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Hearing the roar of the Mercedes-Benz, the people standing in the middle of the bridge showed ugly expressions.

However, no one believed that Lin Yi would actually run them over.

This was unless he did not want to live anymore.

If he killed someone, even if he gave them ten Mercedes-Benz, it would not be enough to compensate them!

They would definitely make him go bankrupt!

Such logic was naturally applicable to others, but not to Lin Yi.

The reason was simple.

He was Lin Yi!

Without any hesitation, Lin Yi stepped on the accelerator and charged forward!

Seeing Lin Yi driving hurtling them, the villagers on the bridge were all scared silly.

Ignoring the baskets in the middle of the road, they ran to the sides of the bridge.

Some even threw away their walking sticks and ran faster than the young people.

When the G-wagon moved, the truck behind him also drove forward.

Dust flew everywhere on the cement bridge, and dead fish were scattered all over the ground.

It was a sorry sight.

“Youre a b*stard! Youll die a horrible death! Compensate us!”

“Whats the use of shouting here Lets search inside.

Well definitely find him!”

“He gave me a heart attack.

He has to give me an explanation!”

“Lets go! Lets go find them!”

After getting off the stone bridge, the two of them drove to Beiqiao Town.

“The people of Beiqiao Town are so rough,” Lin Yi said.

“Maybe its because theyre poor and unruly.

Theyre afraid of not having enough to eat.”


There was a main road in the town that was about a hundred meters long.

On both sides were some dilapidated shops.

The plaques had already been painted white.

There were even some small shops that only had words written in paint on the wooden boards to serve as plaques.

The entire Beiqiao Town was filled with the musk of old age and backwardness.

“In reality, its not too bad here.

There are more than a dozen villages below Beiqiao Town.

The situation there is even worse.

For the children who live here, going to school is really a luxury.”

“Dont worry, these problems will be solved after the school is built,” Lin Yi said, “Give us some time.”


The two of them drove past the town, attracting many people to stop and stare.

To them, a Mercedes-Benz was already a top-notch car.

Getting a Mercedes-Benz was a prestigious achievement to any family here.

Under Li Chuhans command, the two of them left the town.

Behind them were plots of rice and terraced fields.

They drove past the green farmland and arrived at the small hill behind.

The people of Beiqiao Town used to call this place Back Mountain.

If anyone passed away, they would be buried here.

Li Chuhans mother was buried just over ten meters away from the dirt road.

It was not far.

The three of them, including the driver, took down all the prayer items from the car and piled them up like a small mountain.

At this moment, Lin Yi realized a problem.

The people here were usually buried together in their coffins.

There was no cremation custom.

If they moved their graves, it might lead to some trouble.

However, money could make the world go round.

After unloading, Lin Yi didnt listen to Li Chuhan and gave the man 200 yuan.

The driver left happily.

Lin Yi took the lighter and started burning the paper notes above the grave, ready to get down to business.

It was as though she had witnessed too much death in her time, as Li Chuhan did not cry like normal people would.

Instead, she was even calmer than usual.

Lin Yi bought a lot of things and burned them for more than an hour before the last fire died out.

“I want to stay here for a while, okay”

“Of course.”

Ignoring the dirt on the ground, Li Chuhan sat on the ground and said nothing.

Her slender fingers gently fiddled with the soil on the grave as if she was saying something.

“Ive always been very grateful to my mother.” Li Chuhans gaze was gentle, as if she was talking to Lin Yi, or the person buried underground, or the wind blowing past her face.

“She was uneducated.

Just a rural woman.

But she told me from a young age that knowledge was important.

She told me to study hard.

“When I was young, my family was poor and couldnt afford to pay for my schooling.

Moreover, I had a younger brother, so I naturally didnt have the right to go to school.

Fortunately, Grandpa Ma, who lived next door to us, turned out to be a teacher in the county.

He took pity on me and taught me to read and write every day.

I barely completed the elementary school curriculum.

“When I was in junior high school, Grandpa Ma brought me to the county.

When I started attending the junior high school where he used to teach, he said a lot of good things about me.

My mother even gave me a gift of 50 yuan.

The principal made an exception and registered me for school.

Otherwise, I might be serving dishes in a restaurant now.

“By the time my life improved and I had the ability to live independently, my mother was no longer around,” Li Chuhan murmured softly.

“When she was young, other than working, she was also scolded and sometimes beaten.

The doctor quietly told me that my mother was exhausted to death.

In the end, she got lung cancer and took the most expensive medicine she could afford.

It was just two cents worth of painkillers.

When she passed on, it happened quick and painlessly.”

“However, at that time, I was powerless.

There was nothing I could do.

I thought that my situation would be better after I grew up.

However, I am still powerless even now.”

Lin Yi didnt say anything as he listened to Li Chuhan.

She did not need comfort or encouragement.

As long as there was someone here who could listen to her, it was enough.

Lin Yi suddenly felt a little melancholic.

Perhaps this was why she said she wouldnt get married and have children.

Quietly, Lin Yi walked over and brushed Li Chuhans long hair that was messed up by the wind, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Lin Yi…”

Li Chuhan hugged Lin Yi tightly, unable to stop her tears from falling.

Large drops fell, filled with the pain that had accumulated in her heart.

It was said that only by suffering would one be above others.

She had never thought of rising above others, but the suffering of the world did not escape her.


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