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TN: little moons = name of WenJiaoJiao’s fans

At least three of the ten popular Weibo searches that night were related to Star Entertainment.

#Star Entertainment’s elder brother and elder sister and the director in charge leave for Shengshi#

#The popular film queen complains that the senior management of Star Entertainment only promotes new people#

#Star entertainment artists speak together to expose the unknown dark underbelly of Star Entertainment#

That evening, Star Entertainment was caught off guard.

The film king Zhang Yuze, the film queen Xue Yaqi, and even the veteran director Han Wei, who can be called the pillar of the company, were photographed by the reporter meeting Yan Xun, the president of Shengshi at Yayue.

And the four of them sat down at the same table to have a meal.

They seemed to be having a very happy conversation.

Later, several people even told the reporter that they were about to join Shengshi and planned to unilaterally terminate the contract with Star Entertainment.

Star Entertainment knew nothing from beginning to end until it was exposed by reporters.

Looking at the pictures spread crazily on the Internet, Fu Han’s veins were jumping, and he couldn’t control the urge in his heart to scold with a series of crazy dirty words

The most amazing thing is that the reporters who interviewed were hired by Fu Han to quietly reveal the news and even spent a lot of money to attract them.

In fact, from the very beginning, he did not fully trust Fang Yao.

Only treating the other party as an informant.

As long as the news of the crew that Fang Yao shared are true, it is enough for him.

He has arranged another person in the hotel, who will create an opportunity to “bring together” with Xie Ze and Yuan Buwei, and disclose the ambiguous news of them to many journalists in advance.

When the time came, it was sure to be exposed to the whole network.

As for Fang Yao, Fu Han did not place his hopes on the other.

He even took into account the possibility of Fang Yao’s betrayal.

He just used her to confuse Shengshi, so that their attention would be focused on Fang Yao, the traitor, and relaxed their vigilance in other aspects.

When the other side was still on guard against Fang Yao, Fu Han’s real backers would take action.

Fu Han considered himself to be meticulous after such an arrangement.

But he never thought that Fang Yao was also used to counter him, so that his mind was focused on how to entrap Shengshi, before successfully  digging his corner.

The ideas of both sides have exactly the same idea.

Both creating a diversion, carefully luring from the dark, it was just a matter of who had more elevated skills.

In the end, not even a dime of publicity money was spent by Yuan Buwei, Fu Han had paid to get the greatest exposure.

The reporters didn’t catch the scandal he wanted, but they found something bigger and more worth exposing

This approach is almost the same as a wedding scene, where the media from all walks of life are invited, the church priest is about to announce the oath, and the bride and groom are suddenly kicked off the stage and replaced.

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Fu Han’s face is swollen

What surprised him most was that the veteran director Han Wei, who was the director of the previous  “Deep Palace”, was also poached.

This made Fu Han feel like he had eaten a fly.

Yuan Buwei made you fall into a rut, and the carefully shot film almost couldn’t recover the initial investment and even lowered your status in Star Entertainment.

As a result, you actually had a good talk with the prime culprit happily.

In the end you defected to Shengshi, are you so blind

For a moment, Fu Han felt that his cursing vocabulary was not enough.

Although he burst into foul language in his anger, Fu Han’s position as the president of Star Entertainment did not depend entirely on his family background.

He quickly calmed down and called a high-level meeting overnight.

The whole of Star Entertainment quickly started to work.

A press release was issued, and the public relations department also came forward to guide public opinion in favour of Star Entertainment.

Their official Weibo directly announced that Zhang Yuze, Xue Yaqi and Han Wei were in breach of contract, and needed to pay sky liquidated damages.

At the beginning, the trend of the Internet was still turning towards Star Entertainment, but as the three people began to speak, the trend changed.

First of all, Xue Yaqi, the film queen, who has an honest image, stood up directly and told the truth in front of the reporters: “It’s not that I want to leave Star Entertainment, but that Star Entertainment forced me to leave.”

“In order to pave the way for his little lover, President Fu would not hesitate to make me, a film queen, play a supporting role for a little flower.

That’s right, it’s what you’re thinking, I won’t beat around the bush.

I’m talking about Wen JiaoJiao.”

“At the beginning, when she was still a newcomer, she signed a contract comparable to that of a film queen, at the start of her career.

To give her resources, many artists in the company had to take her to their activities  whenever possible, act like good brothers/sisters and give her exposure.

Don’t think she’s actually well liked, it’s just that someone is forcefully trying to praise her.

How can we continue to stay in Star Entertainment I’m about to become Miss Wen’s servant girl.”

Later, Zhang Yuze, who has always been a low-key actor with few black fans, also told the reason why he left.

Wen JiaoJiao has good acting skills and is highly praised by other celebrities.

In her first work, she was lucky to partner with Zhang Yuze.

Although she was only the third female supporting role, there was still a small number of cp fans because of the strong sense of cp between the characters.

Zhang Yuze’s fans are relatively calm and did not tear up Wen JiaoJiao, a newcomer because of this.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yuze was inexplicably hacked during that time.

The company even cancelled an important announcement of his on the grounds of his “recent bad image” and replaced him with another Male artist.

Originally, Zhang Yuze didn’t blame Star Entertainment, but after Shengshi contacted him, they gave him the evidence that everything was related to Wen JiaoJiao.

Zhou Yao is the person who slandered him on the Internet, while Fu Han cancelled his notice.

Fu Han actually knew the truth, but because he was jealous, he still took action.

In fact, it was a long time ago, and it was not a big deal.

But Zhang Yuze was a smart man.

After he knew the truth, he was not only cold towards Star Entertainment, but also worried that Fu Han’s love brain would bring Star Entertainment down.

Zhang Yuze didn’t say what he thought.

He just published the truth of the incident on the Internet, which has already received sympathy and understanding from passers-by and fans.

No one felt that he was betraying Star Entertainment.

[Stunned, Wen Jiaojiao is so powerful, isn’t she always promoting “talking with strength”]

[Wen JiaoJiao’s “little moons” are always saying how their idol is always working hard.

It’s truly with effort and hard work that she managed to hook up with the president of the company and strive for resources.

It’s really difficult.]

[I always thought that Wen JiaoJiao rose to fame too fast.

Her entire journey she has effortlessly received good resources, and the female stars who have disagreements with her have been trampled down.

Simply the outline of a female lead’s cool upgrading script, so there must be a problem behind the scenes.

Ah, it’s not surprising, considering this is the entertainment industry.]

[I feel sorry for other Star Entertainment artists, all of them should be used as stepping stones to help her rise.

My family’s Yu Ze ge is even more miserable.

It is obvious that Wen Jiaojiao was the one who benefited from their supposed relationship.

As a result, was hacked and treated coldly.

Take my family’s Yu Ze ge away.

Whoever likes to be treated by this broken star entertainment can go.]

[Unexpectedly, Zhou Yao’s old news will be pulled out here.

In addition to the movie king Zhang, there seem to be several male stars who have had scandals with Wen Jiaojiao.

I didn’t think about it carefully before, but this is indeed problematic.

Now think about it, this is extremely terrifying.]

[Wasn’t there a rumour that Wen JiaoJiao had something to do with Zhou Yao A while ago, Star Entertainment said that she was the victim of Zhou Yao’s deception.

But now you turn around and say now that she has something to do with the boss of Star Entertainment.

Is she the victim of deception again this time Who’s looking down on her IQ]

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Online public opinion has become a boiling pot, and the water army of Star Entertainment has been white washing crazily, but still cannot restore the damaged image of Star Entertainment.

The whole Star Entertainment headquarters is lit up all night, and everyone is working overtime all night to minimise the impact of this matter as soon as possible.

However, none of the three leaving is simple.

Zhang Yuze and Xue Yaqi didn’t need to say anything  and their fans have almost exploded Wen JiaoJiao and Star Entertainment’s official Weibo.

As for the director Han Wei, he spent more time in Star Entertainment than the other two.

Several films he made in his youth were a lot of help to the rise of star entertainment, which can be regarded as the hero of Star Entertainment.

His decision to choose Shengshi, is also related to the failure of the previous film.

Because of the cold treatment of the senior executives of Star Entertainment and the mediocrity of his last two films, people began to suspect that he was old and had run out of talent, is the general consensus spread in the company.

Han Wei thinks that he has played his due role.

The movie “Deep Palace” is just bad luck, and it could also be blamed on Star Entertainment.

If it wasn’t for Star Entertainment insisting on crashing with Shengshi, with him caught in the middle, his film would not have been directly dragged down with Shengshi as cannon fodder.

Star Entertainment’s actions made him feel chills, but Shengshi had no grudge against him.

They also reached out with full sincerity, Han Wei was moved after some consideration.


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