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Chapter 1108: Sect Master Yan’s Anger

When Zu An had fought against Mi Li before, he had had the Heiress Ball of Delights.

He had been extremely weak at the time, so Mi Li hadn’t gone all out.

Yan Xuehen was completely different, however.

Perhaps because of Zu An’s increase in cultivation, she didn’t hold back at all.

Zu An was forced to use everything he had, and only then could he barely hold on.

But he knew that he wouldn’t last long if things continued.

Yu Yanluo quickly summoned the World Painting when she saw that.

She knew it wouldn’t be able to stop a grandmaster, so she didn’t try to capture Yan Xuehen.

Instead, she only used it to provide Zu An with support.

At the same time, her brush quickly moved through the air.

Zu An immediately felt the pressure around him decrease greatly.

It was as if at that moment, he had been given several buffs.

Yan Xuehen’s beautiful brows furrowed when she saw that.

She remarked, “Hmph, your relationship is definitely strange.”

Even though Yu Yanluo looked gentle and soft on the outside and carried herself gracefully, she was actually a cold person deep down.

She wouldn’t treat another person with such care.

And yet, the worry and anxiety in her eyes at that moment were definitely genuine.

Yu Yanluo harrumphed.

“Your respected self attacked my guest without proper reason.

How can I just watch from the side without doing anything”

Yan Xuehen snorted, clearly not believing Yu Yanluo.

With Yu Yanluo’s help, Zu An gained some breathing room.

He took the chance to say, “Sect Master Yan, we’re all close already.

Is there a need for us to fight like this”

Yan Xuehen’s expression turned cold as she exclaimed, “Who is close to you” Afterward, she attacked even more viciously.

She was extremely confused, however.

In theory, a grandmaster should have had an overwhelming advantage against cultivators of lower levels, and yet this fellow was just way too strange.

His strength was far above that of others at his level.

The bag of tricks he had also gave her a huge headache.

But that was as far as it went.

Such a vast cultivation gap was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Yan Xuehen swung her sleeves outward.

Yu Yanluo groaned, the World Painting dropping from the air as she lost control over it.

The buffs she had provided Zu An disappeared as well.

Yu Yanluo knew Yan Xuehen was being lenient.

Otherwise, even if she hadn’t died, she would still have been seriously injured by the attack.

The other party still felt some reservations toward her status as the Yu clan’s master; that was her way of telling her not to get involved any further.

She tried to raise her brush, but her entire body suddenly went limp.

Only then did she notice that her acupoints had already been sealed.

She was horrified.

Yan Xuehen’s casual attack had simultaneously restrained her.

Such an insane level of cultivation made her feel more and more worried about Zu An’s safety.

Without Yu Yanluo’s support, Zu An immediately felt the pressure around him increase tremendously.

He struggled to fend Yan Xuehen off while shouting, “Your disciple is going to end up a widow if we keep fighting! Do you want her to blame you for the rest of her life”

Yan Xuehen was completely unaffected and replied, “Hmph, if you die, that will be for the best.

That way, Chuyan’s will can no longer be swayed.

Even if she blames me in the beginning, once she comprehends the true essence behind the oneness of heaven and humanity, she will appreciate it as her master’s consideration.”

Zu An was speechless. This woman really did seem as if she intended to kill him! He didn’t have any more reservations when he realized that, and fired a round of curses straight at her.

“Hmph, old nun, you must think you’re pretty good looking, but you can’t compare to Madam Yu! You couldn’t stand that her relationship with me is good and got jealous, so that’s why you’re attacking me with more and more anger! Even if you can’t get what you want, why are you stopping others from obtaining it”

At first, Zu An had been worried since she was Chu Chuyan’s master, so he hadn’t used any of his most dangerous methods.

But since Yan Xuehen wanted to kill him, he couldn’t be bothered to care about that anymore.

The difference in strength was apparent.

If he wanted a chance at a comeback, he had to first infuriate her and see if she slipped up at all.

“Old nun” Yan Xuehen started breathing quickly when she heard that form of address.

The White Jade Palace was a sect of the daoist school.

Furthermore, she looked young and beautiful, but she was the master of an entire sect.

She was a senior who had been famous in the martial world for many years.

As such, the title wasn’t completely inappropriate.

But she was a woman in the end.

How could she not care about such a thing

Furthermore, because of her status and exceptional appearance, she would be treated with respect wherever she went.

There were some who even called her a goddess.

Even though she remained humble on the surface and told them there was no need for them to call her that, she would still feel happy inside.

Yet now, she had been cursed as an ‘old nun’ by a young brat, and he had even said that she was acting out of jealousy toward Yu Yanluo! It was absolutely preposterous.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 222 222 222…

Yu Yanluo’s expression was strange.

She thought to herself, Zu An really is daring! He actually dares to lecture a grandmaster this way! A hint of worry appeared on her face as she thought to herself, Won’t he be in even more danger now

Sure enough, Yan Xuehen became a bit faster.

On several occasions, Zu An couldn’t evade in time, and he was soon covered in wounds.

Fortunately, his body was tough, so he didn’t lose all his fighting strength.

Zu An wasn’t startled; instead, he was happy.

However, just that level of rage wasn’t enough.

A suitable amount of rage would increase one’s strength, but an excessive amount would cause them to easily make mistakes.

As such, he added to the heat, shouting as he dodged, “I get it now! Old nun over here is in a bad mood because of her period, her menopause syndrome! That’s why you’re jealous that your disciple found such a good husband while you’re just an old spinster.

That’s why your heart and mind are so abnormal right now!

“You want your disciple to feel your pain too! You can’t accept that your disciple will be happier than you! Are you even human!

“If you’re jealous, just admit it! I can help you experience what it feels like to have a relationship as a favor for Chuyan.

Why do you have to kill over this”

“Period Menopause syndrome…” Yan Xuehen almost fainted on the spot. Why is this little rascal so shameless and hateful Is Chuyan blind

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 999 999 999…

“Shameless scoundrel, die!” Yan Xuehen didn’t hold back at all anymore.

Her entire body rose into the air.

Her black hair flew all around her, and a frigid domain began to spread in all directions.

Zu An’s expression was grim.

He began to prepare his own trump cards, and also prepared to deal the fatal blow with his Poisonous Prick.

Yu Yanluo bit her red lip tightly.

A resolute look appeared in her eyes.

Her pupils began to change color as well.

If one were to look at her, they would find that her pupils were starting to become slender and deep.

Suddenly, someone snickered from off to the side.

“Tsk tsk tsk.

You’re a glorious grandmaster, and yet you’re releasing your domain against the younger generation.

Do you really have no sense of shame”

Still floating in midair, Yan Xuehen frowned when she heard that voice.

She restrained her domain and didn’t continue to attack.

Instead, she turned around to look at a woman leaning against the window.

An exceptional beauty was looking at Yan Xuehen with an ambiguous smile.

Her long hair reached all the way to her bottom.

“Yun Jianyue!” Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

She knew that if she continued to act against Zu An, her arch-enemy might just ambush her.

She exclaimed, “Why are you here”

“Even you’re here, so why can’t I be” Yun Jianyue chuckled and remarked, “Did you build Cloudcenter Commandery”

Yan Xuehen frowned and said, “We will settle our matters on a different day.

I have to clean up some matters of my sect first; do not interfere.”

“Cleaning up some matters Little Ah Zu over there is my good friend.

When did he become part of your sect” Yun Jianyue remarked in dissatisfaction, while giving Zu An a look.

She almost gave him a huge thumbs up right at that moment. This kid really knows how to curse someone! No wonder even the usually aloof and indifferent Yan Xuehen was about to explode from anger.

Yu Yanluo had already lowered her head to hide the changes that were taking place in her eyes.

At the same time, she was shocked. This Zu An has so many friends! And they’re all incredible beauties

“This shameless man is your friend” Yan Xuehen exclaimed.

She seemed to have heard a joke.

She really couldn't imagine a demoness like Yun Jianyue being friends with a young junior like Zu An.

“Not only are we friends, he is also the sweetheart of my beloved disciple.” Yun Jianyue jumped down from the window, casually stepping into Yan Xuehen’s domain as she said, “Our Holy Sect isn’t so self-righteous and ignorant that we have to break up couples that form.

I’m actually quite satisfied with the husband my disciple chose.”


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