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Chapter 1146: Can You Let Me Look Again

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

She was about to faint from anger. Even something like this can make things even

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 233 233 233…

The worst part was that this guy really had intended to do it! He had turned around after speaking, and all of his clothes had exploded!

A blush spread across her face, and she quickly turned around.

She yelled, “Damn brat, what are you doing!”

Yan Xuehen had experienced her fair share of things over the years.

She obviously wasn’t a little girl anymore.

If Zu An had only exposed his upper body, she wouldn’t even have batted an eyelid.

But she recalled how previously, her dress had even…

If he wanted to ‘make things even’, his pants had to explode too… Right

Even though she had already let go of most of her emotions, she was still a woman, after all.

The situation was way too embarrassing for her.

Then, she heard a loud noise.

She quickly turned around and saw that Zu An had taken Yu Yanluo through a cave in the corner.

Even though his upper body was bare, his pants were still on.

He had clearly never intended to take them off for her to begin with.

Hmph! He clearly did that to confuse me!

“You little bastard!” Yan Xuehen cursed, gritting her teeth.

She immediately chased after them.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 444 444 444…

Just after turning the corner, she suddenly grew vigilant and quickly came to a stop.

A strange red light appeared in front of her eyes: Medusa’s Eye.

Yan Xuehen sneered.

“Nothing more than a last-ditch effort!”

Yu Yanluo had already used up all of her strength.

The attack’s power this time would definitely be greatly reduced.

Yan Xuehen didn’t even need to use her domain to counteract it, intercepting it with just her usual skills.

Her body’s flexibility seemed to decrease a bit, though.

Even so, she didn’t lower her guard at all, because her keen grandmaster senses told her that Zu An was rushing at her from the shadows with a sword.

Even though she really wanted to rip him apart because of what had just happened, as a grandmaster, she couldn't help but praise him a bit for his sensible choice.

If the two of them had run, they definitely wouldn’t have been able to outrun her.

Rather than being chased until they were completely exhausted, it would be better to retaliate while they were still in better condition.

Such a sudden ambush would catch many powerful individuals off guard.

Unfortunately, Zu An had still underestimated a grandmaster’s abilities.

The difference between a grandmaster and weaker cultivators was like heaven and earth.

Zu An’s movements were extremely fast, and he had arrived in almost an instant; but in Yan Xuehen’s eyes, he still appeared to be moving in slow motion.

She raised her sword.

Her movements looked slow, and yet her attack arrived first, striking at his vitals.

Such swordplay that was close to the dao wasn’t something anyone under the grandmaster rank could understand.

They could only see the result.

Even at the moment of their death, they wouldn’t understand why even though the sword looked slow, and still seemed far away, it had still hit them.

Right at that moment, Yan Xuehen heard a shrill bird cry.

She vaguely saw a strange bird rushing at her.

Then, she felt as if her soul had been pricked.

Unfortunately, her expression didn’t change at all.

She coldly asked, “Is this your trump card”

How powerful was the soul of a grandmaster, let alone one like her who had already been a grandmaster for so long

Even though Hundredwarble was a miraculous skill, its power still depended on Zu An’s strength.

At his level, it still couldn't harm Yan Xuehen, and she seemed completely unaffected.

Zu An looked shocked as her longsword stabbed into his chest and blood gushed out.

Just then, Yan Xuehen felt a hint of hesitation. Am I going too far here

Chuyan seems to have feelings for him.

If I, as her master, kill her lover, our relationship might become poor.

Furthermore, strictly speaking, what happened was not Zu An’s fault…

But she had already lived while casting aside her emotions for a long time.

The ripples in her heart quickly calmed down.

For a grandmaster, all others beneath them were ants. He shielded a fiend race person and disrespected me.

He deserved to die.

As for Chuyan, she will hate me at first, but she will be able to understand the reasons behind what I did in the future.

Once she attains a selfless state, she will understand just how senseless love is, and how it is just a waste of time.

Her expression became cold, like an eternally frozen mountain.

She no longer hesitated to strike with her sword either.

But she couldn’t have expected that Zu An wouldn’t show pain or alarm when the sword stabbed through him.

He instead grabbed her sword, then pushed forward.

This guy’s body is pretty hard…

Still, her longsword was the White Jade Sect’s supreme treasure.

It had accompanied her for so many years as well, harmonizing with her aura.

It could even easily cut through a giant dragon’s body.

As such, it pierced through Zu An easily.

His brows didn’t even furrow.

At least he has some traits of a real man, Yan Xuehen thought.

She was used to seeing his mischievous side, but when she saw his courageous side, she felt it was somewhat praiseworthy.

If not for what had just happened, she might even have felt a bit of pity and reluctance for someone with that level of mental fortitude.

Her slender fingers gently clasped Zu An’s Tai’e Sword.

Normally speaking, with a grandmaster’s cultivation, a snap of her fingers should have been enough to break a longsword.

However, the sword instead released a shrill noise and wasn’t damaged at all.

“Hm” She hadn’t expected such an unremarkable looking sword to be a powerful weapon.

At that moment, however, she noticed a faint smile on the corner of Zu An’s lips.

She felt a hint of alarm.

A pitch-black dagger shot out from Zu An’s sleeve.

The black runes on it seemed to carry profound and mysterious principles within them.

Not even she could see through it.

But she knew that the dagger was extremely dangerous, and frighteningly so.

Even as a grandmaster, she knew that there might be danger to her life if she were wounded by it.

She finally understood that he had risked taking a serious injury to approach her.

That had been his true plan.


A loud and sharp noise rang out.

A divination circle appeared out of thin air, blocking the pitch-black dagger’s path.

The dagger fell to the ground as it was neutralized.

When Zu An saw that his attack had failed, he quickly backed up, widening the gap between them.

Yan Xuehen still felt lingering fear, however.

At that kind of distance, forget about another ordinary cultivator, even a grandmaster like her had almost been in danger! If not because she had previously divined that there was danger and still remained vigilant, she really might have died.

Yu Yanluo saw that Zu An was seriously injured.

She rushed over to support him, taking out all sorts of precious medicines and crying, “Hurry and eat this!”

Zu An shook his head.

He gently pushed her away, saying, “I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to make use of these.”

Yan Xuehen was already approaching them step by step.

She said, “You haven’t even reached the master rank, and yet you’ve put me in such a sorry state.

If news of this got out, it would be enough to shake up the entire world.”

Zu An said indifferently, “My name has already spread throughout the world.”

Yan Xuehen’s breath caught briefly.

Even though this person’s cultivation was ordinary, what he said seemed to be true.

He seemed to have been involved in all of the recent major events that had occurred.

Whether it was the time the emperor had personally ordered his arrest, or the great cases he had solved in the capital one after another, or how he had helped the crown prince stabilize his position on the throne through the exam… There weren’t many powers in the world who didn’t know about him.

Wait, even though his cultivation isn’t much before a grandmaster, just how old is he Having his level of cultivation at his age is already absolutely horrifying!

Not even the disciple she was so proud of could compare to him.

In all of human history, there had never been someone so young with such high cultivation.

She said emotionlessly, “I will give you one final chance.

Kill that Snake race fiend and take me as your master.

Make a vow to abandon all emotions and focus on cultivation, and that you will no longer disturb Chuyan.

I can then spare your life.” She had decided to be lenient, out of consideration for his talent.

Zu An was shocked, replying, “You don’t care that I just saw you buck naked anymore”

Yan Xuehen was speechless. Why are you touching this sore spot now I have finally decided to give you a chance, and yet you are not going to cherish it

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 111 111 111…

She took a deep breath and said, “I have lived for much longer than you.

If you take me on as your master, you will become my junior.

Twenty years ago, you were merely in swaddling clothes.

It is not a big deal to be seen by someone like that in your own family.”

Zu An voiced his surprise.

“Since it doesn’t matter, can you let me look again”

Yan Xuehen was stunned.


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