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Ye Fei smiled innocently, whilst his eyes told another story, there were hints of greed and lust in them as he looked at Mu Zijin from top to bottom.

Noticing his fiery gaze, Mu Zijin laughed nervously and her cheeks slowly turned red.

Ye Fei moved closer to her, and gently said, "How are the dishes I cooked."

In all fairness, his dishes are master-class, on par with professional chefs.

Although the fish-flavored shredded pork and sweet and sour pork ribs are simple meals, they had a distinct pleasant flavor when prepared by Ye Fei.

Especially the sweet and sour pork ribs, the way it melts when eaten is simply delicious, and really a delicate treat for the tongue.

Mu Zijin understood this as she secretly looked at the sweet and sour pork ribs, the smell of the dish was fragrant and it overwhelmed her nose.

In an instant, she forgot how she was adamantly refusing to eat Ye Fe's dishes, and began to eagerly look at the plate of sweet and sour pork ribs.

I want to eat it…

"Your culinary skills are quite good," Mu Zijin observed nervously, and she chose to admit it directly rather than lie, acknowledging Ye Fei's cooking talents are good.

Ye Fei's culinary skills, in Mu Zijin's opinion, are even better than her family's chef, at least for her, and it had also been a long time since she had such delectable sweet and sour pork ribs.

Still, she had lost the competition against him, and knowing what was bet on, Mu Zijin couldn't help but discreetly look at Ye Fei with a nervous and adorable smile.

"You are a monster." Mu Zijin thought for a long time, and used the word "monster" to evaluate Ye Fei.

What an appropriate description of him.

For the average person, Ye Fei was a monster given that he was highly skilled in swimming, martial arts, marksmanship, and now cooking, but what startled Mu Zijin the most was how advanced he was in each discipline!

Facing such a talented man, Mu Zijin didn't feel frustrated, but gave a very appropriate evaluation.

Ye Fei accepted the title helplessly, and he smiled, "Monsters are monsters.

Anyway, don't try to diverge from the topic.

You lost and I won, simple as that."

As he finished speaking, Ye Fei looked at the braised fish cubes made by Mu Zijin, and began to evaluate.

Her cooking skills are relatively normal, but nonetheless, her braised fish cubes looked good.

It seems Mu Zijin's cooking talent is worth nurturing.

Though, it's a pity that she met Ye Fei.

He tasted the braised fish cubes, and remarked with a smile, "Well, at least you made these braised fish cubes to taste good."

While speaking, he narrowed his focus on Mu Zijin's body, making Mu Zijin flushed with the curiosity of knowing what bad idea this guy was making.

What Ye Fei wanted was for Mu Zijin to uphold her side of the bet.

Knowing this, Mu Zijin's heart was heavy but seeing Ye Fei's gentle movements as he stretched out his hand and stroked her delicate face made her involuntarily smile.

Mu Zijin's face and skin were as delicate and smooth as a porcelain doll.

What's more, without makeup powder applied, her face was still extremely clear and it felt soft to touch.

Ye Fei's fingertips brushed Mu Zijin's strawberry-soft lips, and a strange sensation crept throughout his body as he did so.

Mu Zijin's eyes were filled with love, and her demeanor was gentle and endearing.

Her long eyelashes quiver nervously as she closed her eyes slightly, as if Ye Fei was doing something unpleasant to her.

"Open your mouth," Ye Fei's words were bewitching.

Following his command, Mu Zijin opened her mouth lightly, as Ye Fei reached out and put his fingers into her mouth, and suddenly a gentle soft slippery sensation touched his fingertips.

The very next second, Mu Zijin's entire face turned completely red.

This was it! What Ye Fei and Mu Zijin betted on!

When he stared at the gorgeous woman in his arms, he felt an unparalleled sensation of contentment and desire.

Ye Fei seeing her flushed face, prompted for the corners of his mouth to curl up.

But as she came into touch with Ye Fei, she adjusted her expression, giving Ye Fei a strong feeling of conquest.

Mu Zijin nestled in Ye Fei's chest, and the two of them ate gently, appreciating each other's warm comfort.

Ye Fei's dish was quite wonderful.

The fish-flavored pork and sweet and sour pork ribs were devoured in an instant, and even Ye Fei thought the braised fish cubes were delicious as he ate the entire plate by himself.

Upon seeing this, Mu Zijin smiled joyfully, her eyes narrowing in a crescent curve and a gleaming sparkle of fulfillment concealed in them.

Of course, she knew Ye Fei thought it was delicious because he ate everything she made for him.

Still, there was no finer complement than this when he put it into words!

Mu Zijin could feel Ye Fei's tenderness.

If this bad guy didn't have any bad thoughts, he would be the perfect man, Mu Zijin blushed and thought to herself.

Mu Zijin praised the meal after sipping tea, then gently murmured to Ye Fei, "If you cook for me every day, I feel like I'll be fattened by you."

Ye Fei smiled and said, "Actually, it's okay to be fatter.

Besides, Zijin, you practice martial arts almost everyday, so how could you turn fat."

What is there to say For Ye Fei, he preferred her to be slightly fat in the thighs but of course, there still isn't any worry to be shown regarding Mu Zijin's figure.

After all, she's the type of girl who likes exercising a lot.

At this time, Mu Zijin was forcibly pulled by Ye Fei who wanted to apply the ice muscle jade bee water on her skin so as not to leave any hideous scars, but his real purpose in doing so was something only he himself knew.

Finally after 30 minutes, Mu Zijin came out of the bedroom blushing and she glanced at Ye Fei with an annoyed look, while Ye Fei simply smiled and chuckled.

Her body stumbled with each step, yet her aura was filled with timidity and a comforting sense of warmth.

The atmosphere between them was filled with love and kindness.

"By the way, how do you plan to deal with Chen Luo," Mu Zijin wanted to know what the next step was.

After all, Lei Shaohui is facing a criminal investigation by the Supervisory Office, and his son had committed suicide.

Mu Zijin was very concerned about Ye Fei's next move, which was to finally deal with Chen Luo.

"I have a plan," Ye Fei smiled.

Mu Zijin pondered for a while, and finally said softly: "I know you have a plan, but if you really want to deal with Chen Luo, you have to face his master."

In the face of a genius doctor, the Wei family would not help or support.

What's more, since Chen Luo took refuge in the Zheng family, he would be very difficult to deal with.

Mu Zijin only told the reality of the situation.

Right now Chen Luo was indeed not Ye Fei's opponent, and could no longer pose a threat to him.

However, in the face of Chen Luo's Master, it is difficult for Ye Fei to kill Chen Luo without any threatening repercussions.

In addition, the Wei family will probably not help be useful either, as they still owe that genius doctor a favor.

When Ye Fei heard Mu Zijin mention the Zheng family, he smiled slightly, "The Zheng family can't keep Chen Luo.

I promise you that Chen Luo will grow desperate and then be completely finished."

Ye Fei is absolutely sure of that!


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