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Chapter 1054: World Ender

A surprised voice let out an exclamation from behind the curtains.

Then, a snow-white arm moved aside the veil, revealing Yu Yanluo’s face.

Since she had just been sleeping, she was only wearing her personal garments.

Even though she was hiding behind a blanket she had pulled over, Zu An could still see her fair and glistening neck.

They were several feet apart.

Zu An quietly examined her, trying to see if he could detect any alarm from her expression.

But he was disappointed.

Yu Yanluo’s expression was a bit confused and lost, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of fear.

“Please wait for a moment; I will change my clothes.” Yu Yanluo bowed slightly to him, then drew the curtains closed.

She was so beautiful that merely getting dressed was an enchanting sight.

She really didn’t let down her reputation as the number one beauty whom Pei You just couldn't stop thinking about.

Zu An thus observed that these two were clearly husband and wife, and yet she was going to get dressed outside of his presence. Interesting…

A while later, the curtains moved aside again.

Yu Yanluo left her bed, her clothes now in order.

However, she wasn’t wearing socks.

Under the weak illumination of the moonlight, her feet seemed to be glowing with a sparkling luster.

They were exquisite and perfect.

If Shinji Matou saw them, his tongue might just fall off from all the bootlicking.[1]

Yu Yanluo walked over to the table and lit a candle.

The fire illuminated her perfect complexion.

She was covered in a white fox fur coat, appearing luxurious yet also delicate.

Zu An frowned when he saw her movements.

However, he didn’t stop her.

Just then, Maid Xing asked from outside, “Madam, what’s wrong” She had clearly sensed that Yu Yanluo had lit a candle, realizing that something was strange.

Zu An calmly looked at Yu Yanluo.

He began to secretly store up strength in preparation against an attack.

But to his surprise, Yu Yanluo didn’t call anyone in.

She instead said gently, “It is fine; you can leave for now.

Do not come closer unless I give you the order to.”

“Yes, madam!” Maid Xing bowed.

Her footsteps indicated that she was leaving.

“It has been a long time, madam.

Have you missed me” Zu An moved his arms toward her for a hug to see her reaction.

He wanted to test out just what kind of a relationship the husband and wife had.

Yu Yanluo turned around.

Her dress moved as she avoided his arms.

Then, she looked at him with a frown, asking, “Who are you”

Zu An was startled.

He hadn’t thought his act had any flaws.

He thought Yu Yanluo was behaving that way just to test him.

As such, he replied seriously, “What It has been so long that you do not even recognize your own husband anymore”

“You are not Jian Yanyou.” Yu Yanluo looked at him coldly.

At the same time, she became inwardly vigilant.

Zu An knew that she wasn’t bluffing when he heard her straightforward tone.

She really was sure that he wasn’t Jian Yanyou.

He suppressed his curiosity and continued asking, “What Was it because you colluded with Jian Taiding to kill me that you are sure that I am no longer alive”

Yu Yanluo’s expression grew cold.

She asked, “Just what kind of evil existence are you How are you able to look so similar to Jian Yanyou”

Zu An harrumphed.

“Are you trying to change the topic You know just how terrible this period has been for me.

The heavens have given me a chance to return to this world, so I naturally have to get revenge on all of my enemies one by one.” After saying that, he pressed forward step by step.

He had always been confused about something.

This woman had been the world’s number one beauty, and yet she didn’t have any cultivation.

That alone would be one thing, but she had never been seized by anyone as their exclusive property either.

That was what was strange.

He refused to believe that all of the powerful cultivators in the world cared this much about ceremony, that they were all monks who didn’t care about lust.

After all, with Yu Yanluo’s appearance, even the most well-trained monk might return to worldly ways after meeting her.

That suspicion had become even stronger when he arrived in Cloudcenter Commandery.

Its people’s cultivations were all extremely high, and they were all completely blinded by greed.

Just how could Yu Yanluo manage to protect herself in this den of wolves

He hadn’t thought much of it back in Brightmoon City’s outskirts when his cultivation was still low.

Now, it really was strange to him.

There had only been a group of third to fourth ranked guards at her side back then.

Such guards might be enough to protect some ordinary noble clan’s young miss, but she was the former number one beauty of the entire capital! She had even been far away from Cloudcenter Commandery, the Yu clan’s territory.

How could those other powers be able to resist their desire to go after her

He thought back to how she had always had that air of indifference and composure around her.

Zu An was more and more certain that Yu Yanluo definitely had some secrets! This was the perfect chance to test her out.

Sure enough, Yu Yanluo’s expression changed when she saw him approach.

Previously, when she had lit a candle, she had stopped in front of a bookshelf.

At that moment, she picked up a painting on the table and threw it at Zu An.

Zu An was stunned. You’re throwing a painting at me He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why does this seem like a fight between sweethearts, where the girlfriend is throwing things at the boyfriend

However, soon afterward, he couldn't smile anymore, because he felt the scenery around him change completely.

He was no longer in Yu Yanluo’s chambers.

Rather, he was in an entirely different world.

The mist around him was so thick he couldn't see his own fingers even if he brought his hand up in front of him.

“An illusion” Zu An frowned.

He immediately summoned Hundredwarble as a countermeasure, but even following its cry, there was no reaction at all.

The mist scattered temporarily where Hundredwarble flew through it, but everything returned to normal soon afterward.

“Who exactly are you” Yu Yanluo’s voice rang out from the sky just then.

It was just as beautiful and moving as before, but it now carried a mysterious feeling of dignity, as if she were a deity speaking from above.

Zu An frowned.

He kicked off and leapt into the sky, rushing toward the source of the sound.

He hadn’t reached the master rank yet, so he couldn't fly through the sky at will.

However, short-term flight wasn’t too difficult.

Unfortunately, there was nothing above him even when he rushed into the air.

This world seemed to be limitless.

A hazy mist covered everything.

Even with his current cultivation, he could still only see about a zhang away.

He landed on the ground, then used the jade badge to help him observe the surroundings.

However, shockingly, there actually wasn’t a single living thing within a range of several li.

That meant either this really was a completely barren place, or that the creatures were all high-leveled and outside the jade badge’s control.

Zu An soon knew the answer.

He became alert and dodged off to the side.

A sharp javelin thrust into the spot he had just been standing in.

But isn’t this javelin a bit too long he thought.

It felt like a long bamboo pole that reached all the way into the mist.

He couldn't see exactly how long it was at all.

Then, a giant monster slowly appeared from the mist.

Zu An observed its appearance.

It was long and slender in build, having a total of a dozen legs.

Every single leg was like a long bamboo pole.

The javelin had actually been one of its legs.

It looked just like the stick insects he had seen in his previous world, but its body was countless times bigger.

It bared its fangs and brandished its long legs, continuing to slam them down at Zu An.

Even though it was large, its movements weren’t slow at all.

On the contrary, it was extremely nimble.

Its bamboo branch-like legs were even more dangerous than thrown lances.

Eighth rank!

Zu An evaded with his Sunflower Phantasm.

Then, while the other party was confused, he finally found an opening and sent a fist at its leg.

The monster’s leg broke apart with a brittle crack.

Its entire body staggered after it lost a leg; it had clearly lost its balance.

Zu An moved as fast as lightning.

He quickly broke its remaining legs as well.

The monster finally couldn't hold on anymore and came crashing down.

Zu An was just about to leave when his expression changed.

He suddenly looked up.

The monster staggered back and forth, and its broken legs began to regenerate at a visible rate.

Zu An was stunned. This thing can regenerate

Its regeneration was even more exaggerated than his Primordial Origin Sutra! At the very least, if he lost an arm or a leg, there was no way he would grow another one so quickly.

Yu Yanluo spoke again.

“You cannot kill it.”

Zu An couldn't help but reply with a sneer, “This isn’t your body, is it”

Yu Yanluo was speechless.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 22 22 22…

She was clearly furious that she had been associated with such an ugly thing.

A flame surged in Zu An’s hand just then.

While the monster had yet to recover, he tore it into eight pieces.

Then, his flames immediately burned the monster to ashes. Even if you can regenerate your limbs, how will you regenerate from ashes

“Huh” Yu Yanluo voiced her surprise.

She sensed that his flames were special.

“Your flame seems to be the natural enemy of these monsters.

But it does not matter.”

A cool breeze brushed past as soon she spoke.

The mist from before vanished without a trace.

Zu An suddenly felt the ground beneath him disappear.

Then, he fell straight down.

Fishy and salty waters surged all around him.

He could smell the sea!

He moved quickly, flying straight into the air.

The ground beneath him had already disappeared without a trace, replaced with a boundless sea.

“The terrain completely changed” Zu An exclaimed, shocked.

How high was that woman’s cultivation Why was she able to do all of these things

Yu Yanluo was still inside her own chambers.

She stood in front of the desk with a scroll unrolled in front of her.

In her hand was a pen.

She added a few strokes to the surface.

Zu An immediately felt the previously mild winds become fierce.

The seas below also began to churn, producing violent and intense splashes.

“I will ask you one more time.

Who are you, and why have you impersonated Jian Yanyou If you still do not speak, I will no longer be polite.” Yu Yanluo spoke from above again.

Her face was faintly discernible in the sky, just like the appearance of divine beings in the movies of Zu An’s previous world.

Zu An frowned slightly. What’s going on Don’t tell me I’ve entered her domain But no matter how formidable Yu Yanluo was, it shouldn’t have been to this degree, right Why did she possess such a miraculous domain

He roared with laughter and exclaimed, “What do you mean impersonate I am precisely your one hundred percent guaranteed or your money back husband!” He was deliberately trying to anger the other party, to see if it would make her reveal any openings.

Yu Yanluo harrumphed.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 233 233 233…

The crazy winds around Zu An immediately became stronger, to the extent that he couldn't even stand still anymore.

Suddenly, he saw a white line heading in his direction.

“What is this now” Zu An became vigilant.

The white line was extremely fast, arriving almost instantly.

Zu An’s expression finally changed, because he could see that it wasn’t a white line, but a tsunami that was several hundred meters tall! The closest he had ever been to a tsunami was in theaters when he had seen Interstellar.

That had already been shocking enough back then!

In his previous world, 2004’s Indian Ocean Tsunami had only reached a height of thirty meters, and yet it had caused three hundred thousand casualties, with more than two million becoming homeless.

The several-hundred-meter tsunami looked as if it intended to end this very world.

Zu An’s human instincts made every single one of his fine hairs stand on end.

“This is your final chance.

Who are you” Yu Yanluo’s beautiful voice rang out from above once more.


This is a reference to a character from Fate/stay night. ☜


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