and I saw them. Theyre not afraid even when I approach them.”

With that, she approached and stood under the triangular plum tree. The squirrels on the tree did not run. The two squirrels even stood on the branch above Gao Yaoyaos head, as if they were looking at her curiously.

Under normal circumstances, when a person approached, the bird and squirrel would definitely run away in fear.

Qin Lin roughly understood what was going on.

This Quality 3 Triangular Plum had the attribute of ecological harmony 3,

This scene must be related to ecological harmony 3.

For this reason, the butterflies, birds, and squirrels nearby were attracted.

“Gao Yaoyao, maybe well make a sign that forbids us from harming animals,” Qin Lin said when he saw this. This seemed to be a huge selling point.

In the following time, the entire villa was in full swing.

The villa was also temporarily closed for business.

Qin Lin would bring out ordinary ornamental triangular plums from the game every day. Furthermore, the Quality 3 seven-colored ornamental triangular plums actually appeared twice in the next month. Three of these triangular plums were planted in the middle of the sea of flowers. A flower bed and fence were specially built around it, and a sign that said, “Dont hurt small animals” was hung on it.

Around the three triangular plums, there were more butterflies fluttering. It was the same for the birds. Their pleasant cries were like music. Occasionally, squirrels could be seen darting between the trees.

This beautiful scenery and such a harmonious scene were definitely intoxicating.

As time passed, October arrived.

In the evening.

As usual, Qin Lin picked up the 24 boxes of ripe okra and planted new seeds. Then, he sent this batch of ripe okra to RT-Mart and provided Manager Chen with 10 catties of Quality 2 okra.

“Your tail number… income is 19,653 yuan. Your balance is 139,876.00 yuan!”

In the past month or so, he had earned more than 650,000 yuan from sending the okra to RT-Mart. After deducting the taxes, the balance paid to the Triangular Plum Cultivation Base, and the fees for the construction company, he was only left with less than 140,000 yuan.

Now that the triangular plum blossom sea had been completed, the villa was also preparing to open for business.

Qin Lin rode the old farm tricycle to the warehouse. There were two big buckets in the car. He entered the game with a small bucket and went straight to the pool.

Over the past month, there were already more than a thousand wild fish in the pool.

He immediately used a small bucket to scoop up these wild fish and bring them out of the game. He placed them into two large buckets. After moving dozens of them, the two large buckets were filled.

There were also six big shots.

These were what he wanted to put into the fish pond in the villa.

He started cycling and headed to the villa.

When he arrived at the entrance of the villa, he could see a special wooden artistic sign: Qinglin Villa!

At the entrance, there was a colorful and outstanding triangular sea of flowers not far away. This made him feel proud. After all, this was a sea of flowers he had created.

The sea of flowers was completed. Not far from the reception hall, there was a pure retro wooden building.

This was naturally the sales center he planned to use to sell things. If the crops planted in the game earned a difference for RT-Mart, he might as well sell them himself. As long as the villa had enough traffic, he could completely consume them himself. He could even sell them at more expensive attractions. When the time came, he could also wholesale other things as a cover.

Qin Lin rode the tricycle out of the hall.

Gao Yaoyao was cleaning with four girls. These girls were all wearing custom-made blue uniforms with the words “Qinglin Villa” printed on them.

Three of the girls were newly recruited a few days ago. From now on, one of the new girls would be in charge of the tickets for the adventure and grass-skimming project. The other girl was in charge of the ticket sales for the triangular plum blossom sea.

The other two girls were in charge of the hall.

As for Gao Yaoyao, she had performed well this month and was promoted to a foreman.

The young lady was also very motivated now. She was already a manager and her pay was even raised by 1,000 yuan.

“Boss, what do you need us to do” When Chen Dabei saw Qin Lin arrive, he also walked up with two uniformed security guards. He was very proactive.

After the sea of flowers was built, security personnel were indispensable. Other than the two people behind Chen Dabei, there was another person watching the surveillance cameras in the monitoring room. At night, there were also two people on night patrol. They were all recruited through the veterans designated area in the same city online.

The villa had some surveillance cameras.

This was also what many scenic areas had no choice but to do. After all, there were too many fish that had escaped the net of quality education.

Naturally, Chen Dabei had been actively performing this month, so he was promoted to the captain of the security team. His salary had also increased by 1,000 yuan.

Other than that, the villa had also recruited a chef to help Master Lin, a cashier, and three professional landscapers to nurse the triangular sea of flowers.

Coupled with the original front desk registrar and the cleaning auntie, there were almost 20 employees in the villa.


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