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“This is your familys matter.

I have no obligation to give you any more money.”

“Im your younger brother.

How arent you obligated” Liu Kais expression changed as he said confidently.

“Im not married yet.

When the time comes, youll have to give me money to buy a house in Zhonghai.”

“Over all these years, Ive already given you a lot of money.

You have your life, and I have mine.

We have nothing to do with each other anymore.

Dont ask me for money anymore.” Li Chuhan said.

“Besides, you didnt ask for money to buy fertilizer.

You must want to gamble with it.

Dont lie to me.”

“I dont gamble anymore.

Im really going to buy fertilizer.

Hurry up and give me 5,000 yuan.

Im in a hurry.”

“When I came back last year, I already told you that the last sum would be the last 10,000 yuan.

Moreover, you signed an agreement with me.

Do you think its appropriate to ask for money at this time”

“Then can you bear to see the land at home dry up completely Will you be satisfied if Dad and I starve to death at home!”

“Ive already given you enough.

How much longer do you want me to continue giving you handouts” Li Chuhan said expressionlessly.

“You know damn well whats going on.

Whenever you receive money, you spend it all to drink and gamble.

No matter how much money I give, itll never be enough for you!”

“Ive already said that this is the last time.

If you give us another 5,000 yuan, I wont ask you for money anymore.”

“Impossible!” Li Chuhan said.

“You said the same thing last year.

Do you think I can still trust you”

“Are you even human! You dont even help your own brother! Ive raised you for so many years for nothing!”


Li Chuhan raised his hand and slapped Liu Kais face.

“Mom was the one who raised me since I was young.

It had nothing to do with you.

Besides, Ive already cut ties with this family.

Dont talk to me like that!”

“How dare you hit me!”

Liu Kai covered his face.

He did not expect Li Chuhan to hit him.

“This slap is to remind you of seniority.

So many years, wasted.

Besides gambling, you dont even know basic etiquette or shame.”

“Alright, I will remember this.

You are disregarding your family today, right Dad and I will go to the hospital tomorrow and look for your boss.

Believe me that we will be able to tarnish your reputation!”


Li Chuhan was so angry that her body was trembling.

She didnt expect them to be so shameless!

“Alright, calm down.”

Lin Yi patted Li Chuhans shoulder.

“Some things should be resolved as soon as possible.

We cant waste time.”

“But theres no way to resolve this matter.

Every time I come back, theyll stand guard here and demand money from me.

If I didnt come early today, I might not even have been able to visit the grave.”

“Thats why I said I wanted to resolve it once and for all.

You cant keep dragging it out.”

Liu Kai glanced at Lin Yi.

“Your friend knows how to handle things to avoid disaster.

If not for him, dont even think about working in the hospital.

Well definitely ruin your reputation!”

“I suspect that your father is the one who instructed you to stay here every year to ask for money.

This is not a place to talk.

Lets talk at your house.”

“Alright, as long as you give me money, we can talk anywhere.”

Liu Kai turned around.

“That Mercedes-Benz on the street is yours, right It should be quite expensive.

Ive never rode in a Mercedes-Benz before.”

“Youre dreaming.

You ride your motorcycle.

Well drive.”

“What do you mean Isnt it just a Mercedes-Benz Cant I take a ride in it You dont take me seriously at all.”

“Do you still want the money”

“Alright, you guys drive.

Ill ride the motorcycle.”

Lin Yi patted Li Chuhans shoulder.

“Come on, get in.”

The two of them got into the car.

Liu Kai followed them all the way to her house.

Li Chuhans house was not in the town, but in a small mud hut a hundred meters away.

Most of the people in town also lived around here.

Seeing the red Mercedes drive over, people on the street gathered around.

They had never seen such a good car before.

The two of them got out of the car.

Lin Yi pointed at the wooden door in front of them, “Is this your house”

“Yes.” Li Chuhan nodded in shame.

“Lets go.

Didnt you guys want to talk Lets go in now,” Liu Kai said while panting from behind.

Lin Yi walked over and kicked open the wooden door.

It was not very sturdy to begin with, so this kick sent the wooden door flying.

The middle-aged man who was drinking inside was shocked, thinking that something bad had happened.

Li Chuhans fathers name was Liu Dajun.

He had a buzz cut, dark skin, and was shirtless.

He wore a pair of army green pants and a pair of yellow rubber shoes.

There was a bottle of white wine on the table and a plate of peanuts which he was eating happily.

“What are you doing!” Liu Kai said.

“That is none of your business.

Get lost.”

Lin Yi crossed the threshold and looked at Dajun.

“The two of you have been asking her for money every year, right”

“Shes my daughter.

Its only right for me to ask her for money!” Liu Dajun said.


Lin Yi flipped the table without a word, and Liu Dajun stood up in shock.

“You, what are you doing”


I just came to tell you that she will have nothing to do with you in the future.

Dont think about her asking for money.

If I find out once, Ill dig a hole in the back of the mountain and bury the two of you alive.”

“You… do you have any respect for the law!”

“I am the law.

Ive already made this clear today.

If you dont believe me, you can give it a try.”

Liu Dajun and Liu Kai both bullied the weak and feared the strong.

They dared to shout in front of Li Chuhan, but in front of the fierce Lin Yi, they were like docile sheep.

Lin Yi had long seen through the nature of these people.

They had the guts to bully people like Li Chuhan.

If they encountered a powerful person, they were cowards and did not dare to speak.

From the beginning to the end, Li Chuhan did not say a word.

She no longer had any feelings for the Liu family.

In fact, she was even more distant than a stranger to them.

She only hoped that Lin Yi would help her cut off all contact with them so that she would not need to interact with them in the future.

“Im asking you a question, do you hear me”

“I-I heard you…”

Just as Lin Yi had expected, the two of them didnt have much ability.

Other than the small amount of land at home and the monthly allowance, their biggest source of income was the money they extorted from Li Chuhan.

However, they only dared to bully Li Chuhan.

When facing Lin Yi, they became cowards.

“As long as you heard me.”

Lin Yi turned around and grabbed Li Chuhans hand.

“Lets go.

Were done here.

Its time to get down to business.”


“Dont even think about leaving!”

As soon as the two of them stepped out of the door, they saw more than ten people rushing up.

They were the merchants who had blocked the road previously.

However, other than the elderly, there were also many young people around them.

Judging from their expressions and actions, these people should be their family members.

“Whats this about Are you asking me to buy fish again”

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