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“F*ck, youre still making sarcastic remarks!”

A man stood up and pointed at Lin Yi.

“You knocked over our fish.

My father even suffered a heart attack because of you.

Hurry up and compensate us!”

“No, no, my heart doesnt feel good…”

As soon as the man finished speaking, the old man beside him clutched his chest and lay on the ground.

“Aiyo, our hearts arent feeling too good either.

Its killing me.”

Seeing the old man lying on the ground, the others who were blocking the way also lay down.

“Pay up!”

More than twenty people surrounded Lin Yi and Li Chuhan.

“Let me tell you, if you dont compensate us today, none of you will be able to leave!”

“I know this person.

Hes his eldest daughters subordinate.

When I went to see a doctor, he even extorted 100,000 yuan from me and got my son arrested.

We cant let them leave today,” Wei Erzhu said.

“Lin Yi…”

Li Chuhan looked at Lin Yi, “What do we do now”

“Are you afraid”

“With you by my side, Im not afraid.”

Li Chuhan grabbed Lin Yis hand, unwilling to let go for a moment.

“Make way, make way.”

Just as the atmosphere was tense, voices came from the back of the crowd.

He looked back and saw three young men coming from outside.

“Brother Sun, youre here.”

Seeing the man coming over, Liu Kai went up to him.

The man Liu Kai called Brother Sun was known as Sun Deliang, the son of Sun Maoqun.

“Liu Kai, I heard that your sister is back.

Is that her” Sun Deliang asked.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Thats my sister.”

“Shes really beautiful.

She doesnt bear any resemblance to your Liu family.”

“She looks like my mother, not like my father.”

“Alright, go to the side and stay there.

This is none of your business.”

Sun Deliang took a few steps forward.

“Why are you making so much noise”

“Deliang, these two people knocked over my fathers fish stall and scared him to death.

Were trying to reason with him.”

“Did such a thing really happen”

Sun Deliang looked at the person lying on the ground and said to Lin Yi and Li Chuhan,

“Whats wrong Did you come here to be unreasonable Do you know that I have shares in their fish stalls Arent you ruining my business by doing this”

“It was just a simple roadblock, yet you take a portion of their revenue.

Cant you be more entrepreneurial”

“Why Are you looking down on us country bumpkins after driving a Mercedes-Benz back from the city” Sun Deliang asked.

“Do you still want to leave”

“Of course I do.”

“Isnt that settled then” Sun Deliang said.

“When such a big thing happened, the villagers were so frightened by you that they suffered a heart attack.

I wont make things difficult for you.

Give us 200,000 yuan and let her have a drink with me.

This matter will be settled after that.”


Lin Yi didnt say anything and slapped Sun Deliangs face.

“Hey, wake up.

Its not even dark yet.

Why are you dreaming”

He was dumbfounded.

Seeing Lin Yi slap Sun Deliang, everyone was stunned.

Was this person crazy How dare he hit Sun Deliang

Did he not want to leave Beiqiao Town

Li Chuhan frowned and whispered in Lin Yis ear,

“I cant remember clearly, but this person seems to be the mayors son.”

Lin Yi nodded thoughtfully.

“No wonder hes so pretentious.”

A few seconds later, Sun Deliang came back to his senses.

“How dare you hit me!”

“If you dont make way, this matter wont end with just this slap,” Lin Yi said.

“Also, isnt your father Sun Maoqun Even if he was here, he wouldnt dare to stop my car.

Who do you think you are”

“You… you know my father” Sun Deliang was frightened.

He suddenly felt that these two people were not someone he should have provoked.

“Ask your father first if he knows me.”

At this moment, a red Shari drove over.

Everyone subconsciously made way because they knew who the driver was.

Anyone with a car would know that this was Sun Maoquns car.

“Aiyo, Mr.

Lin, I finally found you.”

Sun Maoqun slapped his thigh excitedly as if he had spotted a family member.

“Were you looking for me”

“Thats right.

I heard from Secretary Wu that you bought a red Mercedes-Benz and would be coming to town today.

In the morning, someone said that they saw your car.

I went to town and didnt see it.

No one picked up when I called you, so I kept wandering the streets looking for you.”

“I cant afford to offend the people of Beiqiao Town.

When I entered the town, they were selling fish and blocking the way.

Your son even said that he had shares in their stalls.

Now, hes lying on the ground and saying that he suffered a heart attack.

Im a little afraid of you guys.”

Seeing the person lying on the ground, Sun Maoqun was so angry that his body trembled.

Lin Yi didnt know if other people really had heart attacks, but Sun Maoqun was about to have one.


Sun Maoqun slapped Sun Deliangs face, almost making him fall.

“Dont you people have any shame Mr.

Lin came here to build a Hope School and a road, but you are actually pulling such stunts! Youve completely embarrassed Beiqiao Town!”

“Build a school A road” Sun Deliang covered his mouth.

“Is he doing charity work”

“Why else would Mr.

Lin be here!”

Everyone present fell silent.

The people lying on the ground also stood up with ashamed expressions.

Liu Dajun and Liu Kai stood rooted to the ground.

They never thought that Li Chuhan would find such a rich man.


Lin, Im really sorry.

I didnt expect such a thing to happen.

Ive embarrassed myself in front of you.”

“I hope you can deal with these people properly.

Otherwise, who would dare to come to Beiqiao Town in the future This place will never develop.”

“Yes, yes, yes.


Lin is right.

When I go back, I will definitely educate them well.

I guarantee that such a thing will never happen again.”

“Lets go and get down to business.”

“Alright, alright, alright.


Lin, lets get in the car and talk slowly.”


Then, Sun Maoqun found a chef from the town to cook a table full of food for Lin Yi and Li Chuhan.

He was very enthusiastic.

That afternoon, Sun Maoqun brought Lin Yi along and chatted about the situation in Beiqiao Town.

This was because there were more than ten small villages under Beiqiao Town.

Their location was key to helping the surrounding areas and spreading the benefit of this piece of charity work.

After driving around for two days, they finally decided on the final location.

What was left was the most important part of signing the contract.


Lin, why dont we set the signing date for tomorrow Ill get some reporters to come over.

Such a big matter cant be done without any publicity.”

“No need, lets just sign it today,” Lin Yi said, “But I have something to tell you, so do as I say.”

“If you have any requests, just tell us.

We will definitely cooperate fully.”

“After signing the contract, when you publicize it, dont say that Lingyun Group invested this money.

Just say that it was sponsored by CITIC Group.

Dont mention our names throughout the process.”

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