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Chapter 1087: Return of the Dead

Jian Taiding didn’t know why he was howling that way to begin with.

His older brother was clearly already dead.

But he felt incredibly awful being in the cave all by himself.

He had no other ways to vent out his frustrations, and his older brother’s remains were the only thing left in the room.

When he saw his older brother’s appearance and recalled how well Jian Yanyou had treated him in the past, he couldn't help but feel sad.

Everything he had done was for the sake of his sister-in-law, but his sister-in-law was currently being ravaged under the body of another man.

What meaning was there left in everything he had done

It would have been a bit easier for him to accept it if Yu Yanluo had at least shown the tiniest bit of unwillingness.

He would just hate Zu An alone.

But Yu Yanluo had looked as if she really wanted it! Her ‘do what you want’ attitude made his heart completely break down.

She clearly wanted it!

However much love he’d had for Yu Yanluo before, that was how much hatred he had now.

That was why what he said about her was also warped and smeared.

Of course, for him, those words weren’t distorted at all.

Rather, from his perspective, that was exactly how he felt.

He was only instinctively choosing a target to vent out his frustrations to.

His expression was absent-minded as he babbled nonsense.

He didn’t notice that the ice around Jian Yanyou seemed to have fine cracks around it.

Meanwhile, in the cold pool, Yu Yanluo cried out in alarm.

She subconsciously covered her chest, her entire face turning completely red.

Zu An was speechless, saying, “Madam was acting composed a moment ago.

Why are you suddenly getting embarrassed”

Yu Yanluo thought to herself, Is that the same thing She had already acknowledged her fate earlier, becoming willing to let Zu An get rid of her poison.

After the matter, neither one of them would talk to each other again, so it wouldn’t matter anymore.

But now that Zu An was using such a method to cure her, she was extremely moved, and at the same time knew there was no way she could break all ties with him over such a thing.

That was why she couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

“Be good; spread out your arms.” Zu An just treated it as her mind becoming a bit befuddled from the poison, so he consoled her.

Yu Yanluo was speechless. I am not a little girl who wants a lollipop to suck on; do you need to talk to me like that But even though she thought that inwardly, she still instinctively listened to Zu An and loosened her arms.

Ah… This is so embarrassing! It almost felt as if she were now completely exposing her body to him.

Even though she had socialized with the most outstanding individuals in this world, making her a knowledgeable and experienced person with a powerful will, at that point, she was still extremely embarrassed.

Zu An didn’t dare to have any delays either.

He was worried that he really might not be able to hold himself back if he stared at her any longer.

As such, his fingers moved at lightning speed, quickly striking several of her acupoints.

At the fourth layer, the Primordial Origin Sutra could be used to heal others.

Even though Yu Yanluo wasn’t injured, her current problem was related to an injury of sorts.

All of that was because Venom Child’s personally concocted ‘Bull Cream’ was too vicious, making even the ‘Heart Calming Pill’ ineffective.

Zu An was using the cold pool to suppress the unstable heat within her, then infusing his own primordial ki into her body.

His primordial ki guided the Heart Calming Pill’s medicinal effects, concentrating the unstable heat within her into one spot.

Then, he used the primordial ki’s treatment effects to completely expel the unstable heat out of her body.

Yu Yanluo’s entire body was burning up and uncomfortable from Bull Cream, and the pool was too cold as well.

The sensation of ice and fire simultaneously was utterly horrible.

As Zu An’s fingers tapped her body and strands of warm ki entered her, she felt as if she had finally gotten a sip of water while parched.

She couldn't help but moan in pleasure.

Zu An was speechless.

He trembled when he heard the sweet and charming sound, and his ki almost went to the wrong place instead.

“Heart as clear as eyes, calm even if the heavens fall…” He immediately focused his mind with a chant, continuing to help her expel the poison.

Yu Yanluo couldn't help but laugh when she heard him chant such strange incantations. This guy really is a dummy.

I was clearly already okay with it, and yet he still chose to save me like this.

Is he really a dummy, or is he a gentleman

As Yu Yanluo looked at Zu An’s face that appeared as if it had been sculpted out of marble, her expression became gentler and gentler.

After a long time had passed, Yu Yanluo was already dripping with sweat.

She was no longer as cool-headed as before.

She felt as if waves of power were repeatedly battering her body.

Inside her were the cold pool’s frigidity, the Heart Calming Pill’s medicinal effects, the Bull Cream’s heat, and also Zu An’s special ki.

The other three types of power were all extremely uncomfortable.

Only Zu An’s strange ki was extremely comfortable.

Such an intense contrast made it even harder for her to hold back her moans.

At first, she was embarrassed, so she tried her best to endure it.

But as time went on, her willpower gradually broke down. He is focused on treating me right now and I m just quietly groaning; he probably cannot hear me, right

As such, she secretly opened her eyes a crack to look at his expression.

At the same time, she suppressed her voice and released a groan from her throat.

Sure enough, Zu An didn’t notice anything.

She gradually sighed in relief.

However, that kind of feeling quickly returned, so she could only do it again.

That cycle repeated again and again, but she escaped notice each time.

Eventually, she became braver, and her voice became louder and louder.

Normally speaking, she would realize there was no way he couldn't hear her.

But in this kind of situation, how could she still think properly

Eventually, Yu Yanluo got so out of control, Zu An finally couldn't take it anymore.

His voice was extremely hoarse and cryptic, as if there were a fire burning in his throat.

He asked, “Madam, can you please stop moaning like that Not even a saint can hold back if you keep doing that! I really don’t want to fail at the last second.”

“Huh” Yu Yanluo finally realized what was happening. So he heard everything from the very start She was beyond embarrassed now.

She buried her head in the water, then gave Zu An a fierce bite.

Zu An sucked in air through the gaps in his teeth.

The woman’s small mouth normally seemed elegant and gentle, and yet it hurt this much when she bit down on him.

He was worried that moving may worsen her condition, so he tried his best not to, just letting her bite down on him.

He instead focused on treating her condition.

Sensing his consideration, Yu Yanluo felt a bit apologetic after biting him for a while.

After sorting out her thoughts, she let go and surfaced above the water again.

She gave him an annoyed look, exclaiming, “You really are a bad guy!”

At the same time, she rubbed her cheeks that felt a bit sore. Why is this guy’s body so hard

She was so embarrassed just then that she had actually bitten down with all of her strength.

With her cultivation, even though it wouldn’t be able to crush metal, she should at least have been able to create a bloody mess.

But in the end, only her teeth had hurt, while his skin only had some light marks.

Zu An felt a bit unhappy, remarking, “I’m treating your poison out of kindness and have treated you respectfully the entire time.

How am I the bad person here”

“You took off all of my clothes, and your hands are touching me all over the place.

Is that what you call respect” Yu Yanluo exclaimed angrily.

Zu An pointed at her underwear and retorted, “Aren’t you still wearing some In my hometown, bikinis are even more revealing than what you’re wearing right now.

Also, I’m treating your injuries; a doctor doesn’t distinguish between genders.”

“Oh If a doctor does not distinguish between genders, then why does Divine Physician Ji Dengtu like to collect women’s underwear” Yu Yanluo remarked with a sneer.

Zu An’s eyes widened as he thought, This woman even knows about that He could only explain, “Ji Dengtu is Ji Dengtu.

I’m myself.”

Yu Yanluo blushed and said, “You are even worse than Ji Dengtu.

That ki of yours is so strange.

It is even more uncomfortable than Bull Cream!”

Zu An thought to himself, You call that uncomfortable You’re clearly feeling so good you can’t even hold yourself back from screaming in pleasure.

But he was stunned.

Last time, when he had been treating Tang Tian’er, she had also seemed as if she couldn't stop herself from wanting more. Don’t tell me primordial ki actually makes the one being treated feel ecstasy

But that shouldn’t be! I’ve never heard the first emperor say that before, and Mi Li never mentioned it either.

If that really is a thing, there should be no way she doesn’t know about it.

“You have nothing else to say, right Hmph,” Yu Yanluo said.

However, she felt a bit guilty after reprimanding him.

She knew that she was speaking nonsense as well, but she had just been too embarrassed earlier. It is not that I wanted to moan… Yes, it must be that rascal’s strange ki! It’s definitely nothing good.

Zu An could only say, “Alright, alright, I was wrong.

Please keep enduring; we just need to make it past this final bit.”

Then, his ki suddenly became stronger.

Yu Yanluo released an ‘ah’, then used her entire body’s strength to grip him while shaking.

Zu An sighed in relief and said, “Most of the poison’s effects are already gone.

You should be fine as long as you take your time to rest and recover.”

Yu Yanluo gave him a look of resentment.

Now that she had shown him such a humiliating side, how was she even supposed to face him in the future After shaking for a long time, she finally calmed down.

She quietly pushed him aside.

The water inside the bubble had already been pushed away by Zu An.

She sighed inwardly. He saw nothing, right

Because the poison had already been removed, the restless heat within her was already gone.

But her cold-fearing body made her shiver soon afterward.

She instinctively covered her shoulders with her hands.

“Your clothes are wet, so change into these clean ones,” Zu An said.

He had prepared many lifestyle goods in his Brilliant Glass Bead.

He had Chuyan and Manman’s clothes too.

But only an idiot would give Yu Yanluo another woman’s clothes in such a situation.

That was why he gave her a set of his own clothes to drape around herself.

Yu Yanluo’s mind was blank for a moment.

She subconsciously replied when she felt the warmth from his clothes, “Thank you…”

The two quickly fell silent.

There was a strangely charming and gentle feeling inside the water bubble.

Eventually, Yu Yanluo’s red lips opened slightly and she said, “Ah Zu, just now, the two of us…”

Zu An said with a smile, “We had no choice because there was no time.

I only did it to save you.

Madam, please don’t take it to heart.”

“Oh.” Yu Yanluo clearly wanted to say something similar, and yet for some reason, when Zu An said that as if nothing had happened at all, Yu Yanluo instead felt a bit disappointed.

Is he thinking about his own wife

Brightmoon Duke’s daughter was… Chu Chuyan, right The two of them seem to be really close.

She couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed when she thought of that.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 222 222 222…

Zu An was stunned.

He thought to himself, Why is she getting angry

Suddenly, a furious roar came from above.

“Damn adulterers down there, get the hell out here right now!”

You have successfully trolled Jian Yanyou for 999 999 999…


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